Does flipkart use salesforce


Flipkart: Using recruiters as salesforce In today’s hiring ecosystem, Flipkart realized that it is not about building a strong recruiting brand but about treating candidates as ‘buyers’ and recruiters as ‘salesforce’ Flipkart’s social followership has gone up by 200 percent since the launch of their social activities

In March 2017, Flipkart entered into an agreement with Salesforce, whereby Salesforce will provide its cloud-based CRM services to Flipkart. In this way, Flipkart will be able to enhance its business processes and become more efficient in dealing with the huge amount of data it handles every day.


How much of Flipkart does Walmart own?

The US retailer owns over 90% of Flipkart for $16 bn; it invested in 2018. In September 2020, Walmart invested $560 million in Flipkart as part of the $1.2 billion investment round. [1] 1. Flipkart’s Customer Segments Flipkart has grown into an enormous platform for a vast marketplace in India for the time being.

How Flipkart’s social media channels help to increase sales?

Additional accessible platforms like Flipkart software applications help potential customers to process other potential orders. Through the social media channels, Flipkart is able to publish blogs, news and other promotional material that helps to increase the awareness of Flipkart. Thus, increasing new revenue streams.

Why should I buy from Flipkart instead of other platforms?

The website alone provides additional features, promotional deals and other exclusives that helps it landing pages convert. Additional accessible platforms like Flipkart software applications help potential customers to process other potential orders.

What is Flipkart’s customer support?

Flipkart ensures to provide quality customer support via phone, online chat or email available 24-7. 4. Flipkart’s Key Activities The following are the major key activities that are conducted daily that help to deploy all the operations of Flipkart


Which CRM does Flipkart use?

Flipkart has been using AMEYO to automate its manual processes and make the business more efficient.

Which software is used by Flipkart?

Flipkart is the evidence of efficient use of PHP development services for an eCommerce website design. Since it is built mainly on PHP, Flipkart site enables a contented purchasing experience as in a real store. It uses MySQL for data storage and all of its software functions on Linux.

Which CRM does myntra use?

Myntra users uses the solution implemented by Virtuos every day to orchestrate customer interactions and workflows.

Does flipkart use ERP?

There are so many off-the-shelf software packages available, but Flipkart still runs its own enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

Does Flipkart use react JS?

Today, Flipkart developers use React Native (and React-Native-Web) in combination with native languages to unite the best of both worlds and share their React Native journey online.

What is Flipkart and ecommerce platform?

About Flipkart Today, Flipkart is India’s largest online eCommerce website. Flipkart was started in 2007 and recently it achieved a fashion online retailer and e-commerce store, that is Myntra for $300 Million. In 2020, Flipkart is reporting revenue of Rs 34,610 crore which got raised from Rs 30,931 crore in 2019.

Who are the target audience of myntra?

Myntra SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USPMyntra Brand AnalysisUSPHigh fashion appeal at affordable ratesMyntra STPSegmentFashion conscious customers who believe in shopping from homeTarget GroupFashion conscious, medium income, young online shoppers14 more rows

What is myntra company?

Introduction. Myntra is a one stop shop for all your fashion and lifestyle needs. Being India’s largest e-commerce store for fashion and lifestyle products, Myntra aims at providing a hassle free and enjoyable shopping experience to shoppers across the country with the widest range of brands and products on its portal.

Which ERP Does Amazon use?

SAPWhat ERP system does Amazon use? The simple answer is SAP. Amazon switched to using SAP software when they could not meet their long-term goals with their then existing system.

What is difference between ERP and e commerce?

E-commerce Stands for Electronic-Commerce. ERP comprises the selling of ERP systems to various organizations and companies. E-commerce comprises with selling and buying of goods and services over the internet. ERP system is created by vendors that are ordered by some organization.

Does Shopify have an ERP system?

Now, Shopify’s Global ERP Program will give them a centralized system that connects their commerce platform to key business data like financials and inventory so they can optimize operations and processes. “At Shopify, we support businesses during all stages of their journeys, from first sale to full scale.

Business Challenge

For an organisation like Flipkart, which has rapidly grown from a mere online bookstore to one of the largest e-commerce websites in India, the core challenge was two-pronged. For creating a robust employer brand, the company had to first articulate the factors that established Flipkart as an ideal employer in the e-commerce startup space.


In order to establish itself as a strong ‘talent brand’ and forge strong bonds with their talent pool, Flipkart decided that their recruiters should learn to treat prospective candidates as consumers. This translated into implementing the idea of ‘Making Recruiters as Salesforce’.


The social media strategy implemented by Flipkart helped in achieving tangible results in terms of improved employer brand perception as better hiring, which went up from 4 per cent to 18 per cent through digital channels.


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Why is Flipkart so successful?

One of the most significant reasons for Flipkart success is the powerful combination of Flipkart revenue model and other digital marketing schemes that spread like wildfire across the internet, creating its online presence, awareness and helping to further channel Flipkart for opportunities.

Why is Flipkart so trusted?

Because of their policies, due diligence, and the positive feedbacks, Flipkart is highly trusted and recommended by customers who have used the Flipkart services before. Trust credibility factors help to increase business potential revenue streams by reference or through retention conversions. 3.

How does Flipkart cut commissions?

Commissions are usually deducted from the original transaction value prior to paying out the seller who sold the item.

What is Flipkart book?

Flipkart was originally launched as a book buying platform, offering a wide selection of book and eBook for readers to select and purchase. The company soon flourished and expanded its line of products, converting the business model to the wider side of the spectrum.

How much did Flipkart raise in 2011?

They later formed alliances with Tiger Global, raising in a total of $10M in 2010 and $20M in 2011. Flipkart had also reported that they have completed the 4thround of funding phase from MIH, a subdivision of Naspers Group and ICONIQ Capital.

What are Flipkart subsidiaries?

Flipkart’s subsidiaries provide a wide range of products to generate additional revenue with higher profit margins.#N#Most of these subsidiaries were launched prior to achieving the financial goals through their financial investors and capital start-up grants.

When did Flipkart start?

Flipkart aims to establish a global recognition as one of the leading e-commerce platforms. Since the initial launch in 2007, Flipkart has built a sound relationship for their loyal customers and followers.


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