How can i make contact non-mandatory for assets in salesforce

How do I create asset hierarchy in Salesforce?

To create hierarchical relationships between assets, use the Parent Asset field and the Child Assets related list on asset detail pages. Assets also come with a few additional fields related to hierarchies: The read-only Root Asset field lists the top-level asset in an asset hierarchy.

How do I enable assets in Salesforce?

In Classic Setup, enter Asset Settings in the Quick Find box, then click Asset Settings. Enable asset sharing, and select a default asset owner. Save your changes.

How do I use assets in Salesforce?

HousekeepingFrom the Object Manager in Setup, click Account, then click Page Layouts.Click Account Layout.Click Related Lists.Drag Assets to the Related Lists section.Click the wrench icon on the Assets related list.Use the UP arrow to move the Status field right after Asset Name. Click OK.Save your changes.

How do I add an asset in Salesforce?

Click New on the Assets home page or on the Assets related list on a record.Select a product.Enter a name for the asset. … Select an account, contact, or both to indicate who has purchased the asset (required). … Optionally, select a parent asset. … If the asset is a competitor’s product, select Competitor Asset.More items…

What is the difference between assets and products in Salesforce?

While products represent the items that your company sells, assets represent the specific products your customers have purchased. Use assets to store information about your customers’ products.

Can you use Salesforce for asset management?

Use Salesforce Financial Services Cloud for your asset management needs. With CRM technology playing such an important part in asset management, Salesforce — the world leader in cloud-based CRM technology — is at the forefront of the industry.

What is asset relationship in Salesforce?

Some assets settle down and have child assets, while others fly solo. Assets can also be linked through replacements and upgrades. Learn how assets can be related to each other, and how (and why) to track those relationships in Salesforce.

Is assets a standard object in Salesforce?

Assets are a standard object. It comes out-of-the-box with Salesforce. And being a standard object we can add custom fields, validation rules, record types, multiple page layouts.

What is assets in Salesforce CPQ?

Assets are records of non-subscription products that you quoted or sold to your customers. You can amend or renew your assets on an amendment quote or renewal quote.

How do you add assets?

To add people to assets:Open Business Settings.Click People.Select a person.Click Assign Assets and select a type of asset.Toggle on tasks you’d like to grant to the person. … Select the specific assets you’d like to share access to, and choose a role.Click Save Changes.

How do I give access to a library in Salesforce?

To create or edit library permissions in Salesforce CRM Content, from Setup, enter Content Permissions in the Quick Find box, and select Content Permissions. Choose Add Library Permissions or Edit next to the permission.

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