Does zuora integrate with salesforce


Salesforce also allows companies to integrate all other apps and services that they use in one place. Zuora

integrates with other apps with the help of Salesforce and manages all the payment processing tasks for you. In this article, you will read about Zuora and Salesforce.

Zuora Salesforce Integration allows companies to focus on Sales with Salesforce and customer billing with Zuora. It creates a seamless communication of data between both platforms to organize all the workflow in one place. It automates the customer billing plans and payments.Sep 14, 2021


What are the benefits of Zuora Salesforce integration?

A few benefits of Zuora Salesforce Integration are listed below: Zuora Salesforce Integration allows companies to focus on Sales with Salesforce and customer billing with Zuora. It creates a seamless communication of data between both platforms to organize all the workflow in one place. It automates the customer billing plans and payments.

How do I install Zuora Salesforce in a live environment?

The “ Production ” option will install the Zuora Salesforce package in a live environment that directly applies changes to your settings and live environment. The “ Sandbox ” option will install the Zuora Salesforce in a copy of a live environment that can be used for testing.

Why integrate Zuora with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power BI?

Integrations with Azure, Dynamics 365 Finance, and Power BI will strengthen Zuora’s core offerings: accelerating innovation and enhancing the subscriber experience

When will Zuora’s Microsoft integration be available?

The additional integrations of Zuora with Microsoft are planned to be available for Zuora’s early adopter program in early 2022. To learn more about the collaboration and additional announcements made at The Journey to Usership™: A Day for Zuora Customers event, visit here.


What does zuora integration with?

Integrating Zuora Revenue with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance will give Microsoft customers access to the leading enterprise revenue recognition application — fully integrated with the Microsoft tools they use every day.

What is CPQ in zuora?

Zuora CPQ is the software built for any combination of subscriptions, products, and services for the entire subscriber lifecycle from sign-ups to renewals to upgrades.

What is zuora used for?

Zuora is an enterprise software company that creates and provides software for businesses to launch and manage their subscription-based services. Zuora’s applications are designed to automate recurring billing, collections, quoting, revenue recognition, and subscription metrics.

How do I connect zuora to Salesforce?

To configure the connection settings:In your Salesforce org, click the current app and select Zuora 360 Sync.Click the Connection Setup tab.On the Zuora API Login Setup page, click Organization and select your organization in the Location Selection section,More items…•

What is zuora for Salesforce?

The Zuora Connector for Salesforce CPQ provides a common integration mapping that allows your CPQ frontend to automate your subscription billing backend. The Connector integrates Salesforce CPQ Contracts and Salesforce CPQ Quotes with Zuora Subscriptions.

Does Zoom use Zuora?

In 2015, Zoom implemented Zuora in just four months. Since that time, they’ve experienced exponential growth and received numerous industry kudos alongside an additional huge funding round from Sequoia that places Zoom at a $1B valuation.

Who does Zuora work with?

Zuora serves more than 1,000 companies around the world, including Box, Rogers, Schneider Electric, Xplornet and Zendesk. Headquartered in the Silicon Valley, Zuora also operates offices around the world in the U.S., EMEA and APAC. To learn more about the Zuora platform, please visit

What companies use Zuora?

Zuora works with customers from every industry. Here are a few of them.Air.Carbar. CarGurus.Clear.Clyde by AMAG Import AG.Fender. freee K.K. GDF Suez SA.GoPro. Headspace.Inspirato. Johnson Controls (JCI) Kia Motors. Liveramp.MINDBODY. MLSListings. Monet.More items…

Use Cases & Key Benefits

Multiple benefits, including, no point-to-point connection required, and Improved collaboration between coworkers across company departments, such as finance, marketing, legal, and customer support, to help drive sales.

Integration Details

Mule’s Salesforce connector offers a rich API to manage products, customers, contacts, accounts and other key business data. The Salesforce customer billing is facilitated using the Zuora connector


The ability to integrate information from NetSuite to Salesforce and Zuora in end-to-end business process such as quote to cash or to synchronize master data files across multiple systems is a critical aspect of business operations.


Implementing a new application is never as simple as flipping a switch or turning a wrench. To get the most from your software investment, we begin by reviewing your existing processes as is and evaluate those against your desired state. This approach helps us appropriately install, configure, and develop the products to meet your specific needs.


LeadTo has extensive experience with customization and development tools including:

Who is the CEO of Zuora?

Zuora was built by SaaS executives from, Google, WebEx, and Netsuite, and its CEO and founder is Tien Tzuo, the 11th employee of who spent 9 years at as Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Strategy working directly under Marc Benioff and Parker Harris.

What is Zuora billing?

Zuora is the global leader in subscription billing and commerce solutions allowing customers to bring new products to market rapidly with the flexibility and agility they need to monetize their applications and businesses. Zuora provides a complete on-demand platform for pricing, quoting, orders, billing, payments and renewals, including a set of native products, Z-Force, built specifically for customers, ISVs and developers.


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  2. An active Salesforce account.

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Steps to Set Up Zuora Salesforce Integration

  • Now that you have learned about Zuora and Salesforce. In this section, you will go through the steps to set up Zuora Salesforce Integration. For this Integration, you need to buy the Zuora Salesforce package from the AppExchange Marketplace. Once you bought that package, you can move further in the process. The steps to buying the package are listed in the process. The follo…

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  • In this article, you learnt the steps to set up Zuora Salesforce Integration and how Zuora helps enterprises automate all their billing processing tasks. You also read about a few benefits of Zuora Salesforce Integration. Salesforce organizes all the company’s workflow in one place and allows Zuora to integrate data with other apps also and automate the whole billing system. Sale…

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