How do i automate post to chatter in salesforce


Microsoft Power Automate template Post to a Chatter group when a new lead is created. By Microsoft Whenever a new lead is created in Salesforce, post to a Chatter group. You will need to select the group to post to.

We must:
  1. Create a chatter group.
  2. Create a public calendar.
  3. Salesforce flow. Define flow properties for record-triggered flow. Add a Text Template to construct the chatter post message body. Create a formula to determine whether the event is created or updated.
Apr 4, 2022


How do I post in Salesforce Chatter?

1 To post to a user’s feed, enter the user’s ID or Username. For example: 2 To post to a Chatter group, enter the group’s Name or ID. For example: Entire Organization 3 To post to a record, enter the record’s ID. For example: 001D000000JWBDx

How do I post to chatter from a process?

Mention a User or Group in a “Post to Chatter” Process Action Use a Quick Action from a Process Work with Quip from a Process Create a Document, Folder, or Chat Room from a Process Add a Document to a Folder from a Process

What is Salesforce Chatter by christchristine?

Christine is the Salesforce Evangelist at Salesforce Ben. She is a 6 x certified Salesforce MVP, a regular speaker at Salesforce events, and leads the Bristol Salesforce Admin group. Salesforce Chatter is a collaboration tool built into the Salesforce user interface.

Can process builder automate robust chatter posts?

Familiar with automating robust chatter posts inside a Salesforce organization, we immediately turned to Process Builder. It seemed like it should be so simple–just build a Process that would run when these records are created with a Post to Chatter Action.


Can Salesforce flow Post to chatter?

In Flow Builder, add an Action element to your flow. In the Action field, enter Chatter , and select Post to Chatter.

How do I post to a chatter group in Salesforce?

Enter a name for this action. This text appears on the canvas and helps you differentiate this action from others in your process. … In the Post to field, select Chatter Group.For Group , search for the Chatter group whose feed you want to post to.Fill out the message that you want to post. … Save the action.

How do I use Chatter post in Salesforce?

In Salesforce Classic, share a post with other Chatter users via email or instant message. The Share feature in the Chatter publisher includes a Copy Link option. Use it to grab a link that jumps directly to the detail view of a post. Copying places the link on your clipboard.

How do I post to a chatter group?

In Lightning Experience, the person who posted the original isn’t notified.In your Chatter feed, go to the post you want to share.Click Share.From the Share menu, select A Group. … Enter part of the group name and select the group from the list.Type a comment about the post or leave the comment field blank.More items…

How do I send an email to a chatter group in Salesforce?

Use the email address associated with your Salesforce user account.To launch a blank email to the group using your local email client, go to the group detail page, and click Post by email below the group description.Enter your message in the email body, including attachments if needed, and send the email.

How do I add an email to chatter post?

Enable ‘Allow Posts via Email’ on ChatterNavigate to Setup.On the Quick Find box, enter Email Settings.Click Email Settings on the results.Select Allow Emails to allow users to post to groups using email.Click Save.

How do I post on Chatter in Salesforce lightning?

How to add Chatter Post in Lightning Experience?Click Setup.Click Feature Settings.Click Chatter.Click Feed Tracking.

How do you make Chatter feed?

To enable chatter all we have to do is go to the Setup|Customize|Chatter|Chatter Settings and enable chatter. After that a new chatter tab will be visible in specific apps. However someone might be having a specific requirement about posting data on chatter from APEX code.

Can visualforce be used in the Chatter feed?

Note that Chatter components are unavailable for Visualforce pages on sites. Ext JS versions less than 3 should not be included on pages that use this component. Note also that the chatter:feed component doesn’t support feedItemType when the EntityId entity is a user.

What is feed in Salesforce?

The Feed component displays a feed of all record or group interactions, including posts, questions, system updates, and attachments. Use the Feed component to add a feed to a record, topic, group, user profile, or site discussion.

What is a post to chatter?

Use a Post to Chatter action to post a message at run time to a specified feed. Post to Chatter supports @mentions and topics, but only text posts are supported.

How to post to a user’s feed?

To post to a user’s feed, enter the user’s ID or Username. For example:

Salesforce Chatter Features

Salesforce Chatter offers many features to boost collaboration between users. Chatter’s functionality mirrors that of a social media platform, with tagging, @mentioning, and more.

What is a Chatter Feed?

A Chatter Feed is a list of published posts. Chatter Feeds can be accessed from either:

Chatter Groups

Chatter Groups allow particular sets of users to collaborate on Salesforce. Groups have three visibility settings:

Chatter Email Digest

When you join a Chatter Group or decide to “Follow” a colleague, you will receive email notifications on their Chatter activity.

Chatter Feed Tracking

Chatter Feed Tracking on a record will display polls, posts, comments, and record updates. For record updates to appear, feed tracking must be enabled.

Attach Files

When a file is attached to a record, it is also added to the Notes and Attachment related list and stored in Files.

Salesforce Topics

You can create and add topics in Salesforce to Chatter posts or records; topics are added by including a Chatter post hashtag.


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