Does 8×8 integration with salesforce


How to set up a Salesforce integration?

  • On the Manage App page, click ‘Edit Policies’
  • Navigate to the ‘IP Relaxation’ dropdown menu
  • Select ‘Relax IP Restrictions’
  • Then click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page
  • Now, back on the Connected Apps page, click the App name ‘Blink’
  • On the page that appears, your Consumer Key and Consumer Key will be shown

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How do I integrate with Salesforce?

  • xxxyyyzzzz (no punctuation) – this is the preferred entry since it’s displayed in Salesforce formatted
  • xxx-yyy-zzzz
  • (xxx)yyy-zzzz

How to create email integration in Salesforce?

  • From Setup, enter Gmail in the Quick Find box, and then select Gmail Integration and Sync.
  • Enable Customize Content with App Builder.
  • In the Email Application Pane section, create a pane and use Lightning App Builder to add components to the pane and assign the panes to users. …

How to build a Salesforce REST API integration?

  • Label – Select name for your API
  • Name – This name will be used in Apex
  • URL – As a URL use salesforce org which provides endpoints. …
  • Authentication Protocol – Select OAuth 2.0
  • Authentication Provider – Select the provider you have created before.
  • Scope – Select the scope you need. …

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Can 8×8 integration with Salesforce?

The 8×8 Virtual Office integration supports all of the following Salesforce Lightning applications.

How do I link Salesforce to 8×8?

Log InLog in to your Salesforce account in Lightning mode.On the home screen, locate 8×8 Phone at the bottom left hand corner.Click on it to launch the Virtual Office for Salesforce Communication Panel.

What systems integrate with Salesforce?

The Top Salesforce Integration ToolsTo integrate Salesforce with another system, you need an integration tool. … RapidiOnline. … Commercient. … Dell Boomi. … Jitterbit. … Mulesoft. … Orbis. … Tibco Scribe.More items…•

Does 8×8 have a CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 8×8 CRM is a native application embedded within the agent interface to consolidate your contact center tools and customer record data in a single, unified interface.

How do you integrate 8×8 with a team?

Enable the 8×8 PBX Service First, enable your 8×8 PBX service, to allow it to connect to the admin portal for later sync of users with Teams. In the 8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams admin portal, navigate to the Services tab and click the PBX tab.

How do I connect HubSpot to 8×8?

Go to the 8×8 Virtual Office for Integrations page in the Chrome web store. In the integration page, click Add to Chrome, and confirm. In HubSpot, go to Contacts. In the lower corner of the window, you see a new 8×8 button that gives access to the integration panel.

What is API integration in Salesforce?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. –> Salesforce provides programmatic access to your organization’s information using simple, powerful, and secure application programming interfaces[API’s].

Which data visualization tool is integrated with Salesforce?

Tableau integration with Salesforce: What it means for businesses. We all know the big news of Salesforce, being a market-leading CRM platform acquired Tableau – a data visualization platform.

Does 8×8 work with Microsoft teams?

Supported Devices All other devices and clients typically supported by Microsoft Teams are also supported by 8×8 Voice for Teams. So in the event of service issues with Microsoft Office 365 or Teams specifically, any assigned 8×8 desk phone would still continue to work.

What is 8×8 Connect?

Introducing 8×8 Connect. A multi-channel communication platform designed for businesses who want to work smart, not hard. Try it for yourself.

What is a native CRM?

With native CRM is fully integrated with the applicant tracking system so there is one data flow. That means candidates have a universal profile as they move through the candidate lifecycle, which makes for consistent, updated candidate data for all parties.

Talk with your customers in a whole new way

Transform sales and service with integrated in-app communications and contact center all presented within the familiar Salesforce interface

Radically improve first contact resolution

Determine customer intent and deliver calls with rich context to the right agent every time. Know what your customers need and resolve that need on the first call.

Gain relevant insights into customer interactions

Access insightful dashboards and flexible reporting options to reveal how effectively you communicate with customers, including call activity detail and sentiment analysis. Track and analyze agent performance with quality metrics and performance management and quickly identify areas for improvement.

Automate tasks and workflows

Automate service workflows and tasks to improve agent productivity and satisfaction, resulting in more positive customer outcomes and higher IT efficiency.

Instantly adding rich integrated communications capabilities to any Salesforce user

Add rich integrated communications and contact center capabilities to any Salesforce user located anywhere in the world.

Where is Salesforce 8×8 available?

8×8 integration with Salesforce is currently available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

How to add 8×8 to Lightning app?

Click the drop-down arrow in the row of the Lightning app you’re adding the 8×8 integration to, and select Edit. In the Lightning App Builder, click Utility Items. Click Add Utility Item and select Open CTI Softphone. If desired, you can change the Label of the item as it will appear on the Utility Bar.

What is Salesforce version 1.0?

Version 1.0 refers to the application version as listed in Salesforce Installed Packages.

Can you use 8×8 in Salesforce?

To allow for use of both 8×8 Work and Contact Center in a single Salesforce organization, you must have a separate Salesforce call center for each product.

Is Salesforce 8×8 a softphone?

The 8×8 Salesforce integration is not a softphone, and so it provides no audio services. It is effectively a control panel and is required to work in conjunction with 8×8 Work for Desktop, 8×8 Work for Mobile, or a desk phone.

Does 8×8 support call center?

8×8 Contact Center also supports this configuration in the call center.

Does Salesforce pop a case template?

By default, calls to and from phone numbers that do not match a supported object in Saleforce will pop a new Salesforce Case template.

How are Salesforce 8×8 calls stored?

For both v2.8 and 3.1, 8×8 call records are stored by the integration into a Salesforce Task object. When a call record is stored in Salesforce, the Task is automatically opened, saved, and closed.

What is Salesforce v2.8?

The v2.8 communication panel allows you to initiate the creation of a Salesforce Contact, Account, or Lead.

Is there backend customization for v2.8?

NOTE: No backend customization to the legacy v2.8 integration is available.

Does Salesforce v3.1 have a contact?

The v3.1 communication panel does not provide functionality to initiate the creation of a Contact, Account, or Lead. Those objects must be created manually in Salesforce. The user can then assign the new object to the call.

Is reset panel available in 2.8?

The Reset Panel process is not available in the 2.8 (Legacy) integration.

Does Salesforce pop up a new case prompt?

Also by default, the integration will pop a Salesforce New Case prompt for any called or calling person identified as “Unknown”. Changing this and other behaviors requires a customization to be performed by 8×8 Professional Services.

Log In

First log in to Salesforce. If your company uses Single Sign-On (SSO), you can log in from the 8×8 unified login panel. Make sure that your softphone or desk phone is connected and logged in.


The Communication Panel has three tabs and a dropdown menu. The Phone tab gives you access to the dial pad. The Call Log tab provides a view of recent call activity. The Directory tab lists all of your company contacts. The Menu allows you to change settings, access help, and more.

Basic Call Handling

While on an active call, you have full call control capabilities including transferring calls, merging three-way calls, placing calls on hold, and recording calls.

Transfer a Call

You can transfer a live call to another company extension or to another phone number. You can choose to speak to the party you plan to transfer the call to using a warm transfer or a blind transfer.

Call Logs and Follow-Ups

Call logs and follow-ups are a great way to keep your call details organized. Call logs can help you keep track of how a call went, what was discussed, and whether or not it was successful. Follow-ups help you arrange the next step to speed up your workflow.

What does 8×8 work for Salesforce?

When a Salesforce user launches the 8×8 Work for Salesforce integration, the communication panel displays only the word launch instead of presenting a login prompt or appearing with the user logged in.

What is 8×8 integration?

8×8 integrations are third-party applications that operate from and communicate with your Salesforce org, so they require the placement of cookies in your browser session to operate .


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