How can i make salesforce community like facebook


Open Salesforce for Social media application. Now go to Social Setup Tab. Social Setup Tab contains facebook and Twitter social media accounts. Through Social setup only we can add new facebook account to account. Select Facebook link as shown below. Now select New link for Adding Facebook Account to


What is a Salesforce community?

Salesforce Communities are an excellent way to collaborate and engage with your customers, partners, or employees. Communities are often also referred to as a portal, support site, or HR site. Regardless of who your community is for, there are a few important steps that make communities successful.

How to add members to your Salesforce community?

To add members to your Salesforce communities go to Setup -> Build -> customize -> Community -> manage community -> and edit your community and click on Members and add profiles or permission sets you want give access to community. See the below screen for reference.

How to plan an engaging Salesforce community?

Here’s how to plan an engaging Salesforce community: Before any software is purchased or any code written, you should ask yourself and your team three important questions: Who needs this community and why?

How to integrate Evernote and Facebook in Salesforce?

Create a Visualforce page in your Salesforce account with the name, let’s say ‘Facebook Integration’, in the field type Facebook Integration. In the name field that is there type ‘Facebook Integration’. With the help of a screenshot taken from the website of Evernote let us see what the visualforce page window looks like-


How do I create a community site in Salesforce?

To create communities go to setup -> Build -> Customize -> Communities -> Manage Communities -> and click on New communities button . And enter name, description and url and click on create button.

How do I publish a community in Salesforce?

You can publish your entire site or just specific items.Click Publish Changes….To publish: All recent changes, ensure Site-wide changes is selected. … Click Next and then review the list of items to be published.Click Next and then add a publishing note, if required. … Click Publish.

How do I enable community builder in Salesforce?

To access Experience Builder:From the global header menu in Experience Workspaces or Experience Management, click Experience Workspaces | Builder or Experience Management | Go to Experience Builder.From the All Sites page in Setup, click Builder next to the site name.More items…

What is Salesforce community?

What Are Salesforce Communities? Salesforce Community Cloud is a software product that allows companies to build branded communities, where they can share information, and users can connect and collaborate.

Who uses Salesforce communities?

Companies using Salesforce Community Cloud for Customer Experience include: Walmart Inc., a United States based Retail organisation with 2300000 employees and revenues of $572.75 billion, AmerisourceBergen Corp., a United States based Healthcare organisation with 41000 employees and revenues of $189.89 billion, CIGNA …

How do I publish my community website?

set the Public access to Public can access the community Click on Preview to look at How the Site looks –> Click on Publish. Now the site is successfully published and is visible and can be accessed by Guest users.

What is lightning community in Salesforce?

Salesforce Lightning Communities are best in regards to sharing information and collaborating with your business partners and customers. They provide a framework i.e. Lightning Community Builder to create branded sites with minimal efforts.

How do I learn Salesforce community Cloud?

2:088:19Salesforce Community Cloud Overview – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSo now we’re in salesforce in the setup. Area. So i clicked on setup. And then over on the left handMoreSo now we’re in salesforce in the setup. Area. So i clicked on setup. And then over on the left hand side scroll down to communities. Then click on all communities.

How many types of communitys are there in Salesforce?

An organization can build a community to meet any number of needs, but there are three main community types in Salesforce: Customer communities. Employee communities. Partner communities.

Are Salesforce communities free?

Salesforce Communities pricing: Customer Community: $2 per login or $5 per member/month. Customer Community Plus: $6 per login or $15 per member/month. Partner Relationship Management: $10 per login or $25 per member/month.

How many users does Facebook have in 2017?

How To Integrate Facebook With Salesforce. As per the statistics, Facebook had 2.2 million active users in the year 2017. This figure looks like an awful lot and it is only going to increase and increase in the coming years. Having a social media presence has become the need of the hour.

What is social media presence?

The social media presence opens new skylines of connection amongst you and your client. To put it simply, organizations that use online social networking CRM achieve a more extensive scope of audience, visitors and leads in a lesser amount of time when compared with their rivals who utilize a conventional CRM.

Does Salesforce integrate with social media?

When Salesforce’s Service Cloud Einstein feature is successfully integrated with social media, it puts the brilliance of artificial intelligence to work. Usage of keywords, language detection tools and classifiers, ensures that your workforce is immediately alerted to the social media posts that may require immediate action.

Why Needed to integrate both of them?

Social Media Engagement is more important in every organization. In order to build brand awareness and increase website traffic, organizations should have an active presence on social channels.

Here I list some of the simple steps to configure Social Media platforms into your Salesforce

From the Setup menu, enter Social Accounts that you want to add in the Quick Find box.

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What is Salesforce community?

Salesforce Communities are very useful for employees, customers and partners to connect in one place. We can create and customize communities according to our requirement. Communities was released in summer’ 13 release. You can collaborate and communicate with people outside of your company who are key to business.

How to enable community in Salesforce?

To enable community in Salesforce go tosetup -> Build -> Customize -> Communities and click onsettings. and check enable communitiescheck box and enter your domain name andsave it. Note:You cannot change your domain name once you save it. This domain name will be used in all of your communities.


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