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5 Ways to Integrate Salesforce and Zoom Webinars

  • Manual Import. This requires you to move data from Zoom into Salesforce manually. …
  • Connector Tools. You could use integration tools like Zapier and Workato that can help you configure workflows and manage attendees.
  • Pardot’s Zoom Connector. Pardot integrates the two platforms as well. …
  • Salesforce Zoom Sync. …
  • Predictive ZFusion. …

The Zoom integration with Salesforce will allow you to start and schedule meetings directly within Salesforce. You can quickly set up Zoom meetings with leads and view your scheduled Zoom meetings. The Salesforce Integration is available through the Salesforce AppExchange and the Zoom Marketplace.Jan 25, 2022


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How to set up a Salesforce integration?

  • On the Manage App page, click ‘Edit Policies’
  • Navigate to the ‘IP Relaxation’ dropdown menu
  • Select ‘Relax IP Restrictions’
  • Then click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page
  • Now, back on the Connected Apps page, click the App name ‘Blink’
  • On the page that appears, your Consumer Key and Consumer Key will be shown

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How do I integrate with Salesforce?

  • xxxyyyzzzz (no punctuation) – this is the preferred entry since it’s displayed in Salesforce formatted
  • xxx-yyy-zzzz
  • (xxx)yyy-zzzz

How to make Salesforce integration effective?

Salesforce Integration Checklist. Before you go ahead with Salesforce integration, make sure you adhere to this checklist to ensure a smooth and effective integration process: Extensive Planning. The most important aspect of Salesforce integration is developing an extensive implementation plan. Just like any other project, the integration

What are the best apps to integrate with Salesforce?

What are the Best Apps to Integrate with Salesforce

  1. Marketo. Marketo is a marketing automation tool that helps companies to manage leads, gain access to sales insights, understand revenue cycle and also engage in social marketing.
  2. WordPress. WordPress is an important content management system which is used by a number of businesses to host and run their websites.
  3. SAP Business Suite. …
  4. Microsoft Dynamics. …

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Does Zoom webinar integration with Salesforce?

Zoom webinars can also be integrated with Salesforce. Further, you can record virtual CRM meetings and discussions in the Salesforce activity history, and users can create Salesforce events from new Zoom meetings.

How do I add Zoom in Salesforce?

Turn On Zoom IntegrationFrom Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Zoom Video Setup , and then select Zoom Video Setup.Accept the terms of service.Select Go to Zoom Marketplace and approve install of the Salesforce Sales Cloud 360 app. … Optionally, add excluded email addresses and domains. … Turn on Zoom integration.

Does Zoom phone integrate with Salesforce?

Use the Zoom phone app within Salesforce to seamlessly place a call from the phone widget. This integration works for Salesforce Lightning or Classic.

What programs integrate with Zoom?

By integrating Zoom with other services, including Slack and Google Calendar, you can work from home without missing a beat.Gmail. Gmail by Zoom.Google Calendar. Google Calendar by Zoom.Slack. Slack by Zoom.Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams by Zoom.Evernote. Evernote by Zoom.Show more (3 items) Salesforce.

Does Salesforce have video conferencing?

Salesforce has now released an enhanced Virtual Selling suite which integrates video conferencing into its market-leading CRM platform, Sales Cloud 360.

Does Zoom have a CRM?

Zoom – 1CRM: All-in-One CRM Software.

How much of Zoom does Salesforce own?

According to a regulatory filing published on Monday, Salesforce sold all of its 2.8 million Zoom shares in the second quarter. Through its venture arm, Salesforce has invested in numerous cloud software companies in recent years, though its only remaining public holding is in SurveyMonkey, according to the filing.

Does Salesforce integrate with Microsoft teams?

The Salesforce integration with Microsoft Teams lets team members mention and interact with Salesforce records directly in desktop and mobile versions of Microsoft Teams. Review the features available in each environment. To integrate Salesforce with Microsoft Teams, complete the required Salesforce setup.

Does slack integration with Salesforce?

The Salesforce app for Slack is available for all Salesforce Editions (except Salesforce Essentials) and supports Sales Cloud and Service Cloud on both the Lightning and Classic Experiences. Note: The Salesforce app for Slack is not supported on Salesforce Partner Business Orgs.

Is the Zoom API free?

Some of the Zoom API endpoints can be used for free. Other endpoints that require a paid plan mention it under ‘Prerequisites’ on the respective endpoint page in our documentation. For example, the Create Users endpoint requires a Pro or higher plan.

How do I integrate Zoom into my website?

For embedding Zoom Meetings and Webinars into your website, use the Web Meeting SDK. The Web Meeting SDK has two installation methods to support both basic HTML / JavaScript sites and sites built with frontend frameworks like Angular, React, Vue. js, and others.

Is Zoom a project management tool?

Running project meetings from Zoom can add layers of complexity that get in the way of the information that needs to be communicated. With Zoom’s launch of in-product apps, project managers can boost the efficiency of their project meetings like never before while simplifying the coordination process.

How to start instant meetings in Salesforce

The integration enables you to start instant Zoom meetings by clicking Start Zoom Meeting from the quick actions menu of these pages:

How to manage Zoom meetings as events

In Salesforce, when you create an event, the integration provides the following features for Zoom meetings on the event detail page:

How to create events for external Zoom meetings

Note: The administrator must enable the integration to Sync external Zoom meetings to Salesforce.

How to view reports

Navigate to the Report tab and click Zoom Report. This folder contains 3 different types of reports:

Zoom Community

Join the 83K+ other members in the Zoom Community! Login with your Zoom account credentials and start collaborating.

What is Zoom Salesforce?

The Zoom Salesforce Integration allows your Sales Team a feature to take notes during a zoom call with Leads as shown in the below image. Also, they can save their call logs for future reference and analysis. The Zoom application simplifies the task of managing your multiple call logs. Thus the Zoom Salesforce Integration improves the collaboration between your various teams and provides effective communication.

How to install Zoom on Salesforce?

In the Search box at the top of your Marketplace Dashboard, write Zoom for Salesforce. Click on the Salesforce icon that appears in search results. Then click on Visit site to install. This will initiate the Zoom Salesforce Integration process.

Why is Zoom important?

Nowadays, as most companies are promoting remote working conditions for their employees, the importance of Zoom is at an all-time high. Zoom offers everything from high video quality to clear sound that businesses need for a great video conferencing experience. Moreover, users can share multiple screens and use whiteboards to annotate projects using this application.

Why is Salesforce so popular?

One of the main reasons for the growing popularity of Salesforce is that it provides a holistic view of your company’s day-to-day interactions with customers.

How long does it take to set up Salesforce?

Simple Setup: Salesforce can be easily set up completely in a matter of weeks, unlike many CRMs on the market, which can often take up to a year to set up and fully deploy.

How many users can you have on Zoom?

Easy Collaboration: Zoom enables collaboration with up to 300 unregistered users for features like Chat, Whiteboard, and Meeting Rooms.

Can you send a Zoom meeting to Salesforce?

With the Zoom Salesforce Integration, users have the option to schedule and initiate Zoom meetings from within the Salesforce application only as shown in the below image . Also, you can easily send one-click meeting emails and email invitations to your Leads, Customers, and other Stakeholders. With Salesforce Zoom Integration, your Sales Team will also have the added functionality of linking its planned activities with the Google Calendar as shown below.

What is Zoom’s video first platform?

Zoom’s video-first unified communications platform enables users to be productive within the applications or tools that they use the most. Our native Salesforce app enables you to quickly connect with a customer or partner and automatically log important information without ever leaving the CRM.

What is Dreamforce 2019?

It’s Dreamforce 2019 this week, and Salesforce’s annual gathering of customers, partners, and employees will take over downtown San Francisco for, in Salesforce’s words, a “fun family reunion.” If you’re attending, you’ll hear inspiring stories from keynote speakers and event sessions, as well as exciting product updates and service enhancements. But you’ll also hear a lot about the future of technology, one that includes immense flexibility, interoperability, and automation to get more done faster in the workplace. And that’s where the power of Zoom + Salesforce comes in.

Does Zoom work with Salesforce?

Zoom fully supports this best-of-breed strategy and has invested in deep product integrations with Salesforce, offering integration with Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phone. The goal is simple: Zoom wants to empower organizations to streamline workflows within the world’s leading CRM, support business flexibility, and better enable the end-user.


ZoomInfo is built to work with Salesforce simply and flawlessly— not only making life easier for the go-to-market teams in your organization, but helping them to be more efficient and effective.

Create your single source of truth

ZoomInfo is built to work with Salesforce simply and flawlessly— not only making life easier for the go-to-market teams in your organization, but helping them to be more efficient and effective.

What is ZoomInfo Salesforce integration?

This Integration allows you to make your company smarter, more efficient, and more effective at Customer Retention and driving more Sales.

How does ZoomInfo work?

The data on ZoomInfo is updated by an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning engine that gathers information from millions of different sources. The engine determines which data is reliable enough to be shared on the ZoomInfo platform. When a company’s data change, such as hiring new people, upgrading technology, releasing new services, or opening new locations, ZoomInfo’s data is updated in real-time accordingly.

What is ZoomInfo InboxAI?

ZoomInfo InboxAI: By extracting Contacts, Activities, and Events from inboxes and calendars and integrating them into a CRM, ZoomInfo’s InboxAI saves hours of tedious work and helps derive actionable insights to optimize your Sales cycle.

What is Salesforce analytics?

Analytics and Forecasting: Salesforce comes with customizable dashboards that show critical performance metrics and reporting tools for your company. These analytics can help you make better business decisions.

What is ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo is a Global Intelligence Tool that helps Sales and Marketing teams locate prospective customers. The integrated Cloud-based platform helps Sales teams, Marketers, Recruiters improve their lead generation efforts by providing access to a big corporate contact database along with several Sales Intelligence and Prospecting tools.

What is campaign optimization?

Campaign Optimization: This feature aids customers in gaining a better understanding of their target market, embellishing their records, and increasing hyper-focused advertisements. It uses CRM records that are up-to-date, accurate, and relevant, allowing for targeted, successful outreach.

Can Hevo load Salesforce data?

Easily load data from Salesforce and other sources to the Data Warehouse of your choice for free in real-time using Hevo Data.

What is the phone number for Zoom?

[email protected]. Phone. +1.888.799.9666. Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems.

Does managed package count against org?

Contents of managed packages don’t count against your org’s app, tab, and object limits. Contents of unmanaged packages count against these limits, so check your org before installing.

Can you use Zoom Meetings with Salesforce?

Meet Happy using Zoom’s native integration with Salesforce! Supercharge your productivity by leveraging Zoom Meetings, Zoom Phone, or Zoom Webinars from your Salesforce environment.


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Benefits of Zoom Salesforce Integration

  • The Zoom Salesforce Integration can combine your Sales related activities with video conferencing in a unique way and provide you the following benefits: 1. With the Zoom Salesforce Integration, users have the option to schedule and initiate Zoom meetings from within the Salesforce application only as shown in the below image. Also, you can easily …

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