How chats are routed in salesforce


Externally routed Salesforce chats process

  • The customer starts the chat and the chat enters
  • The chat flow, set in Salesforce to automate the routing process, acts on the chat and creates the routing request…
  • The scheduled Apex job recognizes the routing request, uses the configured OAuth credential to create the open messaging…

Incoming chats are routed to agents using Omni-Channel queues. To configure dynamic skill requirements, select the Omni-Channel routing type and configure skills-based routing rules. Incoming chats are routed to agents using skills associated with the button.


What is chat queue based routing in Salesforce?

Routing options in Chat enable you to specify how incoming chat requests are directed to agents. To use Chat in Lightning Experience, you must route chats with Omni-Channel. New chat buttons must use Omni-Channel routing—legacy Live Agent routing is no longer available.

How does Salesforce chat work?

It allows for quick interactions to address simple questions and issues. It allows agents to handle multiple chats at once rather than one call at a time. It improves ticket resolution speed and keeps call wait times short. It improves the customer experience by giving customers a seamless experience across channels.

What is chat routing?

Chat routing feature helps you to prioritize and route incoming chats to the right operators based on rules and conditions that are easy to set up. Chats can be automatically routed to operators currently handling the least amount of chats or they can go to a queue from which operators can pick them up.

What happens when a chat is transferred Salesforce?

When chats are transferred directly to an agent or skill group, the transferred chats are allowed to exceed the accepting agent’s capacity. As a result, agents always receive a chat request, even if they’re handling the maximum allowed number of chats.

How many chats can an agent handle at once?

An agent without prior chat experience can take only 1-2 active chats simultaneously, while an experienced agent can easily take 4-6 chats. If all your agents are new to chat you may need to lower the number of simultaneous chats they are expected to take.

What is chat deployment in Salesforce?

A deployment is a place on your company’s website that’s enabled for Chat. Create deployments to implement Chat and control its functionality on your website.

What is IntelliAssign?

With IntelliAssign you can automatically assign incoming messages to agents or groups (teams) by configuring their skill level and conversation limit.

How do I transfer a chat in Salesforce?

Transfer ChatsWhile chatting with a customer, click Transfer.Select a transfer option from one of the menus. … (Optional) Write a message for the agent receiving the chat.More items…

What is chat agent configuration in Salesforce?

Chat agent configurations enable you to control your users’ access to certain Chat features. You can create multiple configurations and assign them to different types of users. For example, create a configuration for experienced agents that gives them more permissions than new agents have.

When transferring the chat to another agent give the other agent a first so that the customer does not have to repeat?

If you’re not able to help with a particular issue, transfer the chat to another agent who can. When transferring a chat to another agent, fill the other agent in on the situation first so the customer doesn’t have to repeat themselves.

Create a flow

A flow in Salesforce automates the routing process. You use elements, connectors, and resources to build a flow. For more information, see Flows in the Salesforce documentation.

Activate the Request Deletion flow

The package for external routing includes the External Routing Request Deletion flow. This flow cleans up the request records that are created when either of the following occurs:

Create chat buttons

When you create chat buttons in Salesforce, you can specify how the incoming chat requests are directed to agents. In the Salesforce chat button setting, select Omni-Channel in the Routing Type field and use the Omni-Channel flow created for routing the specific queue.


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