Does salesforce us a subdomain


Salesforce gives a sub-domain feature to every user for easy access, created under the Salesforce domain. Imagine Salesforce is like a universe, in this universe you create your own empire and it’s called sub-domain. In Salesforce sub-domain gives many controls over the login process and authentication methods.


Why do some features in Salesforce require you to create subdomains?

Some features in Salesforce require you to create my domain subdomain because it is more secure and users can work on multiple orgs in the same browser Skip to content I’m available for consulting. Email me for discussion. Apex, Visualforce And Lightning Components Tutorials Home About Me Contact Test Formstack MenuClose Home About Me Contact

What is my domain in Salesforce?

In Salesforce creating My Domain is actually creating a subdomain within the Salesforce domain. My Domain showcases your company’s brand and keep your data more secure by adding a custom domain name to your Salesforce URL Some Salesforce features require custom domain because it is more secure. These features include:

What are subdomains used for?

Subdomains as described in this section are used for sending email messages with your company’s branding. For information regarding the subdomains used to construct your API endpoints, see Your Subdomain and Your Tenant’s Endpoints.

Do all DNS servers support subdomain delegation?

Not all DNS servers or DNS service or domain registrar control panels support subdomain delegation. Contact your DNS provider to ensure you can use this service. This example shows a typical DNS server configuration, including the applicable subdomain information shown in the last four lines:


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