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Salesforce consulting partners are companies that integrate, optimize, manage, develop, or customize the Salesforce platform for their clients who have purchased Salesforce.May 18, 2022

What is a Salesforce partner?

For every challenge, there’s a partner ready to deliver the solution. Partners are an elite community of certified Salesforce professionals who work with you across products, industries, and everything in between. Salesforce and AppExchange deliver collaboration, efficiency, and freedom.

Why choose AppExchange as your Salesforce partner?

Salesforce and AppExchange deliver collaboration, efficiency, and freedom. And that means we can continue to deliver for our customers.” Find partner experts to help power your success. Get the right partner apps and experts on your side, taking advantage of years of experience and innovation to bring Customer 360 to life. Tap into AppExchange.

What are the benefits of a Salesforce consulting company?

Specialists for your industry. A significant benefit of working with a Salesforce partner is that your company has access to specialists for your particular industry. For example, Cloudsquare, a Salesforce consulting company has worked with businesses that fall under the categories of General Business, FinServ, Healthcare, and others.


What does a Salesforce partner do?

A Salesforce consulting partner is a company authorized by Salesforce to develop and provide custom solutions, as well as project implementations and integrations. These companies are trained to lead the innovation phase and help companies connect with their customers in new ways.

How much do Salesforce partners make?

For every $1 Salesforce makes our partner ecosystem will make $6.19 by 2026 *

What do the most successful Salesforce partners do?

Consulting partners market their Salesforce expertise to clients who need help with software migration, systems integration, or custom apps. They demonstrate this expertise by keeping their Salesforce certifications up-to-date and by assembling portfolios of successful projects.

What are the benefits of partnering with Salesforce?

The Benefits of SalesforceGrowth. Global network fabric and Virtual Private Clouds facilitating massive scalability, flexibility and uptime.Security. Federated identity and security context to ensure premium-grade protection of data.Fast. … Intuitive. … Maintenance. … Automated. … Integration. … Access.More items…

Is becoming a Salesforce partner worth it?

It is said that pursuing a Salesforce career is quite lucrative; you will start your own business around it. To give you an idea of how much Salesforce Consulting Firm earns, Cloud Mastery have shared how they charge for theirs: Salesforce Consulting – $ 125 – $ 200 / hour. Salesforce Training – $ 1K – $ 1.5K / day.

What is the hourly rate for a Salesforce consultant?

The average hourly rate for a Salesforce Technical Consultant in the United States ranges from $95 up to $154.

What are Salesforce partner levels?

All Salesforce partners are tiered at global strategic, platinum, gold, silver and registered levels based on a Partner Value Score (PVS). Each partner receives a PVS based on three primary categories: ACV (bookings), expertise (measured by certifications) and customer success (measured by satisfaction surveys).

How many partners do Salesforce have?

There are over 150,000 registered Salesforce partners in the ecosystem and that number is getting bigger every day.

What is a Salesforce summit partner?

Summit is the highest tier a Salesforce implementation partner can achieve. Each year, Salesforce evaluates partners within the program based on four pillars of partner excellence: Customer Success, Innovation, Growth, and Leadership in Equality and Sustainable Development.

How do I find Salesforce partners?

The AppExchange Salesforce site is a great place to start, it allows you to get a list of all partners in your local area. It also allows you to see which partners have been reviewed and what partner level they have. Just start typing your country/location in the search box and select “Consulting Partners”.

Become an AppExchange Partner

Build apps faster with the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform. Market and sell your app on the AppExchange, the #1 enterprise cloud marketplace.

Become a Consulting Partner

Grow your business with tools and resources to extend your expertise and generate customer demand with the World’s #1 CRM.

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What Is a Salesforce Partner? Why Do You Need One?

A Salesforce Partner is a consulting agency authorized by Salesforce to develop and deliver customer relationship solutions customized to client needs and assist in integrating and implementing the same. They undertake intricate tasks in migration, software customization and development, integration, implementation, and, most times, after-support.

How to Pick the Right Salesforce Partner for Your Business?

If you have made it to this part of the article, you probably already have a CRM solution but are not fully satisfied with its performance and hence, are looking to migrate to a different solution.

What Does a Salesforce Implementation Partner Do?

Salesforce offers numerous benefits for your organization, but implementing it can be a lot of work. Employing the services of a Salesforce implementation partner relieves a lot of the stress involved and helps your organization get up and running with Salesforce that much faster.

What a Salesforce Implementation Partner Does

More than 150,000 businesses use Salesforce to enhance their customer management. When you want to tap the power of Salesforce, you need a certified Salesforce partner to help implement Salesforce in your organization.

How to Implement Salesforce in Your Organization

What exactly does Salesforce implementation involve? There are three general steps: Evaluation, Planning, and Executing.

Why You Need a Salesforce Implementation Partner

Some companies try to implement Salesforce independently without bringing in professional help. While it’s possible to install and integrate Salesforce on your own, it’s a considerable challenge. Even Salesforce recommends you enlist a certified partner to assist with your implementation because it’s essential that you get everything just right.

Let Rainmaker Be Your Salesforce Implementation Partner

When it’s time for your organization to implement Salesforce, let Rainmaker help you make the move. The Salesforce experts at Rainmaker have years of experience in all types of Salesforce implementations – we know how to get it done right and make it suitable for your business.

What is Salesforce partner?

A company that is a registered Salesforce partner has gone through a due diligence review completed by Salesforce. In addition, a partner must have several Salesforce certifications and approval from Salesforce before they are considered a partner. Being a partner means that you are certified to implement and consult about Salesforce to other companies. When you work with a trusted Salesforce partner such as Cloudsquare, you are setting yourself up for seamless, easy implementation that will allow your employees to feel comfortable working with Salesforce.

Is Salesforce a CRM?

Many companies today are choosing to integrate Salesforce for daily use. Since most companies are unfamiliar with Salesforce before getting started, working with a registered Salesforce partner helps them use the CRM more productively than if they were to do it on their own. When a company makes the decision to migrate to CRM, they are never disappointed with the results. California Energy Contractors, a company that is focused on making homes more energy efficient, is an example of a company that was able to work with Cloudsquare to implement Salesforce and in turn boost their sales by 24% and leads by 45%. Before working with a partner to find their Salesforce solution, California Energy was relying on manual processes for almost all of their lead generation and sales processes. Although the company immediately benefitted from faster automated processes and increased sales, they now have access to valuable qualitative and quantitative customer data that will help them gain insights for future use. If you would like to read more about these success stories click here.


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