How do i add an industry in salesforce


Definitely, go into Setup > Customize > Accounts > Fields, click Industry, and modify from there.Feb 8, 2011

How do I add a product to an opportunity in Salesforce?

To take advantage of products, your company must first set up a product catalog, as well as one or more price books in Salesforce. After this is done, sales reps can add products to an opportunity by going to a specific opportunity and following these steps:

What is Salesforce industries?

Salesforce Industries provides a suite of 12 industry clouds tailored to the best practices for these industries and will help companies navigate these times and emerge even stronger. For more information on Media Cloud, click here.

How do I edit opportunities by Rep in Salesforce?

Click the Reports tab. Click All Folders. Click Global Sales Reports. Click the arrow next to Opportunities by Rep, and select Edit. Ensure the Opportunity Owner column is grouped by row. Note: If there is a number in parentheses next to the Opportunity Owner name, the column is grouped.

What are Salesforce’s new industry clouds?

The new clouds join Salesforce’s already established industry clouds in healthcare, financial services manufacturing, consumer goods, government, nonprofit, education and philanthropy. In total, Salesforce now brings 12 industry clouds to market in order to help companies accelerate time to value, go digital faster and transform their industry.


How do I add an industries in Salesforce?

Go to the Industry field in the Account section of Setup and then just click new. Make sure you add it to the Record Types you need it in.

How to customize Industry Fields in salesforce?

go to Setup -> Object Manager -> Account -> Fields & industry new in the “Industry Picklist Values” section.insert new values and click save.

How do I change the industry in Salesforce?

Click Fields & Relationships in the left navigation. Click on Industry. In the Industry Picklist Values section you are free to rename, deactivate, delete, and create new values to appear on your leads as needed.

How do I add a field to a Salesforce report?

Fields Available for ReportsSelect the object on the right window.Click “Add Fields Related Via Lookup”.Click the lookup field in the current object. You can now see the fields from the lookup object.Select the fields you would like to add and click OK.

How many cloud services does Salesforce have?

In total, Salesforce now brings 12 industry clouds to market in order to help companies accelerate time to value, go digital faster and transform their industry.

What percentage of jobs require a license?

The need for licensing and permits is widespread, spanning jobs across commercial, public health and safety, agricultural and recreational sectors — up to 25% of U.S. workers rely on professional credentials for their occupation.

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Lets quickly jump into the quick grasp of intro

Salesforce began in a one-bedroom apartment next to Marc Benioff’s residence, atop Telegraph Hill, San Francisco, in March 1999 by former Oracle Sales Executive Marc Benioff (Man behind the idea of Salesforce). Parker Harris, Frank Dominguez, Dave Moellenhoff, and Marc Benioff started working in this teeny-tiny office.

Digital Transformation-Achieve Success at a fast pace

The process through which any organization modernizes itself to include new digital technologies in all business areas. Digital change occurs much more quickly than it does now. As businesses compete for consumer loyalty in these unusual times, digital projects planned for years must be completed in weeks or months.

Follow Along with Trail Together

Want to follow along with an instructor as you work through this step? Take a look at this video, part of the Trail Together series on Trailhead Live.

Group Data in Reports

One of the things that makes the Report Builder super easy to use is the ability to easily drag groupings to move them between rows and columns in reports. We use a matrix style report to display summaries from two or more levels of groupings in a grid.

Use Bucket Fields

Matrix reports are a useful way to view data, but what if you need to organize your groupings by categories? That’s where bucketing comes in. Bucketing lets you segment your report data on the fly by defining a set of categories, or “buckets,” to sort, group, or filter the records.

What is B2B label in Salesforce?

Salesforce B2B Commerce uses a library of custom page labels to manage the text that appears on your storefront for headings, buttons, links, and other strings. For example, you can edit the page labels for the Add to Cart button (1) and Add More (2) button to customize the Quick Order section of the storefront.

What is product information?

Product information can include images, videos, and specifications. It can also include documentation on how to use, set up, maintain, or safely dispose of the product.


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