How are promotions tracked in salesforce


Salesforce B2C Commerce developed the Promotion Conversion dashboard to give you insights on how your site traffic uses each promotion class, and the rate at which promotions convert to revenue. You can use the dashboard to evaluate the effectiveness of your overall promotion strategy and dig into the details of a specific promotion campaign.

In Loyalty Management, promotions use Customer Data Platform or Salesforce Reports to identify members for promotion and use Marketing Cloud to send the campaigns to the members. Note Loyalty Management and Customer Data Platform must be installed in the same Salesforce org.


What types of campaigns can I track in Salesforce?

Campaign tracking is available in the following editions of Salesforce: Salesforce Campaigns can track how various marketing and sales initiatives perform from the mid-to-bottom of the funnel.

How do I schedule promotions during a campaign?

You can give promotions the same schedule as the campaign or an independent schedule within the campaign period. For example, you can schedule a series of promotions that kick off one after the other during your campaign. You control promotions by assigning qualifiers and rank.

Can Salesforce campaign tracking measure the return on your investment?

For either offline events (such as proprietary trade shows or conferences), or online events (such as virtual conferences or webinars), Salesforce Campaign tracking can also measure the return on your investment.

How to set up a campaign in Salesforce?

To set up a campaign in Salesforce, go to the Campaigns tab and click the “New” button to create a new campaign. Here there’s a bunch of fields to be filled in. Two of the most important ones are: Campaign Name: It’s easy to get into a state of disarray with arbitrary naming conventions.


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