How can we call a field in salesforce


What are the different field types in Salesforce?

Field Type Description
Address A compound data type that contains addre …
AnyType A polymorphic data type that returns a s …
Calculated A field that is defined by a formula
Combobox A Combobox, which includes a set of enum …

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What is the use of field set in Salesforce?

FieldSets are used to display fields. They are used to add, remove and reorder fields. When FieldSets are used to style forms and display those logical associations between fields. FieldSets are useful in managed packages

What is formula field in Salesforce?

Formula Field in a read-only field. Formula Field derives the value from Formula expression. When the source field get changed automatically the Formula field changes (Updated). Using Formula Editor we create formula in Salesforce.

How does Salesforce Field Service manage scheduling?

Scheduling in Salesforce Field Service is managed by the dispatcher, using the Dispatcher Console UI. Dispatchers need to access multiple pieces of information, simultaneously, in order to make a call on who is best for the job.

What is Salesforce field service lightning?

Field Service Lightning is a Salesforce product that has evolved over time – and continues to. Often, functionality is added with each Salesforce release that passes. Salesforce Field Service could be broken down into the following parts:


What is a field called in Salesforce?

API Field Name – The name of the field, as used programatically in Apex, or any of the APIs (Rest, SOAP, Bulk, etc). Most standard fields use the same name as the label while custom fields will show ‘__c’ at the end for the API Name.

How do I identify a field in Salesforce?

If you want to search for a specific field you can use the “Search Setup” from the Setup page. (Setup > Search box at top). This tool searches across all objects. If you want a more exhaustive list of all metadata you can use Workbench (

How do I add a field to a log a call in Salesforce?

Login into SFDC.GoTo Setup->Activities->Activity Custom Fields.Create new custom field(here its a picklist) by clicking on New Button.Once you create custom picklist fields than goto Setup -> Activities -> Task Page Layout.Add custom field under appropriate task page layout and click on Save button.

How do I find the field of an object in Salesforce?

Use standard schema class to get all fields of sobject, it also returns the properties of fields. Map mapSobjects = Schema. getGlobalDescribe();

How do I list all fields in Salesforce?

You can now include any of these in the field list:FIELDS(ALL) —to select all the fields of an object.FIELDS(CUSTOM) —to select all the custom fields of an object.FIELDS(STANDARD) —to select all the standard fields of an object.

How many types of fields are there in Salesforce?

Different Salesforce Field Types Depending on the Data Types and their Transformation Data Types.Data TypeField TypesIDLook up relational, master-detail relationshipStringAuto number, email, phone, multi-select picklist, text, text area, long text area, rich text area, data category group reference, and URL3 more rows•Feb 1, 2022

What is log a call in Salesforce?

The ‘Log a Call’ button creates a completed task or activity record for your Users to document communications.

How do I add a field to an event in Salesforce?

In Lightning ExperienceClick on the gear icon on the top right.Click on Setup.Click on Object Manager.Enter Activity in the Quick Find box and click the Activity label to open the object’s setup.On the left side, click on Fields & Relationships.Click on New.

How do I create a call list in Salesforce lightning?

0:083:09The Horrible Mistake You’re Making With Call Lists In salesforceYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipOr this views on the leads and contacts. And so on or in some cases let’s say you have a campaign aMoreOr this views on the leads and contacts. And so on or in some cases let’s say you have a campaign a webinar for example and they try to create the call list from the campaign.

How do I query all fields in SOQL?

Until now, to query all Fields in SOQL, we first need to make a getDescribe() call on the respective SObject to get a Map of all the Fields. Then, we had to create a list of Fields from this Map. And finally, we had to create a Dynamic SOQL query using join() and query the records using Database. query().

What is the difference between an object and a field in Salesforce?

A field is one data point within an object (e.g. “First Name” on the lead object). A record is row of field data within an object (e.g. the lead “John Smith”). An object is comprised of its field definitions and records.

How do I run a query in Salesforce?

Salesforce – Viewing Data in the Developer ConsoleAll of the object’s fields display. Select the fields you would like displayed in the result list. … Click the Query button to create and add the SOQL query to the editor.Click the Execute button to run the query and see the results.

Standard fields

Standard fields are predefined fields that are included within the Salesforce application. These fields can neither be edited nor be deleted, but non-required standard fields can be removed from page layouts whenever needed.

Custom fields

Custom fields are unique to your business needs. These fields can be created and deleted. Creating custom fields helps in storing the information that is necessary for your organization. Custom fields are identified by a __c suffix. Every field has a data type. A data type of a field indicates what kind of information the field can store.

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You should be specifying more details, however at a high level this is how you do it


We have two object account and contact. In this scenario, you have a contact object which has a lookup relationship to account. When processing the contact records in your trigger, you want to access some fields on the account via the relationship. Your trigger might look something like this:

Salesforce Cross Object Formula field

Salesforce Cross Object Formula field :- In our previous Salesforce Tutorial we have learned about how to create a formula field. In this Salesforce Tutorial we are going to learn about Salesforce Cross Object Formula field and how to create custom Salesforce Cross Object Formula field.

How to create Salesforce Cross Object Formula field?

Here we are going to create Salesforce Cross Object formula field (Hospital Email Address) in Invoice Object.

How Salesforce Cross Object Formula field works?

Now go to Invoice record and we can check the Hospital Email field is present in every Invoice record as shown below.


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