Does cargowise link to salesforce


Why connect with cargowise?

Connect and collaborate with your industry peers in our online community. Get answers to common technical questions, share ideas and discover new ways CargoWise can help solve your supply chain challenges.

Which 3PL solutions to automate cargowise warehouse order creation?

3PL solutions to automate CargoWise Warehouse Order creation from Unleashed, Cin7, DEAR and Accredo inventory management systems have been developed and are ready to be deployed with minimal configuration.

How is Yusen Logistics using cargowise?

Global logistics powerhouse, Yusen Logistics, explains how CargoWise has helped them increase productivity, performance and staff success. Learn how this Taiwan-headquartered NVOCC has used CargoWise’s real-time data visibility and automations to scale and expand into new markets faster.

How is Gebrüder Weiss using cargowise to move more goods?

Learn how Gebrüder Weiss is using CargoWise to move more goods for less, by eliminating manual tasks through workflow and automations. Learn how Transglobal Cargo moved from using three disparate software solutions to CargoWise, and how this has transformed their operations and customer service.


What kind of system is CargoWise?

What is CargoWise? CargoWise is a powerful, deeply integrated global logistics execution platform that makes trade easy. It helps logistics companies manage seismic changes in global trade, from increasing tariffs, regulation, and taxes, to surging ecommerce volumes and margin pressures.

What is CargoWise used for?

A single-platform software solution, CargoWise One enables logistics service providers to execute highly complex transactions in areas such as freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing, shipping, tracking, land transport, e-commerce, and cross-border compliance, while managing their operations on one database …

Who is using CargoWise?

Companies Currently Using CargoWiseCompany NameWebsiteSub Level IndustryDHLdhl.comFreight & Logistics ServicesAlba Wheels Up Internationalalbawheelsup.comFreight & Logistics ServicesWEISS-ROHLIG USA LLCrohlig.comFreight & Logistics ServicesPanalpinadsv.comFreight & Logistics Services2 more rows

Does CargoWise have an API?

The cargowise API exposes two resources – Order and Shipment. Depending on your logistics company and what data they record there may be useful information on either or both.

Is CargoWise an ERP?

Key reason for choosing CargoWise One as the company’s ERP, was to realize substantial savings in resources time & cost.

Is CargoWise easy to use?

Overall: I really enjoy using accounting side of Cargowise. It is a great software for AP, AR and general accounting. Pros: The functionality of the software is so intricate and complex, yes the user experience is easy and flows smoothly.

Does CH Robinson use CargoWise?

Its features include the management of freight forwarding operations, cargo tracking, supply chain visibility, ETA updates, transportation, warehousing, routing, shipping and packing automation, fulfillment, contracts, shipments, bills of lading and geocompliance. Its clients include UPS, C.H. Robinson and Panalpina.

How do you access myaccount from your CargoWise one system?

Log in to My AccountSelect the Tools Menu in Internet Explorer.Select Internet Options.Select the Security tab.Click the Custom Level button.Scroll down to the Scripting heading.Select the enable option of Active Scripting.Click OK in all open dialogs.

What is Freight Forwarding in shipping?

Freight forwarding is the planning and coordinating of the movement of commodities across international borders, on behalf of shippers. Other tasks involved include, but are not limited to: warehouse planning, supplying cargo insurance, and customs brokerage.

What is EDI CargoWise?

CargoWise offers you internationally capable EDI software for your logistics service company. With ediEnterprise, CargoWise is able to simplify corporate workings by consolidating all your operations. DCS EDI specialists can help you maximize your investment in ediEnterprise software.

No matter how sophisticated or simple your supply chain operations, enjoy increased control and visibility with deep integration interfaces

If you have multiple groups of people working across different systems, locations, languages and currencies, you risk creating low quality shipment data and time-consuming, manual work-arounds.

Integration capabilities accelerate the data shared across your supply chain

Data moves throughout the platform without manual intervention, helping you manage and automate complex shipment processes, from origin to destination.

DHL Global Forwarding unlocks deep visibility with CargoWise

Transparency is the name of the game for DHL Global Forwarding, and since implementing CargoWise, they have significantly improved efficiency, integration and communication across their global network.

Fracht redefines great customer experience with CargoWise

Optimized business processes and real-time data visibility mean Fracht’s global team now have more time to spend on doing what they love – providing high quality solutions to their customers.

More CargoWise customer success stories

Global logistics powerhouse, Yusen Logistics, explains how CargoWise has helped them increase productivity, performance and staff success.

Why choose Cargowise One?

Key reason for choosing CargoWise One as the company’s ERP, was to realize substantial savings in resources time & cost. However, even after a year of implementation we’ve seen only costs escalating.

Is Benefits realization possible?

Overall: Benefits realization are easily possible, and anyone here who has said otherwise has definitely made a mistake in their own deployment. With that said, this system is tricky to configure and their customer service do not make it easy at all. However, if you – as a company – are prepared to invest and get behind this product, I would say hand on heart, this product can and will deliver for you. You do need to have a competent team of IT professionals and Business Analysts to make this a success, however, any software deployment usually requires the same.

Need advice for next logistics job

So I’m in my 30s. Have a liberal arts degree. Have been working in logistics for the past 9 years. I don’t mind it. Don’t love it. I do get a sense of satisfaction when things go well. I guess this is the field for me since I don’t have any ideas of what I can branch off into. Anyway I’m pretty good at it.

Logistics for dummies

I’m new to freight and logistics and I keep stumbling at the pallet spaces aspect. I know standard pallets and euro pallet dimensions are different but with one of my agents uses a rate card and tend to ship euro pallets! So my question is, how do I calculate standard pallets to euro pallets spaces?

need recommendations for FTL freight carrier

im looking to send a FTL from FL to CA and im getting no luck from freightquote or my broker. does anyone have any better website or company? thank you

API Integrations

Ready-to-deploy or bespoke solutions for CargoWise API integrations. Reduce input errors and staff workload by automating data entry into CargoWise.

Cloud Native

The solutions have been developed to run on Microsoft Azure to easily scale up or down as required. They can be provisioned as fully managed solutions or deployed to your own Microsoft Azure subscription if you prefer to self-host.


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