Do not contact options in salesforce


Select Do Not Contact. Click Save. When you save the record, Salesforce automatically selects the Do Not Call and Email Opt Out standard fields. In the Nonprofit Success Pack, navigate to the Contact record of the person you want to mark as deceased.

Mark a Contact as Do Not Contact
  • In the Nonprofit Success Pack, navigate to the Contact record of the person you want to mark as Do Not Contact.
  • Click Edit.
  • Select Do Not Contact.
  • Click Save.
Feb 6, 2015


Should I delete inactive contacts in Salesforce?

We often get asked our advice on how to best manage inactive Contacts in Salesforce as they may have either left their employment and need to be ‘reassigned’ to a new Account. The first rule is ‘Don’t delete them”! There are several reasons why we would not want to delete an individual contact.

How do I set up email opt out in Salesforce?

Locate the Email Opt Out field and using your mouse drag and drop the filed into the required section area. Save the Page Layout. Click on: Setup | App Setup | Customize | Leads | Page Layouts.

Is there a contact sharing rule in Salesforce?

There is a Contact sharing rule but it is not giving Users access to Contact records as expected. Check the Organization-Wide Sharing Defaults for Contacts from the Sharing Settings. If Contact sharing is set to ‘Controlled by Parent,’ then sharing access to Contacts is controlled by access to the related Account record.

How to unsubscribe from emails in Salesforce?

Install the Unsubscribe opt-out application by Salesforce Labs from the Salesforce AppExchange into your Salesforce org. Follow the unsubscribe set-up guide to create an unsubscribe link and add it to any Salesforce email template of your choice.


How do I select a contact in Salesforce?

User Permissions NeededGo to the detail page of the account you want to add contacts for.Click Get Contacts. … Select more filters if you need a more targeted list. … Add contacts to Salesforce. … Select Contacts to add the records as contacts associated with the account you started from.Click Continue to add the records.More items…

How do I create a contact in Salesforce lightning?

Create a ContactIn the Related Contact tile of the Household tab, click + Add Contact.In Lightning Experience, click + New Contact in the Related Contact picklist. … Select the Person Account record type. … Click Next.Enter the contact’s last name.Enter the contact information that your company uses to manage contacts.More items…

What are two types of account contact relationships?

Direct Relationship and indirect relationship are the two types of account-contact relationships.

How do I create a contact list in Salesforce?

Create a Custom List View in Salesforce ClassicClick Create New View at the top of any list page or in the Views section of any tab home page. … Enter the view name. … Enter a unique view name. … Specify your filter criteria. … Select the fields you want to display on the list view. … Click Save.

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