How big is american metalcrafts salesforce

How many American Metalcraft products are there?

By the end of the decade, American Metalcraft had well over 2500 different and unique products. Entering the 2010s, American Metalcraft expanded its team to well over 100 employees. The company also expanded its product line now importing and producing more than 3000 products.

Why choose American Metalcraft?

American Metalcraft was founded in 1986. Since its inception, AMI has fabricated engineered metal products. We are dedicated to meeting your design needs with the best products possible. With our sister company, Finishing Dynamics, we can offer fabrication and finishing as one stop shopping for your project requirements.

What happened to American Metalcraft?

The product line at American Metalcraft also began to expand. While maintaining its historical core business of pizza supplies, bar supplies, and plate covers, the company was able to add many items in kitchen and tabletop and buffet supplies. The 1990s also saw the expansion of the number of employees from 40 to 80.

Who makes Metalcraft hubcaps?

Incorporated in the late 1940s by the late Archer Kahn, American Metalcraft got its start producing hubcaps used on the Tucker Torpedo (an automobile that was produced in Chicago during the 1940s).

How many employees did American Metalcraft have in the 1990s?

The 1990s also saw the expansion of the number of employees from 40 to 80. The 2000s saw even more change for American Metalcraft. The company was able to successfully reposition itself as one the premier restaurant supply companies in the foodservice industry.

Who was the president of American Metalcraft?

In 1961, Herbert Kahn succeeded his father as president of American Metalcraft becoming a second generation president and CEO. By then, American Metalcraft’s product line began to grow even larger.

Did American Metalcraft survive the fire?

American Metalcraft’s distribution center caught fire during the decade but the company was able to survive. Following the year of the fire, American Metalcraft had its most profitable year until that time. The 1980s saw the company prosper more than financially.

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American Metalcraft promoted a trio of associates: Sean Baker-Hewes, Eric Hagge and Nazzi Nargussi.

American Metalcraft Updates Sales Organization

American Metalcraft promoted a trio of associates: Sean Baker-Hewes, Eric Hagge and Nazzi Nargussi.

How much money does AMF make from online leads?

As part of a renewed marketing commitment, AMF invested heavily in search engine optimization (SEO) and its website, resulting in more than half a million dollars in revenue from online leads.

What is AMF sheet metal?

Today, All Metals Fabricating (AMF) is a contract manufacturer specializing in sheet metal fabrication, machining, powder coating, and assembly. AMF is equipped with cutting-edge technology and a broad range of manufacturing capabilities, which allow it to serve a wide range of industries. It has a diversified client roster, with no industry representing more than 25% of its revenue or a single customer accounting for more than 20%. The company has experienced continual growth over the course of its nearly 40-year history and operates the business with a steadfast approach to stay lean, while heavily investing in people and equipment.

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