Does uft support salesforce


Since UFT is a web based automation testing tool, we are able to record the scripts for Salesforce. But the same script is not executing in all the environments, and we need to maintain a separate script for each sandbox. One issue for same script not working in all environments, is different Ids of the input fields in different sandboxes.

UFT One supports nearly every major software applica- tion and environment, including SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, mainframes, embedded frame- works, headless browsers, and much more.


Is UFT flex add-in required for Qt applications?

UFT Flex add-in is required to test Flex applications or objects from its interface successfully. This add-in faces problems in case of accessing UFT Flex Agent and finding Flex based web applications, to come out of these problems you have to compile a Flex application with a UFT Flex pre-compiled agent which is not necessary for QT applications.

What is UFT (unified functional testing) tool?

HP UFT (Unified Functional Testing) Tool is now changed to Micro FocusUFT (Unified Functional Testing) Tool but still, the content on the page is valid on the new Micro Focus domain and tools as well UFT (Unified Functional Testing) tool is an automation functional testing tool, currently available in version 12.01 (from July 2014).

What are the widely used Salesforce testing tools?

Below, given are widely used Salesforce testing tools: ACCELQ; HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) Cucumber; IDE (Eclipse-based) Change Sets (Cloud Deploy) Ant/ migration tool; Workday; Reasons for using testing salesforce testing tools: Helps you to saves 75% of your time and 25% of your test automation costs

Does UFT support BPT (business process testing)?

Also, UFT supports BPT(Business Process Testing) is a component-based testing framework provides strong and efficient platform to test complete business process manually and automatically, combines manual and automation tests with less duplication and its component reusability feature makes the testing process fast.


Which is the best automation tool for Salesforce?

How and When to Use These 4 Salesforce Automation ToolsWorkflow Rules. Workflow Rules is perhaps the most well recognized and most used tool, as it has been around the longest and is very dependable. … Process Builder. … Flow. … Apex.

Does Selenium support Salesforce?

Selenium is an open source Salesforce test automation tool used for browser based ‘Regression Testing’. It is used to automate Cross-Browser testing across different platforms, and supported by multiple programming languages.

What are the data sheet types in UFT?

There are two types of DataTable in UFT.Local DataTable − Each action has its own local DataTable, which can also be accessed across actions. Whenever an action is created UFT adds a local sheet for the specific action. … Global DataTable − Each test has one global data sheet that is accessible across actions.

What is microfocus UFT one?

Micro Focus UFT One accelerates and sim- plifies end-to-end functional testing with one intelligent solution that builds and automates tests for enterprise apps using embedded AI- based capabilities.

Is Salesforce testing in demand?

Those with programming background with QA testing training, one might be able to jump on the bandwagon of QA testers. Salesforce, on the other hand, is a niche that is yet to be explored. The demand for Salesforce professionals is no doubt increasing. Also, it’s a lucrative job as well.

What is Salesforce automation testing?

Salesforce Test Automation is the process of automating testing of your Salesforce CRM to eliminate repetitive, error-prone manual testing activities. It involves writing and maintaining test scripts with the help of software.

How do I connect Excel to UFT?

QTP/UFT Support tips: Work with Excel file Create a file. ‘Create Excel Object. Set Myexcel=createobject(“excel.application”) … Get values. ‘Create Excel Object. Set Myexcel=createobject(“excel.application”) … Delete rows. ‘Create Excel Object. Set Myexcel=createobject(“excel.application”) … Add and delete Sheets.

How does UFT read data from Excel?

UFT provides many methods to manipulate the data or read / write data. In order to read and write data in an external file, first we need to import the data sheet into either one of the in built data sheets i.e. Global or local. Then we can access the values of excel file.

What is repository in UFT?

Object Repository is a collection of Test Objects and information that is recognized by QTP for working on it. When a user records a test, the objects and their properties are captured by default.

Is UFT still in demand?

UFT is still in the market because it supports different application technologies and also the steps taken by HP towards increasing business. Like reducing license cost, introducing execution engines, technology support for latest web, desktop and mobile applications.

What is the difference between UFT and UFT one?

UFT One (previously known as UFT) is more “tester friendly”, it uses VBScript for the test’s code but it has a much richer feature set and is more established in the testing community.

Is QTP and UFT same?

QTP, now called UFT, is a tool designed to perform automated functional testing seamlessly without monitoring the system in intervals. QTP was renamed as UFT (Unified Functional Testing) by Microfocus. The tool is primarily used for functional, regression, and service testing.

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What is UFT 14.53?

UFT 14.53 introduces a number of enhancements for cross-domain iFrame support and Web extensibility.

Does UFT support Web 2.0?

Web extensibility objects in embedded frameworks: Users working with CEF, Electron, JxBrowser, and NW.js frameworks will be pleased to know that UFT now supports Web extensibility-based test objects, including Web 2.0 Add-in test objects.

What version of C++ is required for UFT?

The Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable, or a higher version, is required before installing UFT, included in the prerequisites installer.

What bit is Delphi supported for?

Support is offered for 32 and 64 bits Delphi applications.

Is HI supported by default?

Support is available for High Interactivity (HI) applications by default, and for Standard Interactivity (SI) as noted.

What is UFT in HP?

UFT (Unified functional testing) name reveals that is a combination of “HP QuickTest Professional” and “HP Service Test”, means; UFT software package includes all features of QTP and service test both. This integrated HP Unified Functional Testing package facilitates developers and testers to test three layers of the software applications; the Interface layer, the service layer and database layer.

What is UFT in testing?

UFT (Unified Functional Testing) tool is an automation functional testing tool, currently available in version 12.01 (from July 2014). Its supported features motivate developers and testers to develop and deliver bug free quality software to meet the business needs. Due to its excellent features, HP UFT software and UFT professionals both are always in demand.

What is UFT v11.5?

UFT v11.5: QTP has distinct options for functional testing; one for GUI testing and another for non-GUI using API Service Test.

What is UTF 12.01?

The name “Unified” reveals that UTF is an advanced and combined “GUI and API (service)” testing tool, strongly test the functionalities of the front-end and back-end of the software application . HP said that the new released of UFT 12.01 provides better documentation support as compare to UFT 12.0.

What is HP UFT?

HP UFT (Unified Functional Testing) Tool is now changed to Micro FocusUFT (Unified Functional Testing) Tool but still, the content on the page is valid on the new Micro Focus domain and tools as well

Does QTP support UFT?

QTP only support GUI testing to test the functionalities of Windows and Web applications , but UFT support GUI and API testing both.


Although, I mentioned above UFT is a latest version of QTP with many new features are the advanced solution for functional and regression testing.

Why are Salesforce clients nervous?

Clients are always nervous about Salesforce testing because they many not know how to conduct it properly. As a result, they have a myth which is very much distinct from reality.

Who created Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world’s first cloud-based CRM system. It was founded by Marc Benioff and Parker Harris in March 1999. The purpose of developing this CRM platform is to help users affordably and easily – sell, service, market, analyze and connect with their clients.

What is the challenge of testing salesforce?

The challenge is to ensure that a tester is checking the code which has been customized in place of testing built-in salesforce functionality.

What is SFDC in sales?

SFDC (Sales Force Dot Com) has many standard features which help you to manage the relationship with prospects and customers. It also allows you to engage and collaborate with employees and business partner to store their data securely in the cloud.

Is automated testing in Salesforce a challenge?

Performing automated functional testing in SalesForce is a challenging task as most of the test web pages are dynamic. Therefore, the tester needs to build robust automation framework to which should be useful not only today but also in the future.

Should client run UAT scripts again?

If there is time left before the final project launching, then the client should run through UAT scripts again post-deployment

Who conducts unit testing?

Unit testing process is conducted by Apex developers. It involves writing clauses in their code which automatically tests its coverage


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