How can we add comments to salesforce using keyboard


Tip In Lightning Experience, you can use the keyboard to complete posts and comments. On Windows, enter content and press Ctrl+Enter . On macOS, press either Control+Enter or Command+Enter .

What can I do with keyboard shortcuts in Salesforce?

Work faster in Salesforce Classic apps with keyboard shortcuts. You can use shortcuts to open recent items and show or hide the sidebar. Work faster in Lightning Experience apps with keyboard shortcuts.

How to add an embedded chat in Salesforce (beta)?

Push a Slack Message to Salesforce (Beta) Embedded Chat Limitations Create an Embedded Service Deployment Add Your Embedded Chat to a Website Enable Moderation for Social Customer Service Customize the Embedded Chat Offline Form

How to set up chat in Salesforce classic?

Set Up Chat in Salesforce Classic End a Chat Session Chat Queuing Options Set Visibility for the Chat Sessions Tab through Permission Sets Create Templates for Automatic Message Notifications Create Flows to Send Automatic Message Notifications Chat for Support Agents Permissions for Chat Support Agents Set Up Chat with a Guided Setup Flow

How to upgrade the case feed in Salesforce classic?

In Salesforce Classic Case Feed Upgrade Process Enable Case Feed Create Permission Sets Assign Permission Set Assign Custom Profile Configure the Case Feed Page Layout Convert Page Layouts


Does Salesforce have keyboard shortcuts?

Use keyboard shortcuts to work efficiently in Salesforce. Shortcuts help you navigate and work with records faster and without using your mouse. You can use these shortcuts with your web browser shortcuts.

How do I create a keyboard shortcut in Salesforce?

Click Edit next to a Salesforce console app. Click Customize keyboard shortcuts. Click Edit on the top of the page. Click Edit to customize an existing shortcut, or click +Add Keyboard Shortcut to create a new one.

How do I comment out in Salesforce?

CommentsTo create a single line comment, use // . All characters on the same line to the right of the // are ignored by the parser. For example: … To create a multiline comment, use /* and */ to demarcate the beginning and end of the comment block. For example:

How do I comment in Apex shortcut?

I can comment the code by standard way (”

How do I use quick text in Salesforce?

Quick text is automatically enabled in Salesforce Classic orgs where Chat is enabled.From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Quick Text Settings and select Quick Text Settings.Click Enable Quick Text.Optionally, select Share and organize quick text in folders (available only in Lightning Experience).More items…

Which of the following is a keyboard shortcut to open primary tabs on the console?

Required EditionsCommandDescriptionShortcutGo to the primary tabsSelects the row of primary tabs.PGo to the subtabsSelects the row of subtabs on a primary tab.SGo to list viewSelects the list view.NGo to the first list view itemSelects the first item on the list view.Shift+F26 more rows

How do you add a comment in Salesforce?

0:030:32How to add comments to a task in Salesforce Lightning – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipTo a task in Salesforce lightning log into Salesforce lightning an open sales application go toMoreTo a task in Salesforce lightning log into Salesforce lightning an open sales application go to tasks click on edit. Comments.

How do I comment in Salesforce lightning?

Coming to the naming convention, the camel case naming convention is followed in the Lightning Framework. For markup, the HTML style of commenting is followed. If you want to comment on any logic in the controllers, you can use ( // ) for a single line, ( /* ) and ( */ ) for multiple line comments.

How do I add comments in SOQL?

Every computer language written in the last 30-40 years has some sort of comment sequence. For example, in man dialects of SQL, you can use either /* … */ or — to the end of line.

How do you comment in LWC?

To preserve the performance of the existing components, we propose to introduce two options to enable comments:A new boolean attribute ( lwc:preserve-comments ) to the root template tag in the component template; false by default.A new compile option ( preserveHTMLComments ) in the template compiler; false by default.

How do I align codes in Salesforce Developer Console?

The Developer Console Source Code Editor includes an auto-complete feature for Apex code. Format Your Code Files: You can use the Prettier code formatter to format your Aura components in Developer Console. To prettify the code in an open file, select Edit | Fix Code Formatting. Or, press Ctrl+Alt+F.

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