How can i see the salesforce code of custom screen


How to get the ID of a custom object in Salesforce?

/setup/ui/recordtypeselect.jsp?ent= <Salesforce_ID_Of_Custom_Object> For standard objects its fine to simply enter the object name in the ‘ent’ parameter, but for custom objects it requires the Salesforce ID (which is the one you find if you look at the URL when editing that particular object.

How do I create custom tabs in Salesforce CRM?

The tabs display when the Salesforce CRM Content User checkbox is selected. Define a new tab to display the data stored in your custom object records. Click Your Name | Setup | Create | Tabs. Click New in the Custom Object Tabs related list. Select the custom object to display in the custom tab.

How do I enable tab visibility in Salesforce?

Alternatively, select Apply a different tab visibility for each profile and choose Default On, Default Off, or Tab Hidden from the drop-down list for each profile. For Professional Edition users and Salesforce Platform One license users, tab visibility is automatically set to Default On.

Is it possible to get custom object ID using code?

However, using Code (i mean Apex) it is still not possible to get Custom Object ID . Thanks. I know where I can find the 15-digit ID, which is what I explained in my question however I need to be able to fetch it from within my class.


How do I find my salesforce lightning component code?

create one lightning app and include your component inside that application . D. click on “preview” button in top right corner , it will open a viw in browser. This is the easiest and quickest way to test and view your lightning component.

How do I find custom components in Salesforce?

From Setup, enter Components in the Quick Find box, then select Visualforce Components and click the name of a custom component to view its definition. From the detail page, you can do any of the following: Click Edit to edit the custom component. Click Delete to delete the custom component.

What is custom code in Salesforce?

Custom code lets you customize your site using markup, such as HTML and JavaScript.

How do I create a custom screen in Salesforce?

0:023:50For example you can use the flow screen components such as a text field or a date field to create aMoreFor example you can use the flow screen components such as a text field or a date field to create a form flow screen components are implemented with aura and lighting components.

Where we can display lightning components?

Answer: Lightning component can be displayed at following places:Lightning Experience.Salesforce1 App.Template-based Community.Standalone Lightning App.Visualforce Pages (Using Lightning out).

How do I edit a custom lightning component?

Custom Lightning components configured for Experience Builder sites behave just like standard template components. Drag the component to the page canvas. To edit its properties, select the component on the page canvas, and then enter changes in the floating component property editor.

How do I add HTML code to Salesforce?

Add your HTML in the editor using one of these options. Enter or paste your HTML directly into the editor window on the left side of the screen. To add existing HTML, click browse then select your HTML from Content Builder. Drag files from your computer to the upload window to add one or more files.

What is clicks not code?

If you have been involved in the Salesforce industry, you have probably heard this mantra. If you have not heard it before, what it means is to build applications using point and click development, rather than writing code.

What is customization and configuration in Salesforce?

Configuration in Salesforce enables you to use User Interface(UI) to develop applications in Salesforce efficiently. On the other side, customization in Salesforce helps you write your own functionality, such as Visualforce pages & Apex.

How do I access custom setting in flow?

To create Custom Settings, head over to Setup and navigate to the Custom Code > Custom Settings menu (if you’re like me, you can also use Quick Find). The page that is displayed is where you can find and manage your Custom Settings.

What are Salesforce custom settings?

Custom settings are similar to custom objects in that they let you customize org data. Unlike custom objects, which have records based on them, custom settings let you utilize custom data sets across your org. Custom settings also let you distinguish particular users or profiles based on custom criteria.

How do I launch a screen flow in Salesforce?

Build a Simple FlowCreate a flow. From Setup, enter Flows in the Quick Find box, then select Flows. … Add a Screen element to your flow. From the canvas, click . … Add a Display Text field to your screen. … Save the flow. … From the button bar in Flow Builder, click Activate.

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