How do i access related list component in salesforce


Related list buttons (1) are located in the upper-right corner of each related list card. If there are multiple buttons, use the pull-down menu to access them. Each item in a related list card includes a link (2) that opens the related record.

To see all related records, use the Record Related List component. When a user expands a related record, the detail page is displayed, which uses the Related List – Single component under the hood.


How to edit related list properties in Salesforce?

Scroll down to the related lists section. c. Highlight the “Production Orders” list. d. Click “Edit Related List Properties”. e. Remove the autonumber field from the list of selected field. f. Add the second primary object’s name field to the list of selected objects.

How to create related list in Salesforce Lightning?

1. in Lightning, open the record where these related list are associated with eg. Account record 3. under Related, click the section on where the related lists are eg. “Contracts”, “Projects” etc. 5. Choose “List” and SAVE

How to save list of related accounts in Salesforce?

Account record 3. under Related, click the section on where the related lists are eg. “Contracts”, “Projects” etc. 5. Choose “List” and SAVE May I suggest you please refer the below link to reference. hope it helps. Please mark it as best answer if the information is informative.

Why do I have two lists in Salesforce?

If you have two lists is because you have two different lookup fields (even if they reference the same object) so you would be able to access one or another easily because of ther different api names. Carlos. Yeah, I mentioned in my post that I was simply guessing at the API names for your code. I grabbed Quoted_Product from your original example.


How do I find related lists in Salesforce?

Add, Remove, or Edit Related ListsClick. , then click Setup.From Setup, click the Object Manager tab.Click an object, for example, Course.Click Page Layouts.Click an page layout, for example, HEDA Course Layout.Modify the related lists. To add a related list, in the palette, click Related Lists. … Click Save.

How do I edit a related list in Salesforce?

Customize Related ListsAccess the page layout editor.To edit a related list, double-click its tab. … Select which fields to include in the related list, define the order in which the fields display, and select the record sort order. … If desired, select other page layouts to apply your related list customizations to.More items…

How do I show related records in Salesforce?

Related Record ListSelect the Related Record List component in the page you’re configuring.In the property editor, configure properties for the component: Property. Details. Parent Record ID. The ID of the parent record. Related List Name. Name of the related list. Breadcrumbs. Select to show breadcrumbs. Custom Title.

How do you show a related list in lightning component?

Salesforce Lightning Component to Display Contacts Related to particular Accountpublic with sharing class AjinkyaTestLightningAccController.{@AuraEnabled.public static list getRelatedList(Id recordId){List Conlist = [Select id, name,firstname,lastname from Contact where AccountId=: recordId ];More items…

How do you access related lists in Apex?

You can get the Partner role records of a Account of particular record type using : List acc = [Select id, name, RecordType.Name,(select id,Name from Account_Partner_roles__r) FROM Account WHERE RecordType.Name IN (‘Partner’); You can iterate over the Account list acc and get all the related list.

How do I select a field to display a related list in Salesforce?

Go to Layout of your master object. Scroll down to your related list and click on settings icon. Now choose fields which you want to display in related list.

How do you filter a related list?

Filter on Related List Open the page layout of the source object’s record: … Choose related list on which you want to change or modify filters and click on the wrench icon to open properties. Select fields to be added as columns in the related list. Click on ok and save the page layout.More items…

How do I enable enhanced related list in Salesforce?

Steps to add Enhanced related list in lightning experience:Go To | Record detail page | Click on setup | Edit Page.Drag the related list from the left sidebar in Related tab.Now change the Related List Type to “Enhanced List”.

How do I add a related list in page layout in Salesforce?

Add Related Lists to Page LayoutsFrom Setup, open Object Manager, and use Quick Find to select the object to change.Click Page Layouts and Related Lists. Add these related lists to the page layouts. Object. Related List. Account. … Click Save.

How do I add a related list in custom lightning component?

Custom related list Lightning Components for adding contact lightning:card. force:recordData. lightning:overlayLibrary (To create modal box) Dynamically creating component using $A.createComponent. force:navigateToRelatedList.

How do you use related list single?

Use the Related List – Single component on an object page or on a custom page to add specific, related information in context for the page. Members can create records from the list and from lookups. Note A new version of the Related List – Single component is available in Experience Builder with the Winter ’21 release.

How do I add a related list in Salesforce single?

0:382:37How to use the “Related List Single” component – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSo the first step is to take the opportunity. And then click on your um set up your sprocket or gearMoreSo the first step is to take the opportunity. And then click on your um set up your sprocket or gear and then click on edit. Page. Then your components are here on the left hand side and scroll down

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