Do salesforce developers actually write code


What does a Salesforce Developer do Build Functionality: This includes writing Apex code to customize an existing source code or writing a new one to build new functionality. System Integration: Salesforce has numerous APIs.


Where can I write code in Salesforce?

There are only two places you can write code in Salesforce: Sandbox – most people will want to code here! Sandboxes are developer-friendly copies of your normal org and they’re easy to create .

Is it possible to implement Salesforce without coding?

Salesforce can be implemented without writing a single line of code, or everything can be coded. Salesforce as a platform allows a lot of functionality to be set up with just point and click options. However every once in a while you could face a requirement when you have to code the solution.

Are Salesforce developers deserving of their compensation?

There’s no doubt that Salesforce Developers are deserving of their compensation – they carry out a core function that enables organizations to get more out of their Salesforce investment.

What programming language is used in Salesforce?

Apex: Salesforce’s proprietary programming language with Java-like syntax. Visualforce: A markup language that lets you create custom Salesforce pages with code that looks a lot like HTML, and optionally can use a powerful combination of Apex and JavaScript.


What Entry-level Salesforce Developers do

As a junior Salesforce Developer, you’ll help continually improve and enhance your organization’s Salesforce platform, usually guided by experienced Salesforce Developers in our IT team. Tasks could include:

Progress to a Mid-level Salesforce Developer

With between 2–4 years experience, you will be considered a mid-level developer – more experienced than a junior developer, but not a senior developer yet.

What Senior Salesforce Developers do

As a senior Salesforce Developer, you’ll take ownership of all programmatic requests for your organization. In most organizations, you will have the opportunity to manage a team of developers (or build one).

Salesforce Developer Career Path

Now you know more about what it takes to climb the ladder, let’s finish up with a typical Salesforce Developer career path:

Factors that Influence Salesforce Developer Salary

One single salary figure can be misleading, without context. Certain factors at play can result in differences between one professional’s salary, to the next. We will dive into the following factors in this guide:

Experience (Seniority)

As with any profession, the more experience and responsibility you take on, the higher your salary expectations should be.

How to Improve your Salesforce Developer Salary

If you want to increase your salary, this section is for you. First, let’s define what we mean by ‘entry-level’, ‘mid-level’ and ‘senior’:


There’s no doubt that Salesforce Developers are deserving of their compensation – they carry out a core function that allows organizations to extend Salesforce beyond declarative (point-and-click) configuration, build apps, and in turn, optimize business operations.

Sharpen Your Logical Thinking!

Difficult to exaggerate this point! Most training classes will not help you to build your logical abilities; the best part is, ONLY YOU CAN DO THAT! Let us tackle a use case – you want to develop an application that will help people to better manage their personal and work emails.

Download Apex Workbook – Work through it thoroughly!

Do not even think of appearing for the Platform Dev I Certification Exam until you thoroughly go over the Apex Workbook and complete all the instructions mentioned in this article – including Trailhead modules – and spend time on the Salesforce Developer Forum or Stack Exchange.

Trailhead! Trailhead! Trailhead!

For a soft landing, make Trailhead your second entry point into Salesforce! What? Already visited Trailhead? Are overwhelmed with tons of Trails, Projects, and Modules in Trailhead? Fear not!

Join Local Developer User Groups

Simultaneously, while going through the Apex Workbook and Trailhead, be sure to join local Developer user groups on the on and attend Meetups in person. It will help you to connect with local Developers and get a chance to interact with them. You can get their help to learn Apex or to solve some Salesforce related queries.

Subscribe to Developer Blogs and Piggyback on Salesforce pros!

Caveat – take a ‘Goldilocks Approach’ to Salesforce Developer Blogs such as –,, These blogs are Developers’ goldmines; however, if not tapped wisely, they have a potential to turn into mine fields! Most of such blogs offer Salesforce Integration and other high-level stuff.

Work Through Real-world Business Scenarios from Salesforce Developer Forum or Stack Exchange!

Congratulations! Having gone through the above steps have made you a Semi-Pro! Once you have basic knowledge of writing Pseudocode and Apex, the next step is to work through real-world business scenarios on a daily basis.


Yes! I hear you! You are asking me loud and clear – Rakesh, who will give me a job without any experience? I am glad you asked! Because I was about to answer the question anyway!

What is Visualforce in Salesforce?

Visualforce. The last major pillar of coding on the Salesforce platform is Visualforce. If you’ve done any web development, Visualforce will feel familiar to you. Visualforce lets you create and customize pages in Salesforce as well as integrate with other standard web technologies, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

What is SOQL in Apex?

This SQL-like phrase is actually SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language). You can use SOQL to read records from the database in your code. Of course, extending Process Builder is only one of many ways you can use Apex to enhance your org’s functionality. For more, take a look at the resources.

What is Lightning web component?

Lightning web components are custom HTML elements built using HTML and modern JavaScript. Lightning web components and Aura components can coexist and interoperate on a page. For more information, take the Lightning Web Components Basics module. The Platform Development Basics module uses the DreamHouse App built with Aura components.

Is Process Builder low code?

Earlier, we talked about Process Builder as a low-code tool. While it’s low-code, you can also extend the functionality of Process Builder by writing a little code. Let’s go back to DreamHouse and take a look at a process that sends a push notification whenever a home price changes.


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