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How to share file between Records in Salesforce?

Each record (instance of standard or custom object) has Files/Notes & Attachments related list. When you adding some file, ContentDocumentLink between record and file is automatically created. Do it programmatically (create a connection between record with which you want share file and file which you want to share. V – Viewer permission.

Can I share files created after the community is created?

However, any file that is created after the community is created can be shared with the community. If there is a ContentDocumentLink with Visibility=AllUsers and the LinkedEntityId is pointing to the Org, that file will be visible on the community.

Is content available for a logged in community user?

We are using Customer community plus license and content is available for a logged in community user, its just the guest user who cannot see. Hi Prasan, have you had any luck with this?

Is content available with a customer community license?

Content is not available with Customer Community licenses. Thanks for your reply. We are using Customer community plus license and content is available for a logged in community user, its just the guest user who cannot see. Hi Prasan, have you had any luck with this?


How do I share files with community users?

Use Chatter Publisher to share files with Digital Experience Site UsersOn the Chatter tab, click Post.Click the paper clip icon.Click Upload Files.Select your file.Click Add.In ‘To,’ select All with access.Click Share.

Can community users own records in Salesforce?

They can access their own account and contact records, based on implicit sharing. They have Read access on the account they belong to. They can access a record’s parent, and the org-wide sharing setting for that record is Controlled by Parent.

How do I download files from Salesforce?

2:4810:08Download All the Files in Your Salesforce Org! – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAnd if you want you can rename the csv export file click on next once you’re here you’ll want toMoreAnd if you want you can rename the csv export file click on next once you’re here you’ll want to select all fields and click on finish. And then when it asks you to proceed go ahead and click on yes.

How do I give access to a file in Salesforce?

On the file preview page or from the file actions list, select Share. Expand Who Can Access. Change file permissions for people and groups using the menu, or click the X next to a person or record to stop sharing the file.

How can records owned by customer community users be shared with internal users?

A Sharing Set grants community or portal users access to any record associated with an account or contact that matches that community user’s account. A Share Group allows sharing records owned by community users with internal users. This mechanism grants internal users access to data owned by community users.

Who can see what in communities Salesforce?

Standard Salesforce user sees records that they own, and records that they have access to (based on sharing rules) across all sites and their internal org. Chatter Free user can’t access records.

How do I mass download files from Salesforce?

In the attachments section with multiple files. Have a checkbox next to each file so you can select multiple files then click on a button to download the selected files. This way if you want to download multiple files you do not have to view each one.

Can you bulk download files from Salesforce?

One simple app is there on salesforce called “Mass file Download”. This app Download Multiple Files on a single click. It supports Mass download of Attachments, Files, Static Resource and Documents as a zip throughout the organization on record level.

Can you mass export files from Salesforce?

The only way to download files en masse from Salesforce.com is via the data export feature. However, you have your data export set to a weekly schedule (which is highly recommended!), but the most recent export was on Sunday. You won’t be able to export data for another 6 days.

How are files shared in Salesforce?

To give your audience permission to view, download, and share files, select Viewer. Optionally, add information to the message that recipients receive. Click Share and Close. Recipients receive a link to the file and a message that you have shared a file with them.

How does file sharing work in Salesforce?

Once you upload the files to the Records, its sharing depends on the various parameters. For instance, Files sharing on the Records can be controlled through various ways in Salesforce – such as, you can set a File’s access to private; or, enable Set File Sharing to Inherit Record Permission at the org level.

What is collaborator access in Salesforce?

File Collaborator is a type of file permission access that permits a user to view and make changes to a particular file. It’s among the three main file permission types in Salesforce, the other two being the File Owner and the File Viewer.

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