How do i collapse the left toolbar in salesforce

How do I hide sidebar in Salesforce?

Go to Setup –> Customize –> User Interface and uncheck or check “Enable Collapsible Sidebar” check box.

How do I collapse a section in Salesforce?

To collapse a section, hover to the left of the heading and click ▼. To expand the section, hover to the left of the collapsed section and click ▶. When the section heading has an in-line comment, the triangular collapse/expand icons are located to the left of the comment bubble.

What is Sidebar in Salesforce?

A Knowledge Sidebar is a display in a Salesforce Console that brings in relevant Salesforce Knowledge articles. Notably, the sidebar only displays for Salesforce Knowledge users once administrators set it up. The goal of the Knowledge Sidebar is to increase productivity amongst users.

How do I enable collapsible sections in Salesforce?

0:131:10Salesforce User Interface – Collapsible Sections – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSo you have to do the same thing go to settings and then check the checkbox collapsible section andMoreSo you have to do the same thing go to settings and then check the checkbox collapsible section and then save it.

What happens when a section is collapsed?

Collapsed sections don’t print. So typically you’ll want to expand all headings before you print a document. But you could, for example, use collapse and expand to selectively print only the sections you want. Click the FILE tab and Print.

How do I edit sidebar in Salesforce?

First customize the User Interface:Click on: Setup| Customize| User Interface.Check the “Show Custom Sidebar Components on All Pages” checkbox.Click “Save”

How do I add a sidebar in Salesforce lightning?

How to Add Custom Sidebar links in Salesforce ClassicClick {YourName} Setup > App Setup > Customize > Home > Home Page Components.Under Standard Components click Edit next to Custom Links.In the Bookmark field enter the label you would like to appear as the custom link.More items…•

How do I enable knowledge sidebar in Salesforce lightning?

How to enable knowledge side bar in Salesforce console?Go to Setup –> Customize –> Cases –> Page Layouts.Click Edit next to a page layout.Click Layout Properties.Check Knowledge Sidebar, and click OK.Click Save.


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