How can you cancel an engagement plan in salesforce


Navigate to the record to which engagement plan is assigned. Click the Related tab. Find the Engagement Plan related list. In the row for the engagement plan you’d like to remove, click the menu arrow ().

Edit Tasks on an Engagement Plan Template. Assign an Engagement Plan to a Record. Execute the Engagement Plan.

Delete an Engagement Plan
  1. Navigate to the record that the Engagement Plan is assigned to.
  2. Scroll to the Engagement Plan related list.
  3. In the row for the Engagement Plan, click. , then click Delete.
Sep 23, 2016


How do I delete an engagement plan?

In the row for the Engagement Plan, click , then click Delete. The Engagement Plan is sent to the Recycle Bin. You can manually delete the tasks if you don’t need them or if the Engagement Plan was assigned by mistake. Special thanks to Melissa Barber, who also contributed to this documentation.

How do I edit the engagement plan template?

If you need to make any adjustments to the Engagement Plan Template, simply visit the Template record and click Edit (in the upper-right corner). Changes to the Template are not reflected in Engagement Plans created from the Template that are already assigned to records. Navigate to the record where you’d like to create an Engagement Plan.

How do I kick-off an engagement plan?

Engagement plans can be kicked-off manually by a development officer or automatically when used in conjunction with Levels. If used with Levels, the Engagement Plan starts when a donor reaches a certain Level, such as Platinum Donor. For more information, see Create and Manage Levels.

How do I track the status of an engagement plan?

As soon as a staff member completes a single task, the Status on the engagement plan record updates from Not Started to In Progress. When the final task is completed, the Status on the engagement plan is updated to Complete. You can see a list of engagement plans associated with a contact or household account in the Engagement Plans related list.


How do engagement plans work in Salesforce?

4:0553:47Get Started: Engagement Plans and Levels – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipManagement or constituent touch points moving your donors. Or your constituents along a path toMoreManagement or constituent touch points moving your donors. Or your constituents along a path to greater engagement and Salesforce tracks that using engagement plans.

What is engagement plan in Npsp?

Engagement plans are an NPSP feature that automate creating and assigning Salesforce tasks, so your staff has a clear list of what to do and when. Depending on the situation, you can create a series of independent or dependent tasks, so they can be completed in any order or following a specific sequence.

How do I make an engagement plan?

Developing a Public Engagement PlanDefine the Scope of Your Project. … Know Your Limitations. … Identify Key Stakeholders. … Establish Specific Objectives. … Choose Metrics and Targets. … Create Your Timeline with Milestones. … Choose Your Channels. … Craft a Strong Promotional Strategy.More items…•

What are levels in Salesforce Npsp?

NPSP Levels give you a way to track a constituent’s level of commitment and engagement based on criteria such as total gifts or number of hours volunteered. For example, you could define Levels for donors based on the total gifts they’ve donated over time.

What are engagement plans?

An Engagement Plan is a set of tasks (literally a “plan”) that helps you engage with your constituents. The most common example of an Engagement Plan is a plan that helps you track engagement activities for Major Gifts.

What is an action plan in Salesforce?

An action plan template defines the tasks and other items needed to complete a business process. In a template, each task is given a priority, the number of days in which it must be completed (date offset), and who is responsible.

How do I create an engagement plan in Salesforce?

Create an Engagement Plan TemplateClick the Engagement Plan Templates tab.Click New to create a new Engagement Plan Template.Give the Template a meaningful name, such as “Major Gift Follow Up”.Optionally configure additional settings: … Click Add Task to create the first task in the Engagement Plan.More items…•

Why do we need an engagement plan?

A strategic engagement plan walks you through a series of steps that start before you begin brainstorming ideas for your strategy. It also outlines clearly what you will do and when. This will allow you to maximize the chances of your new strategy being embraced by the organization.

What is the difference between stakeholder engagement plan and communications plan?

It’s an important question, the answer to which can directly impact the success of your stakeholder engagement initiative. One perspective is that communication focuses on what to say and who to say it to, while engagement is more about who to listen to and what feedback you seek to elicit.

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