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What is Salesforce knowledge and how to use it?

With Salesforce Knowledge content, you can quickly build a knowledge base for your customers with ease. Experienced agents and subject matter experts can write articles, answer FAQs, etc. for common customer issues. The Salesforce Knowledge articles

What is the rating system in Salesforce knowledge?

Knowledge Features Ratings. One feature of Salesforce Knowledge is the ability to let your users rate the content. In Classic Knowledge this was always a 1-5 star rating, but in Lightning Knowledge it’s a simpler thumbs-up or thumbs down rating system. (When migrating, 3,4,5 stars are converted to thumbs-up and 1,2 stars are thumbs-down).

What is Salesforce Lightning knowledge and why should you care?

As you probably know, Salesforce Lightning has “struck” almost everywhere, and Salesforce Knowledge is no exception. Lightning Knowledge is a major reworking of the Classic Knowledge features and is more than just a change in UI.

How can our Salesforce consultants help you?

Our 100+ certified Salesforce Consultants have the experience and expertise to help you with the implementation, customization, integration, and the migration of Salesforce Knowledge or any other Salesforce product. Please contact us and we’ll schedule a call soon.


What is Knowledge based in Salesforce?

Salesforce Knowledge base is an effective knowledge management system that helps solve issues or answer questions of external customers as well as internal employees, by using articles. In the same way, public knowledge base helps the guest users to find the related articles through the community sites.

What are two features of Knowledge Salesforce?

One of the critical features of Salesforce Knowledge is Data Categories and Data Category Groups. These are two major functions — article organization and article access. Data Categories allow you to organize your article content in a hierarchical way.

What are the features of Salesforce Knowledge?

Main features of Salesforce Knowledge are:Content lifecycle management.APIs.Publication & translation approval.Knowledge One widget.Article rating system.Data categories for specific audience.Customization.Knowledge article tagging.More items…

What is use of Knowledge user in Salesforce?

Tip Lightning Knowledge uses user profile permissions or permissions sets to give agents access to authoring actions. In contrast, Knowledge in Salesforce Classic uses public groups and article actions. Some licenses, like the Knowledge Only User license, require the AllowViewKnowledge permission on the user’s profile.

How do you deploy knowledge in Salesforce?

In salesforce setup, Search and open Import article wizard….Choose Production and provide salesforce login credentials.Export articles based on the filter provided by the app.Export in Salesforce Article importer format.Once done, mail will be sent to the exported user. Download from the mail.

How do I use data categories in Salesforce knowledge?

If you want to use data categories with Answers, after creating your category group you must assign it from Setup by entering Data Category Assignments in the Quick Find box, then selecting Data Category Assignments under Answers. You can only assign one category group to an answers community.

Is Salesforce Knowledge included in Service Cloud?

Salesforce Knowledge is available in Essentials and the Unlimited Edition with Service Cloud. Salesforce Knowledge is available for an additional cost in: Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Developer Editions.

What is Salesforce CMS?

Salesforce CMS is a hybrid content management system, where you can curate and share content, manage multiple language versions of your content, and control who creates what. Use Salesforce CMS to create, manage, and deliver content from a central location, and then share that content across multiple channels.

What is knowledge component in Salesforce?

The Knowledge component keeps your team connected to your knowledge base everywhere in Salesforce. Your teams and support agents can use Knowledge in the service console with cases and other objects. Your team can search for and attach articles, or follow and unfollow articles.

How do I query a knowledge user in Salesforce?

Classic Knowledge User AccessFrom Setup, enter Users in the Quick Find box, then select Users.Click Edit next to the user’s name or click New to create a user.If you are creating a user, complete all the required fields.Select the Knowledge User checkbox.Click Save.

What is Salesforce lightning knowledge?

Lightning Knowledge gives you a high-powered yet streamlined way to manage your knowledge base. With Lightning Knowledge, you get the benefits of standard objects that work like other objects in Salesforce.

What is a knowledge user?

At CIHR, a knowledge user is defined as an individual who is likely to be able to use research results to make informed decisions about health policies, programs and/or practices.

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