Don’t trigger new milestone warnings and violations salesforce

To avoid such warnings and violation actions, select Don’t Trigger New Milestone Warnings and Violations. We recommend selecting this so you don’t trigger violation warnings on old entitlements and support records. Click Save.

Are your business cases a fit for Salesforce milestones?

Here are some example business cases that could be a fit for Salesforce Milestones: 1 “Premium Support customers are guaranteed an initial response within 3 hours.” 2 “We guarantee Tier 1 support case resolution within 48 hours.” 3 “Once accepted, enhancement requests must have a design proposal within 10 days.”

When does the milestone enter in warning or violation state?

The milestone should enter in warning state only when the current day is 1 day before that custom date field. And milestone should enter in violation state when the current day is 1 day past the custom date.

How do I create a milestone in Salesforce?

Under Milestones, click New. For Milestone Name, choose the Resolution Time milestone you created at the beginning of this unit. Time Trigger (Minutes) is the number of minutes that agents have to complete the milestone—in other words, how long they have to resolve the case.

What is a violation action in Salesforce?

Violation Actions: actions that fire when a Milestone is violated (the countdown is over and the Milestone is still open). Configuring these Workflow Actions works pretty much like any other workflows and time-based workflows in Salesforce. But if you’re not super familiar with workflow actions and you get stuck, this documentation can help.

What is Maria’s milestone workflow action?

To keep agents in the know, she adds a milestone workflow action that warns agents when an open high-priority case is approaching the resolution time limit.

When do independent milestones occur?

Just so you know, there are two other possible recurrence types: Independent milestones occur whenever the milestone criteria are met on the case. Sequential milestones occur on repeat when the milestone criteria are met on the case. Click Save.

Why does Maria add a resolution time milestone?

Maria adds her Resolution Time milestone so agents know how much time they have to resolve cases according to Ursa Major’s standard support process. Let’s see how she does it.

What is a milestone in a support process?

Milestones. Milestones define major steps in a support process and they can help define company SLAs. Milestones can be defined with a countdown to ensure certain key steps in the support process are being met in a timely manner.

How to configure Milestones?

To configure your Milestones, navigate to Setup → Service → Entitlement Management → Milestones. Select the New Milestone button, give your Milestone a name, and then select the Recurrence Type. There are three options for recurrence types. Here’s a little more about each one: No Recurrence.

How to add entitlement template to product page?

To add Entitlement Templates to your Products, make sure the Entitlement Template related list is on the Product page layout and then you can add the Entitlement Template like any other related record.

What is a milestone in business?

Milestones can be a great out of the box tool if the configuration works for your business, but they have some limitations to keep in mind. Milestones are typically used for major steps in a linear process. There can be recurring milestones, but they’re still just steps along a case lifecycle.

What is an entitlement in Lightning?

Entitlements can be related to Accounts, Assets, Cases, and Service contracts. They could also be related to Contacts in Classic only but that feature is not available in the Lightning Experience. They can also be pre-configured to automatically tie to certain products.

Can you have entitlements without a milestone?

It’s important here to note that: Entitlements can be independent from Milestones, but Milestones require an Entitlement Process! You can have Entitlements enabled without an Entitlement Process with Milestones, and there are also some nice alternatives to Milestones that play well with Entitlements.

Can you tie different SLAs to different entitlements?

And you can tie different SLAs to different Entitlements and case types! Since Case Flags is a native Salesforce application, the Flags live on the Case object itself and you can fire any normal Salesforce automation (Workflows, Process Builder, Flow, Apex) based on Flag criteria.

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