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How do I add a second signer in DocuSign?

To add multiple signers to a document Open the People panel. Click Add People. Enter recipient information and assign signer order. Add as many recipients as you wish by clicking Add Another Recipient and set signer order for each.

Can recipient changes signer on DocuSign?

When a recipient receives the document, they select Change Signer. The recipient provides the new signer’s contact information and the document is reassigned. In the document, field tags for the original recipient are reassigned to the new signer.

Can you add recipients to DocuSign after sending?

To add recipients From the send a document view, enter the email address and name of your first recipient. Set the appropriate action for the recipient from the drop-down list. Learn more about recipient actions.

How do I manage recipients in DocuSign?

To manage contactsGo to My Preferences > Contacts.To add a contact, click ADD CONTACT, and enter the contact’s name, email, and company name.To edit a contact, locate the contact by searching or scanning the list. … To delete a contact, select the check box next to the contact you want to delete and click REMOVE.

What is update recipient in DocuSign?

Allow to Edit – Requires that the recipient log into DocuSign, then allows the signer to modify envelope recipients, settings, and tags. Update Recipients – The recipient can edit recipient details for any remaining recipients in the document signing order.

Can you edit an already sent DocuSign?

When you are ready to send forms out for completion, you will create and send a DocuSign Envelope. If the Envelope you sent is already marked as Completed, then no additional changes can be made to the Envelope.

How do you add people to DocuSign?

Login to the DocuSign application Click Go to Admin link. Click add user In the list of Users, check the users whose envelopes you want to share with the selected user. Click ASSIGN. The list is updated to show all the users whose envelopes you have shared with the selected user.

Can you add multiple recipients to a DocuSign?

Sending a Bulk Recipient file: If your account is enabled to send bulk recipient files, you can upload a file with multiple recipients. To add recipients from your DocuSign Address book: Click the address book icon. Select the recipients you want to send the envelope to.

How do you revise in DocuSign?

Drag the text box to the area you want to edit. If you need to change something you will have to put a box over it and put x’s in the box in an effort to “strike it out”. Then put a new text box next to the area you want to change and put the corrected information.

What does it mean to add recipient?

recipient Add to list Share. A recipient is the person on the receiving end of something. Meryl Streep is the recipient of more Academy Award nominations than any other actor. Just as an actor can be the recipient of a prize for acting, a banker can be the recipient of a bonus for good banking.

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