Do salesforce lists have to default to recently viewed


Get Started with Salesforce Default List View Filters See the default list views and filters for commonly used objects. Note The Recently Viewed list view is the default pinned list for all objects.


How to find the owner of a listview in Salesforce?

Click on the “Select” button. Click on the “Expand All” link and press CTRL+F on your keyboard. In Salesforce go to the listview you are trying to find the owner of and copy the ID value in the browser and paste it into the find search box on the Workbench page.

What are the compatibility considerations for Salesforce?

Salesforce Compatibility Considerations for Salesforce… Writable External Objects Considerations for Salesforce… Set Up Salesforce Connect to Access Data in Another Org with the… API Names for External Objects and Custom Fields in Salesforce… Track Certain Data Privacy Preferences for Leads and Contacts…

What is the recently viewed list view?

Note The Recently Viewed list view is the default pinned list for all objects. Was this information helpful? Let us know so we can improve!

How to view results in Salesforce from Workbench?

You can go to the id field of the result in workbench and if you haver over it there is an option to view in Salesforce. Use this if more than one result comes up.


How do I change the default list view in Salesforce?

When you click on the “Leads” tab, by default, you will see your “Recently Viewed” records. If you want to change the view that you’re looking at, just click on the dropdown arrow next to “Recently Viewed”, and select the view you’d like to see on your screen.

How can we change the default list view?

2. Default List View as a TabNext, select the drop-down arrow next to the object to show more options. Click on the bottom menu item that allows you to open the list view in a new tab.If you look at the end of your navigation bar, you should see the tab you have just opened.

Can we remove recently viewed list view in Salesforce?

To do so, go to Setup > Manage Users > Profiles > [Select Profile] > Object Settings >Accounts. Click Edit and change Tab Settings to Tab Hidden.

What are the standard list views in Salesforce?

You can visualize list view data in three types of charts: vertical bar, horizontal bar, and donut.

How do I manage list views in Salesforce?

Actions you can take for list views are available in the List View Controls menu .Under List View Controls, select New. … Give your list a name and unique API name.Choose who can see this list view: just you, or all users, including Partner and Customer Portal users.Click Save.More items…

How do I change the recently viewed columns in Salesforce?

In the far right of the Search Results column, clickand select Edit. To add columns to the Recently Viewed list, select one or more fields from Available Fields and click Add. To remove columns, select one or more fields from Selected Fields and click Remove.

Why are there two recently viewed list views Salesforce?

The name of this view includes the name of the object. For example, this list view for accounts is called Recently Viewed Accounts. These two list views, Recently Viewed and Recently Viewed Objects, show the same records. The Recently Viewed Objects list view isn’t deletable, filterable, or editable.

Can we modify the recently viewed list view in Salesforce?

We are able to edit the Recently Viewed List View, as a System Administrator, by going under Setup, and using the Object Manager to find the Object in question.

How do I hide list views in Salesforce?

As a Salesforce admin or a user with the “Manage Public List View” permission, you can hide the list view, so only you can see it. Click Edit next to the list view name. Select Visible to certain groups of users.

What is the purpose of list view in Salesforce?

ListView allows you to see a filtered list of records, such as contacts, accounts, or custom objects. This type extends the Metadata metadata type and inherits its fullName field. See “Create a Custom List View in Salesforce Classic” in Salesforce Help.

What is enhanced list view in Salesforce?

Enhanced lists give you the ability to quickly view, customize, and edit list data to speed up your daily productivity.

Where are list views stored in Salesforce?

system object ListViewAll the list views are stored in system object ListView. Find out using below query.

Salesforce Default List View Options

Below are the options you have for how you can set Salesforce default list view:

Default List View on Home Page

This option is fairly straightforward. As you build the custom Home Page for your organization, you can bring in a component and choose the view that will appear. This will allow everyone who is assigned that Home Page the ability to see their records in the default view you prefer.

Default List View As A Tab

With this option, you can include several list views for the same object. Essentially, you are saving a list view as tab in the navigation bar. Here is how to do this:

Pinned List View

The final option for the Salesforce default list view is the Pinned List View. For this option, simply go to the view you want. Once there, you will notice a pin icon to the right of the list view name. Click on this and Salesforce will tell you this list has been pinned.


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