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Salesforce employees give back through the Pro Bono Program because they want to support the causes they care about. Be sure to clearly describe the anticipated impact of the project on your organization’s mission and constituents. This will boost your project’s chances of getting selected by a volunteer.

Salesforce Volunteers Can Help

Through the Pro Bono Program, you can access the digital expertise of Salesforce employees on short-term projects – at no cost.


What is the pro bono program with Salesforce?

For organizations like yours, achieving what’s possible with Salesforce means improving more lives and doing more good. But resource constraints often limit what you can do with tech. Through the Pro Bono Program, you can access the digital expertise of Salesforce employees on short-term projects – at no cost.

Where can I get answers to my Salesforce product questions?

Sign up for a Quick Connect session to speak one-on-one with a pro bono digital expert. During these one hour sessions, you can get answers to your Salesforce product questions from a Salesforce volunteer. Check out the calendar for upcoming Quick Connect sessions and other events!

How do I apply for a Salesforce account?

To begin the application, please click the button below and log in to your account. When you first log in, we’ll ask you to allow access to your basic information so we can use it in your application. Please click the Allow button. Fill in all fields on the application before submitting.

How long does it take to complete a pro bono project?

Pro Bono Projects work best when they take less than 20 hours to complete, have clear goals, and focus on Salesforce products. We don’t recommend the program for integration of third-party products. There is no guarantee a volunteer will sign up to help, so projects should not be time-sensitive or mission critical.


What is the Salesforce pro bono? Pro Bono Service Program Our Pro Bono Program aims to match Nonprofits and Educational institutions with Salesforce professionals to maximize their Salesforce implementation and transform their organization. All nonprofit organizations with a live instance (not a trial) of Salesforce can apply.

Does Salesforce donate to nonprofits?

Through, we give nonprofit organizations and educational institutions access to Salesforce products and resources to help expand their collective impact. The program includes 10 donated subscriptions and deep discounts on additional subscriptions, products, and/or services from

Is volunteers for Salesforce free?

Volunteers for Salesforce is an open-source product provided by We support installations of the Volunteers for Salesforce managed package. We don’t support unmanaged installations of this product. This application was created by David Habib of DJH Consulting, and offered free to all non profits.

What is the nonprofit success pack?

The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is an app that sits on top of Salesforce Enterprise Edition. NPSP is preconfigured for nonprofits as an-easy-to-use fundraising and constituent management application, designed to make the daily life of nonprofits a little easier.

Who does Salesforce donate to?

Marc and Lynne Benioff, Salesforce donate $300M to encourage climate action. Marc and Lynne Benioff announced a $200 million donation this morning to combat climate change and encourage others to take action. Marc Benioff’s company, Salesforce, threw in $100 million more for a total donation of $300 million.

Is Salesforce non profit free?

The Power of Us Program includes 10 free subscriptions of Sales & Service Cloud Enterprise Edition for all eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.

What is volunteers for Salesforce?

Volunteers for Salesforce (V4S) is a tool to help you manage your organization’s volunteering program, events, and people. V4S handles many common Volunteer management processes such as: Managing Volunteer jobs that an organization needs filled.

How many nonprofits use Salesforce?

40,000 nonprofit organizationsThrough the Power of Us product discount and donation program, more than 40,000 nonprofit organizations, foundations, and higher education institutions are using Salesforce.

How can V4S help you manage your volunteers?

V4S handles many of your common volunteer management tasks and needs, including:Recording volunteer work in a structured, organized way.Tracking volunteer hours and participation in specific shifts and events.Recording your volunteers’ skills and matching them to volunteer jobs that could benefit from their talents.More items…

What can Salesforce do to help your nonprofit?

A popular solution for for-profit businesses, Salesforce has earned its place as one of the most comprehensive CRM software options on the market….How is Salesforce used in a nonprofit?Constituent management.Event management.Fundraising campaign management.Marketing and communications.Reports and dashboards.

What does Npsp stand for in Salesforce?

Nonprofit Success PackNPSP now stands for Nonprofit Success Pack – Solutions. Solutions. Nonprofit.

What is Npsp cloud in Salesforce?

Salesforce NPSP is an open and flexible solution for users to manage donors, campaigns, volunteers, programs, grants, and more – all in one place to get a 360-degree view of their org. It is completely free for nonprofits for up to 10 users. It can be customized and configured as per specific needs.

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