Does salesforce stock pay dividends


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What is annualized dividend yield?

Dividend Yield is the relation between a stock’s Annualized Dividend and its current stock price. Click here to learn more. Annualized Dividend is a standard in finance that lets you compare companies that have different payout frequencies.

What is dividend reliability?

Dividend Reliability. A stock’s dividend reliability is determined by a healthy payout ratio that is higher than other stocks. A company that pays out close to half its earnings as dividends and retains the other half of earnings has ample room to grow its business and pay out more dividends in the future.

Is a high dividend yield risky?

If a stock’s yield is above or near the market average then it will be rated higher within this parameter. High dividend yields (usually over 10%) should be considered extremely risky, while low dividend yields (1% or less) are simply not very beneficial to long-term investors. Dividend Reliability.


Business Overview

Founded in 1999, Inc. is the world’s #1 customer relationship management platform, and a tool that helps companies stay connected to customers. Salesforce helps over 150,000 businesses run their companies more effectively by enabling them to take advantage of cloud, mobile, social, internet o…

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Growth Prospects

  • To achieve this growth, Salesforce has a variety of large and growing markets: Source: Investor Relations Not only is there a large addressable market to go after, but a variety of opportunities offer the potential for double-digit growth rates. This means that even if Salesforce keeps its share of the market constant, it could still have a long growth tailwind. In the beginning, growth …

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Competitive Advantages

  • Source: Investor Relations Put simply, Salesforce is the dominant customer relationship management platform and has earned the CRM ticker. Moreover, the company’s share of the market has been growing, as the company solidifies its leadership and continues to outpace some of the most respected companies in the technology space. This has allowed the compan…

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Final Thoughts

  • Salesforce has been an exceptional investment over the past two decades, as a result of a phenomenal revenue growth record. Eventually, the value investors are placing on shares is predicated on the top line growth converting to bottom-line results. However, for the foreseeable future, the company is still very much focused on growth and reinvesting in the business. This m…

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