How can users access salesforce from their mobile devices


There are the following two ways so the user can access salesforce from their mobile devices :

  • Use the downloadable Salesforce1 mobile application
  • Use web browser on a mobile device.

1 Answer. The correct options for the question “In which two ways can users access Salesforce from their mobile devices” are options (b) & (d). As you could access Salesforce either through a web browser or through Salesforce mobile application.


Can I control access to all versions of the Salesforce mobile app?

However, you can control access to all versions of the Salesforce mobile app and configure security policies through a mix of settings and connected app attributes. To edit your Salesforce for Android and Salesforce for iOS settings:

What can I do with the Salesforce mobile app?

The Salesforce mobile app puts key data and features at your disposal, wherever you are. But there are business activities that are probably better done from your laptop or desktop. To see data or use actions that aren’t available in the mobile app, use Lightning Experience or Salesforce Classic instead.

How can I control security for Salesforce for Android and iOS?

You can control security and access for Salesforce for Android and Salesforce for iOS using settings components that are installed from the managed Salesforce connected apps package.

How do I specify an email app in the Salesforce mobile app?

If a user taps on an email action in the Salesforce mobile app, the user is directed to the email app specified in the attribute value. You can specify one email app only. The attribute value you enter depends on the email app and the device platform. For Android, use the URI listed in the Google Play Store for the desired email app.


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