How do get salesforce inbox in chrome


1. Login to Salesforce Classic 2. Select a Lead or Contact record 3. Click on the Compose Gmail link (on the Email field) to pop up the Gmail Compose Email window


How do I use inbox with Salesforce?

Inbox brings together two platforms you use everyday: Salesforce and email. View and work with Salesforce data, create Salesforce records, and log emails and events back to Salesforce, all directly in Inbox. After you’ve purchased Salesforce Inbox licenses, get set up by using our guide below.

How can I work with Salesforce Records with the Gmail integration?

Work with Salesforce records directly in your email application with the Gmail integration. Experience Salesforce directly in your Gmail and Google Calendar: – View all contacts, leads, accounts, opportunities, and cases associated to emails and appointments – Search and browse Salesforce records

Does Salesforce essentials integrate with Gmail?

Update existing and create new Salesforce records without toggling between applications (available for Salesforce Essentials today) The following integration services work with Gmail and Salesforce. We haven’t vetted it, so please be careful when deploying it:

Why can’t I create cases in Salesforce help?

Salesforce is investigating an issue where customers are unable to create cases and access their org through the org picker in Salesforce Help. Please call 1-800 NO-SOFTWARE to create a case if your issue is time-sensitive.


How do I add Salesforce Inbox to Gmail?

From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Integration , and then select either Outlook Integration and Sync or Gmail Integration and Sync.Expand Let users access Salesforce records.If you use Outlook, make sure that Email to Salesforce and Use Enhanced Email are enabled.More items…

How do I add extensions to Salesforce Chrome?

In the Chrome Web Store, enter Salesforce in the Search box, then select the Salesforce extension. Click Add to Chrome and confirm Add extension to add it to your Gmail account. After adding the extension to Chrome and navigating to Gmail, enter your Salesforce credentials in the new integration pane.

How do I open the Salesforce inspector in Chrome?

Install the Google Chrome DevTools extension to help you debug and profile component performance.In Google Chrome, navigate to the Salesforce Lightning Inspector extension page on the Chrome Web Store.Click the Add to Chrome button.

Does Salesforce have a Chrome extension?

Salesforce Navigator Salesforce Navigator is one of the most useful google chrome extensions. The main job is to help in the navigation to any specific salesforce page by further typing in the page’s name in the pop-up dialogue box.

How do I download my salesforce inbox?

Navigate to Organization | Add-ins. On the add-ins screen, click the plus icon in the upper-left corner, and then select Add from the Office Store. In the search field, enter Salesforce Inbox and click the magnifying glass search icon. Switch Salesforce Inbox to On.

How do I access Salesforce from Gmail?

From Salesforce Setup, enter Gmail in the Quick Find box, then select Gmail Integration and Sync. Enable and expand Let users access Salesforce records from Gmail. To let reps relate emails to relevant Salesforce records, enable Enhanced Email with Gmail.

What is the best browser for Salesforce?

Although we recommend using the latest browsers, older versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer should work with Salesforce Maps. However, running Salesforce Maps on significantly older versions of these browsers may cause unpredictable performance.

How do I find my Salesforce inspector?

Salesforce Inspector is accessed above the side menu. Features in Salesforce Inspector: Show field Metadata.

How do I log into my Salesforce inspector?

1:183:47Salesforce Inspector Chrome Extension! – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSo you can get to the root of the issue no problem salesforce inspector makes it simple to log in asMoreSo you can get to the root of the issue no problem salesforce inspector makes it simple to log in as other users just click on the user tab. Type the name of the user.

How do I log into my Salesforce email?

Select the email you want to log to Salesforce. You can select emails in an email folder, including the Sent Message folder to log emails that you sent. icon (it’s blue if an address on the email matches an email address on a record in Salesforce). Tap one or more suggested records or search for a different record.

Is Salesforce inbox free?

Salesforce Inbox is a productivity tool to integrate Salesforce with emails, such as Outlook and Gmail. It is available with additional cost, except your company already purchased additional products that include Inbox.

How do I download a Salesforce extension?

To install the extensions, visit and click the green Install button. The installation process prompts you to open Visual Studio Code.

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Increase productivity by syncing G Suite with Salesforce Essentials. Gone are the days of toggling back and forth between your email and CRM. You can automatically log your email and calendar activity into Salesforce, streamlining your team’s workflow and accelerating productivity.

Native Integrations

Thanks to our strategic partnership with Google, our two product teams have been working hard to build integrations that help you be more productive:

Third-Party Integrations

The following integration services work with Gmail and Salesforce. We haven’t vetted it, so please be careful when deploying it:

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