How can i check what updated a record in salesforce


Anyone who has access to the records can see the update in the All Company (Salesforce Classic) feed. They may see the update in the Company Highlights (Lightning Experience) feed, depending on the update’s popularity ranking and engagement (such as comments, likes, and views). See who is following the record.


How do I stop following a record in Salesforce?

To stop following a record on the record page, mouse over the Following label. In Salesforce Classic, click . In Lightning Experience, what you see depends on whether streams are enabled. If streams are enabled, click Following and deselect What I Follow. If streams aren’t enabled, when you mouse over Following, you see Unfollow. Click Unfollow.

How many fields can be added to a Salesforce Salesforce class?

There are two methods for the above requirement. Method 1 is the easiest to set up, and scales up to 20 fields (this is a limit imposed by Salesforce). It takes a little more work to pull the information for use in an Apex class, and has another important limitation that I’ll get to later.

How do I automatically follow the records that I create?

To automatically follow the records that you create, here’s what you do: Click your profile avatar at the top of the page, and select Settings. Enter My Feeds in the Quick Find box, and select My Feeds. Select Automatically follow records I create.

How do I follow Records in my feed?

Follow records to see updates in your feed, including field changes, posts, tasks, and comments. The field changes that you see in your feed depend on the fields that your administrator has configured for feed tracking. Updates to encrypted custom fields don’t appear in feeds. To follow a record, click Follow on the record page.


How do I find records to update and set their values in Salesforce?

Identify Salesforce records to update, and set the values to change in those records. To do so, use the IDs and field values stored in a record variable or record collection variable, or use specify conditions to identify the records and set the field values individually.

What is update record in Salesforce?

Many Salesforce objects offer the convenience of inline editing for records. Updating custom object records is similar to updating standard object records. Whether you can access and change a custom object record, depends on your permissions.

How can you see recent items in lightning experience instant results?

In Lightning Experience, the global search dropdown menu shines as an essential productivity tool. From the moment you click into the search box, the list of “instant results” helps you get to records faster. Let’s walk through it. When you click in the search box, you see a list of five recent items.

What is check for new data button in Salesforce?

Look at the data status to see whether a data service has new data matched to an account, contact, or lead. Check whether a data service has new data matched to an account, contact, or lead.

How do you update a record in SOQL?

To update records in Apex with SOQL you will first have to query the records that need to be updated. Add the updated values to the fields as needed and then update the records using a Data manipulation language(DML) update method.

Which API method is used to update records?

You use the sObject Rows resource to update records. Provide the updated record information in your request data and use the PATCH method of the resource with a specific record ID to update that record. Records in a single file must be of the same object type.

Which activities can you view in the activity timeline?

Overview. In the Timeline View, users can log Activities, such as Updates, Calls, Meetings, and Emails, along with notes from their customer interactions. The Timeline view is automatically visible to users, but Admins can customize the layout for each of the activity types.

Can you customize recent items in Salesforce?

As a Salesforce admin, you can customize the Recently Viewed list that appears on the home page for most standard and custom objects.

How do you access your lightning experience profile page?

In Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience, use your profile menu to access your profile page and personal settings. If you have permission to switch between Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic, the link to do so is located here, too.

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