Do you need an address associated with salesforce name


A user’s username and email address do not have to be the same, but it has to be unique because Salesforce does not allow duplicate usernames. For more, please review Error ‘Duplicate Username’ when you create a username. The username must be in the form of an email address (i.e., but does not have to be a valid email address.

Your username for Salesforce does not have to be your email address.


What is address in Salesforce Salesforce?

“Address” in Salesforce can also refer to the Address compound field found on many standard objects. When referencing the Address object in your Apex code, always use Schema.Address instead of Address to prevent confusion with the standard Address compound field.

Why set up address verification in Salesforce?

Gorav Patel, the intrepid Salesforce Admin at NMH, wants to set up address verification to help ensure the data entered into NMH’s org is clean and complete.

How do I exclude an address from being verified in Salesforce?

If not selected, Salesforce chooses the first suggested address as the valid address. Click Save. You may want to exclude a specific address from being verified, and you can easily do so by selecting the Verified checkbox on the address record to make sure verification skips it.

Why add addresstools to Salesforce data quality?

Data quality plays a critical role in the success of most processes in any Salesforce org. AddressTools is sure to make cumbersome data correction a thing of the past! Before making any commitment, you can give all these features a test run by installing the 14-day free trial.


Can Salesforce users have the same email address?

You can have the same email address associated with your account across multiple orgs. For example, create unique usernames like jane@company.sandbox and, for different accounts that are associated with the same email address.

Does a username have to be an email address?

Some Web sites and online services use an email address for your username, and some don’t. Technically, either approach works, but services that don’t use your email address for your username require you to create a new username with letters and numbers.

What is the format of username in Salesforce?

Your username must be unique across all Salesforce orgs, including trial and Sandbox orgs. The username must be in the format of an email address, for example, The email used in your username need not function or match the email address used for the account.

Can I change my Salesforce username?

Keep in mind that Salesforce Customer Support can’t change usernames or deactivate users from an org. If you get a Duplicate Username error, check if the username is already in use in your production, trial, or Sandbox orgs.

Is Salesforce username unique?

All Salesforce usernames are unique, for all users, across all Organizations (including Trial Orgs, Production orgs and Sandboxes). Salesforce Username does not have to be the user’s email address. For more information, please review Salesforce username does not have to be your email address.

How do I change my Salesforce email name?

If you are a system administratorClick Edit to change your email address.Click Save. Username can only be changed under Advanced User Details, not Personal Information. Navigate to Setup | Manage Users | Users. Click your name. Click Edit. Make changes to the email address. Click Save.

What is your Salesforce username?

A User’s username and email address do not have to be the same. The username must be in the form of an email address (i.e., but does not have to be a valid email address.

What is required to create a new user Salesforce?

How to create new user in Salesforce?Enter First name, last name, Alias, Email address.Now Assign a Role to the user.Now assign user license to the new user.Assign a profile to the user.Now select generate passwords and notify user via email.Click on Save button.A verification email will be sent to the Email.

Where is my Salesforce username?

0:181:19Getting Your Username and Resetting Your Password @salesforceYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipClick on your icon and select setup and to our users in quickfind. Box select users locate your nameMoreClick on your icon and select setup and to our users in quickfind. Box select users locate your name on the list of users. Check the box next to your name make note of the username.

What does duplicate user name mean?

Description. A username can only be used once. When receiving ‘Duplicate Username found’ or ‘Username already exists’ error message, either pick a new username or have the User with the existing username change theirs.

Community Cloud IP Ranges

The following table contains the specific range allocated to Community cloud. It is advisable to allow the entire range of Community Cloud IPs below for seamless access.

API Integrations

API integrations use the same set of IP ranges as the Salesforce website. Please use the IP ranges listed in Salesforce’s IP Ranges above.
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Allowing designated IPs can occur at several different points on a customer’s network, but the most common place is the firewall. When adding or updating IPs allowed, please ensure that any IP restrictions on your firewall match the described information in this article.

Required Domains

If your company has policies to allow only Salesforce domains, please include the domains in the article, Required Domains, to ensure you receive all content from Salesforce:

Salesforce URLs not in our infrastructure

If you need to allow specific URLs for internal routing (also known as URL filtering), please include the following URLs in your network settings:

Feature-Specific IP Addresses

News, Account Logos, and Automated Account Fields – In order to leverage these
features, you will need to allow the IP addresses and domains listed in Allow Network Access for News, Account Logos, and Automated Account Fields.

Email Settings

NOTE: If you are a Gov Cloud customer, please refer to the IP Addresses to Allow for Government Cloud article for Email Settings details specific to your organization.

What is standardization in Salesforce?

To be more specific, standardization is all about ensuring the values are exactly what you want them to be in reports whilst verification confirms the address is a real one.

What does status mean in address block?

The ‘Status’ field on the Address Block indicates if the address is verified, or whether it needs to be reviewed. Admins can set this field to be manually overwritten in case users should be able to manually confirm an address, without being restricted by the AddressTools verification.

Why use AddressTools?

This approach will save significant costs and time wasted on expensive refunds and resending of deliveries.

How much does AddressTools cost?

There are a few different options when it comes to using AddressTools to clean up your address data. Pricing starts at $1000/org/year which includes the first 10 users* for AddressTools Premium. ProvenWorks also offers a not-for-profit discount here.

Is AddressTools a time saver?

This AddressTools admin capability is certainly a time saver! Admins often find themselves modifying validation rules over again to ensure certain fields are completed and contain a certain amount of information.

When to access AddressTools Lightning?

Access the AddressTools Lightning App as soon as the managed package is installed, which gives you a complete overview of all the components you’ll interact with.

Can address fields be looked up?

Any part of the address can be looked up, and when the most accurate is selected, all address fields will be populated.

What is organizational address enabled?

Organizational Account Addresses Enabled (2) toggles address management for organizational accounts. For organizational accounts, address management is disabled by default, but you can enable multiple addresses and other functionality by selecting this setting.

Why leave address management enabled?

But remember that even if you have simple address-tracking needs, leaving address management enabled allows you to take advantage of automatic syncing of address records on all contacts in a household when the household address changes.

How to enable address management in NPSP?

To enable address management for organizational accounts, select the Organizational Account Addresses Enabled field in NPSP Settings > People > Addresses.

What is address override?

Address overrides for individual contacts in a household for situations when a contact wants to receive mailings at a different address than the household. Support of address verification services, so you know right away if an address isn’t accurate.

Why is address management important in NPSP?

Whatever you decide, remember that configuring the address management features in NPSP to meet your organization’s needs — and support clean and complete data — is critical to supporting user adoption. And user adoption is the key to ensuring that you see the greatest return on your investment in any technology.

How to find address settings in NPSP?

You can find these settings in NPSP Settings by clicking People then Addresses.

What does “simple address change” mean?

Simple Address Change Treated as Update (3) is selected by default, meaning that any small change just updates an existing address record. If you deselect (or uncheck) this setting, any change to an address is treated as a new address. We really mean any change — just removing an extra space in an address will create a new record. This is helpful if you want to keep close track of every change or want to audit your address verification service. Just make sure you have a data management strategy in place for duplicates.


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