Does contactmonkey track email replies to salesforce


ContactMonkey instantly syncs your email data with Salesforce so you can focus on selling.Jul 5, 2019

Can you track emails sent from Salesforce?

To track emails in Salesforce, you need to first enable Enhanced Email and Email Tracking. Once this is done, you’ll be able to track emails that have been sent from Gmail, Salesforce, Email Relay, and Office 365. With Enhanced Email, emails in Salesforce are saved as EmailMessage records instead of Task records.

How do I track email responses in Salesforce?

In Lightning Experience, email tracking applies to all emails and list emails sent through Salesforce, Office 365, Gmail, Email Relay, and Einstein Activity Capture. From Setup, enter Activity Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Activity Settings. Select Enable Email Tracking. Click Submit.

How does yesware integrate with Salesforce?

Getting StartedClick the “Yesware” menu at the very top of Gmail and select “Preferences”Navigate to the “Integrations” section.Under “Salesforce,” make sure you’ve switched the toggle to the “On” position.Authenticate to Salesforce if you have not already done so, which will link your account.Click “Save & Reload”

What is ContactMonkey used for?

ContactMonkey is a cloud-based email tracking platform that allows businesses to measure employee email engagement and send responsive HTML internal emails.

How do I check email history in Salesforce?

To find the email in Past Activity, click the Activity tab. To open the email’s task record, where you can view the message and related details, click the email link. And if you use Automatic BCC, you can find the sent email in your inbox.

How do I track email opens and clicks in Salesforce?

In Salesforce Classic, you can see email tracking information in the HTML Email Status related list and the HTML Email Status report….From Setup, enter Activity Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Activity Settings.Select Enable Email Tracking.Click Submit.

How does Salesforce integrate with Gmail?

To activate Gmail to Salesforce:From Setup, enter Email to Salesforce in the Quick Find box, then select Email to Salesforce. … From Setup, enter Google Apps Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Google Apps Settings. … Set a Google Apps Administrative Contact and Google Apps Domain, then save your changes.

What is Yesware for Gmail?

Yesware’s Chrome extension for Gmail tracks your emails and gives you insight to level up your email outreach. See who’s reading your emails in real-time, measure engagement, and find insight into the messaging that wins. It installs in just 1 minute.

Is Salesforce inbox free?

Salesforce Inbox is a productivity tool to integrate Salesforce with emails, such as Outlook and Gmail. It is available with additional cost, except your company already purchased additional products that include Inbox.

How much does ContactMonkey cost?

ContactMonkey Sales Email Tracking PricingNamePriceInternal Email TrackingOn request CustomTeam$15per month, billed annuallyProfessional$10per month, billed annuallySalesforce$25per month, billed annuallyNov 7, 2018

How do I add ContactMonkey to Outlook?

Installation for Outlook DesktopSign up for a free trial at ContactMonkey for Outlook at … Make sure Outlook is closed, and then relaunch the Outlook application.More items…•

Are contact monkeys free?

Every ContactMonkey account starts with a free 14 day trial. You have unlimited email tracking and Salesforce integration during your trial. Once your 14 day trial is over you will need to be a ContactMonkey paid subscriber in order to continue using the service.

How to Set Up Email to Salesforce – a 5-minute job

Good news: Email to Salesforce is available in all editions, across both the Lightning and Classic interfaces!

The Most Important Thing: Discipline

For this to work, your team needs to be disciplined. Users need to get into the habit of adding the BCC email when replying, or your campaign reply reports will be skewed. I have not seen adoption be a problem, due to its simplicity, I guess.


Of course, it’s not the most sophisticated solution – but it’s something!


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