Does constant contact work with salesforce


You can use the Constant Contact Salesforce integration to: Connect all of your Constant Contact data to your Salesforce CRM account and further sync your existing Salesforce leads and contacts to new campaigns. Update Salesforce contacts and leads with Constant Contact campaign history/activity on a regular basis.Sep 13, 2021

How to integrate Salesforce with constant contact?

  • Constant Contact for Salesforce Integration Built to Solve Real Business Problems. Who’s tired of manually importing & exporting data? …
  • Overall Benefits. …
  • Technical & Support. …
  • Cost. …
  • Company Information

What is the phone number for constant contact?

Pros and Cons of Constant Contact

  • Templates lack advanced customization options
  • Automation is basic and limited
  • High price point, which increases as more contacts are added

How do I contact Salesforce?

Understand Account and Contact Relationships

  • Contacts to Multiple Accounts. Your contacts might work with more than one company. …
  • Use Relationship Details to Help Close Deals. …
  • Define Company Relationships with Account Hierarchies. …
  • Best Practices for Establishing Account Hierarchies. …
  • Define Employee Roles with Account Teams. …

What are the pros and cons of Salesforce?

  • Low risk: Low acquiring cost and low-risk management as an organization tool.
  • Salesforce database helps in organizing and digitizing company sales records.
  • Allows customization of profiles for individual customers, and gives quick access to individual records.

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Can Salesforce integrate with Constant Contact?

Our integration with Salesforce allows you to auto-sync contacts and leads data into Constant Contact to save time and send more targeted emails that get better engagement. There are three methods available for import: by Contacts List, Leads List, or Campaign List.

What is the difference between Constant Contact and Mailchimp?

And while Constant Contact offers contact list management features and email list segmentation, Mailchimp gives all users—even free accounts—access to a larger selection of Marketing CRM tools at no additional cost. Our Marketing CRM tools make it easy to segment your audience and personalize your messaging.

Is Constant Contact a CRM tool?

But let’s be clear: Constant Contact is not a CRM system. A CRM system is a shared database. It is where you keep information about everyone that touches your business.

What can Constant Contact be used for?

Constant Contact is an affordable and easy-to-use email marketing tool that lets you create email marketing templates, automate and manage campaigns, build contact lists, and nurture customer relationships.

Is Constant Contact outdated?

Constant Contact is easy to work with. A downside is the limited amount of customization options available within the editor. Visually, it is also a bit outdated.

Which is cheaper Mailchimp or Constant Contact?

Constant Contact offers a free trial, but after that, you’re going to pay at least $20 per month for the cheapest plan. As you grow your email marketing efforts, Mailchimp remains the less expensive choice. If you have 500 contacts, Mailchimp’s most basic paid plan (Mailchimp Essentials) costs $9.99 per month.

Does Constant Contact use AWS?

The next major initiative for Constant Contact is to migrate its applications from its private OpenStack-based cloud to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud.

What type of software is Constant Contact?

About Constant Contact Constant Contact’s email marketing application allows businesses to import customer data from spreadsheets or email clients, such as Gmail and Microsoft Outlook. Email sign-up forms can be personalized and embedded on web pages or on Facebook to capture new contacts and build email lists.

Can you use mailchimp as a CRM?

Is Mailchimp a CRM? Mailchimp offers all the CRM tools small business marketers need, allowing them to aggregate, organize, and manage audience data in one place. In fact, many Mailchimp customers already use the platform as their CRM.

Is Constant Contact HTML?

With Constant Contact, you can create an HTML email in a few ways: make a customizable branded email marketing template. choose a non-branded template and make it your own.

How many emails can you send with Constant Contact?

When it comes to your contacts, there is no limit to how many email addresses can be added in your account. Although there is no limit, it’s always important to keep in mind we do charge based on the amount of active contacts in your account. So as your contact levels increase, so will your monthly charge.

Does Constant Contact work with Gmail?

How to connect Constant Contact + Gmail. Zapier lets you send info between Constant Contact and Gmail automatically—no code required. Triggers when a new contact is added to your account.

Introduction to Salesforce

For plenty of Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Corporations, Salesforce is the king of CRM. Salesforce is the most popular and robust Cloud-Based CRM software designed to support organizations in managing their Sales and Marketing data.

Introduction to Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an Email Marketing automation tool for small businesses and nonprofits. The company offers Page Promotions, Coupons, Deals, and Event Management. You can even create customized professional Email Newsletters in no time with its easy drag & drop feature.

Purpose of Constant Contact Salesforce Integration

Your company uses Salesforce to track leads, forecast, and manage accounts with authority. But, to effectively manage your Email Marketing Campaigns, it’s necessary to integrate your Salesforce with a third-party Email service provider. That’s where Constant Contact comes into the picture.

Process Compatibility

Constant Contact for Salesforce works seamlessly with Professional and Group editions. You should note that some configuration steps may vary depending on the version of Salesforce (Professional, Group, Enterprise, or Unlimited) that you are using.


To set up a Constant Contact Salesforce integration, you’re expected to have:

Constant Contact Salesforce Integration

The combination of Constant Contact and Salesforce will help you zero in on your customers’ needs and wants. Integrating the two platforms lets you create personalized Email Marketing Campaigns and manage them efficiently.


As the companies are getting increasingly reliant on Cloud-Based CRMs like Salesforce, it has become essential to leverage third-party integrations to enhance productivity. Constant Contact Salesforce integration redefines the relationship between businesses and customers by developing a more meaningful connection between them.

Need more than just an importing & exporting plugin for Salesforce?

Automate all your data between Salesforce and Constant Contact, including marketing metrics.

See what you can do

There is no limit to the things you can create with the Constant Contact for Salesforce integration! Better campaigns, unparalleled insights, bidirectional data flows, cooperation between departments — all these and many others are just a click away.

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Who Uses the Salesforce to Constant Integration to Grow Exponentially?

I like that this has allowed us to have an easier time integrating our CRM solution to our email marketing software and has simplified our workflow for us.

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Create your own Integration

Connect Constant Contact and Salesforce the way you want. Start by selecting the trigger and action events listed here.

Run Workflows

Connect Constant Contact and Salesforce with your other apps and run workflows across them. Trigger workflows automatically when things happen in any of the apps.


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