How are pardot and salesforce databases shared


In the Pardot Lightning app, select ‘Pardot Settings’, and then ‘Connectors’. Click the gear icon next to the Salesforce Connector, and select ‘Edit Settings’. Select the tab ‘Marketing Data Sharing’.

Pardot and Salesforce have different authorization and sharing models. Data is shared through the Salesforce-Pardot connector via the connector user. Therefore, Pardot has access to the same Salesforce data that the connector user has access to.


How to track Pardot campaign influence in Salesforce?

Option 1: Salesforce Campaign Influence 1.0

  • Contact Roles. The contact involved in the opportunity is that all-important link, but Salesforce will only pick this up when the contact is added as a ‘Contact Role’ on the …
  • Enable Campaign Influence 1.0. You can enable/disable the Campaign Influence feature as you wish. …
  • Auto-association. The next item is auto-association. …
  • Crediting Revenue. …

How much does Pardot cost?

How Much Does Pardot cost? Growth costs $1,250 per month, Plus costs $2,500 per month, Advanced costs $4,000 per month, and Premium costs $15,000 per month.Each plan is billed annually. B2B …

How to integrate Marketo with Salesforce?

Here are the steps we recommend you take to investigate a sync error:

  • Ask for examples. It’s important to look at the examples that aren’t syncing. …
  • Look at the activity log. Find out what activity was occurring right before the sync error. …
  • Look at the sync error itself. Salesforce will usually give a reason for the sync error. …
  • Dig into the details. …

How good is Salesforce?

“Salesforce has done a fantastic job providing training material through its Trailhead, Pathfinder, and Talent Alliance programs. But too few job seekers are taking advantage of this training and even fewer employers are hiring new Salesforce developers or administrators without relevant work experience.


What objects are synced between Pardot and Salesforce?

What Salesforce Standard Objects Sync with Pardot?Leads and Contacts, which sync with Prospects.Accounts and Opportunities, which are related to Prospects.Campaigns and Campaign Members, which are synced with Connected Campaigns.Tasks, which Pardot can create.Users, which are synced to Pardot with User Sync.

Where does Pardot store its data?

Our offsite backups are stored encrypted at rest in Amazon Web Services’ Simple Storage Service (S3) in North Virigina (us-east-1 region). No customer data is currently stored outside of the USA.

Is Pardot separate from Salesforce?

The first thing to learn about Salesforce Campaigns is that they are completely separate and different from Pardot Campaigns.

How do I sync a field from Pardot to Salesforce?

In Pardot, open the custom field for editing. From the Salesforce Field Name dropdown, choose the field you want to map. (Optional) Enable Keep this field’s type and possible values (for dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes) in sync with the CRM. This setting syncs field setting changes from Salesforce to Pardot.

Is Pardot GDPR compliant?

Security. Pardot provides our customers with a secure solution in accordance with our Trust and Compliance documentation. “We are committed to our customers’ success, including compliance with the GDPR.”

What is Pardot activity in Salesforce?

Pardot Prospect Activities, such as form submissions, email opens, and page views, will appear on the Prospect’s matching Lead/Contact record in Salesforce, providing you have installed the Salesforce Connector. These Activities are shown in one of two ways: Through Visualforce, which resembles a related list.

Is Pardot built into Salesforce?

Yes, Pardot is owned by Salesforce.

What is the difference between Pardot and Salesforce?

Pardot vs Marketing Cloud, so what’s the difference? In a nutshell, these are the main differences: Pardot is positioned as a B2B platform while Salesforce Marketing Cloud is more B2C (although this isn’t always the case and some companies can use both) The main difference is the buying cycle.

Is Pardot part of Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Yes, Pardot belongs to a larger Salesforce product group – Marketing Cloud, along with other suites like Loyalty Management, Email, Mobile, and Web Marketing, Social Studio, Advertising Studio, Datorama, Google Marketing Platform, and Interaction Studio.

Can formula fields sync to Pardot?

While Pardot can sync with formula fields, a change to a formula field will not trigger a sync. This is because a formula field is a way of arriving at a value, but does not actually store the value and will not update the last modified timestamp on a record when it changes.

What are custom objects in Pardot?

Pardot custom objects are the way you sync data from Salesforce custom objects to use in Pardot for segmentation and automation.

How do I add custom fields to Pardot?

Create Custom Prospect FieldsOpen the Prospect Fields page. In Pardot, select Admin | Configure Fields | Prospect Fields. … Click + Add Custom Field.Name the field. … Don’t edit Custom Field ID. … Configure field settings.When finished, click Create custom field to save.

Why connect Salesforce and Pardot?

At this point, you may be wondering what the benefits are to connecting to your Salesforce account. Salesforce explains it as “marketing automation with the world’s #1 CRM.” We look at it as sales and marketing alignment for effective lead nurturing.

Connecting Salesforce CRM with Pardot

If you haven’t connected Pardot with Salesforce yet, you will need to follow a series of steps to complete the integration. In no way is this section a comprehensive tutorial to setting up Pardot with Salesforce, but it should give you a foundation for how the installation works. Salesforce breaks down all the steps in this online tutorial.


Using Salesforce with Pardot can take your marketing and sales efforts to the next level — if done correctly. We hope that we have equipped you with the right tips and tools to help you integrate Salesforce and Pardot into your marketing workflow.

How does Marketing Data Sharing work?

Firstly, both the Lead and Contact object must have one shared MDS criteria.

How to sync a subset of Leads and Contacts

Create a Salesforce field to control MDS, that is mapped between lead object and contact object.

Setting up Marketing Data Sharing

With MDS, we have the choice of defining criteria for the following objects:

Considerations for archiving prospects

As Salesforce detail in their Guidelines, “if a Salesforce record stops meeting rule criteria, whether due to record updates or changes to rule criteria, the corresponding Pardot record is sent to the recycle bin”, we must be aware of how this will impact the Pardot database.


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