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How to do in Salesforce?

Salesforce has over 35 certifications that span a number of different products, disciplines, as well as experience levels. Getting a Salesforce certification will be a requirement for most jobs, and at a foundational level, the best cert to aim for is the Salesforce Certified Administrator.

What is the function of Salesforce?

What are the different roles in Salesforce?

  • Salesforce Administrator:
  • Salesforce Business Analyst:
  • Salesforce Developer:
  • Salesforce Functional Consultant:
  • Salesforce Platform Manager:
  • Salesforce Solution Architect:
  • Salesforce Technical Architect:
  • Salesforce Project Manager:

How to use sandbox in Salesforce?

Sandbox Types

  • How often you can refresh a sandbox to mirror your production Org
  • How much information you can store across data storage, and file storage.
  • Whether just metadata, or data is copied over.
  • Which Salesforce licenses include which Sandbox types

Is Salesforce being sold?

Salesforce, the CRM powerhouse that recently surpassed $20 billion in annual revenue, announced today it is wading deeper into enterprise social by acquiring Slack in a $27.7 billion megadeal.


What is boolean type in Salesforce?

Boolean Methods Converts the specified string to a Boolean value and returns true if the specified string value is true . Otherwise, returns false .

What is boolean flag in Salesforce?

So in salesforce you can designate a flag as a checkbox. The value of the checkbox is a true or false, so it is considered as a boolean.

How do you create a Boolean data type in Salesforce?

For creating a Boolean field in the contact object follow the below steps: Setup->customize->contacts-> Fields->click on New button->select radio option Checkbox ->click on next button->select Default Value->checked and follow the further steps. Did this answer your question?

Is boolean an apex?

Boolean variables in Apex are actually tri-valued: they can be true , false , or null , and they default to null .

Can Boolean be null in Salesforce?

Apex: Booleans can be null, unless you instantiated the Boolean to a true/false, you must check for null before checking whether it’s true or false.

How does apex compare Boolean values?

In apex you can check if two strings are equal with the Equals operator ==, this will return true if both strings are equals and false if unequal. To check if two strings are unequal, we can use the Not equals operator != . This will return true if both strings are unequal, false otherwise.

What is the Boolean value for Salesforce?

The checkbox is the only truly boolean field in, and you’re right, you can’t create a boolean-typed formula field, although you can make it numeric and return 0 for false and 1 for true.

What is the data type in Salesforce?

Different DataTypes in SalesforceInteger, Double, Long, Date, Datetime, String, ID, or Boolean are examples of primitives.A sObject, such as an Account, Contact, or MyCustomObject c, is either general or particular.A collection that includes the following items: … An enumeration is a typed list of values.More items…•

What are the field data types in Salesforce?

Polymorphic data type that returns string, picklist, reference, Boolean, currency, int, double, percent, ID, date, datetime, url, or email data depending on the kind of field involved.

How do you know if a Boolean is true in Apex?

For now in Apex I can do booleanVariable = booleanVariable == true; and then do the if (booleanVariable) check.

Can a Boolean be null?

What does a null Boolean mean? A null Boolean means that the variable has no reference assigned, so it is neither true nor false, it is “nothing”.

Is true in Apex?

Boolean variables in Apex are thus consistent with other primitive data types. Where it gets interesting is when you look at how you might use a Boolean value in code. Well now, everyone knows that a real Boolean variable can’t be ‘not true’ (which is false) and ‘not false’ (which is true) at the same time.


Boolean must be constructed with a boolean or a String. If the object is unintialized, it would point to null.The default value of primitive boolean is false.


Apex: Booleans can be null, unless you instantiated the Boolean to a true/false, you must check for null before checking whether it’s true or false.


Additionally, there’s a Boolean type, which can be true, false, or null, and can be used in Collections because it inherits from Object. If using the latter, the consumer need always check for null before checking true or false.


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