Do auto update fields fire triggers salesforce


How do I automatically update a field in Salesforce? First, create a new checkbox field in Salesforce to be used as a hidden sync trigger. Then, create a corresponding checkbox field in Zendesk and add it to the sync mapping. Finally, create a process using the Salesforce Process Builder to automatically update the new checkbox field.


How to check if a field has changed in a trigger?

Triggers aren’t granular like that. In the before update trigger, use the Trigger.New and Trigger.OldMap variables to compare each new record to see if the fields you’re interested in have changed. Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow!

Can changes in roll-up summary field cause trigger to fire?

Please explain it. Yes, Changes in rollup summary field can cause trigger to fire. If the record contains a roll-up summary field or is part of a cross-object workflow, performs calculations and updates the roll-up summary field in the parent record. Parent record goes through save procedure.

Why does process builder keep firing on an account object?

I have a process builder which keeps firing on an account object when it is created or modified. The logic is that it look at the parent account field and if a custom field called account manager which is a lookup to the user is changed or modified, it calls a flow.


How do I automatically update a field in Salesforce?

From Setup, enter Field Updates in the Update box, and select Field Updates. Then use these settings to configure your field update. Before you begin, check the type of the field you want to update. Read-only fields like formula or auto-number fields are not available for field updates.

Does Salesforce automatically update?

All Salesforce Orgs do get automatically updated to the newest release following the schedule, my first developer org which I created in 2012 is on Winter 17 so the current release.

Does a formula field update trigger a workflow defined on update?

Workflow doesn’t fire on formula fields, as the field isn’t stored in the database and so doesn’t get updated.

What is the difference between before update and after update trigger in Salesforce?

Before triggers are used to update or validate record values before they’re saved to the database. After triggers are used to access field values that are set by the system (such as a record’s Id or LastModifiedDate field), and to effect changes in other records.

How do I automate a field in Salesforce?

Make sure you’ve allowed the network access need for Automated Account Fields to work.From Setup, enter Account Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Account Settings.Select Enable Automated Account Fields.

Does formula field update the record?

Yes, formula records don’t really update their records, they’re calculated at runtime when you’re viewing it. You can index them (contact SF support) but not track field history for example.

Can workflow update a formula field Salesforce?

You can’t update or override the field. Workflow field update is just updating a normal field (the field can be any time). You can override the field but the workflow may over ride your over ride. thx.

Can we update formula field in Salesforce using workflow?

Formula Allows users to automatically calculate values based on other values or fields such as merge fields. Show activity on this post. No, you can’t update a formula field via workflow. It is updated based on changes to the fields that drive the formula.

What are the benefits of using formula field instead of Apex trigger?

Formula fields are much easier to manage and update (No need of trigger and test class code). Easy to implement. Where as, triggers require more coding knowledge and need more maintanance. Note: The best way is what ever possible with formula you should implement with formula, don’t look at triggers.

Can we update record in before trigger?

Before Triggers: Before Triggers are used to perform tasks before records are inserted, updated, or deleted. Record values can be updated or validated using this type of trigger before the values are saved to the database.

Do you decide before or after a trigger?

We use before triggers when we want to update any field or validate any record before they are saved to the database. After triggers are used when we wish to access any field values after they are saved to the database.

What is difference between Before & After trigger?

Before Trigger is a type of trigger that automatically executes before a certain operation occurs on the table. In contrast, after trigger is a type of trigger that automatically executes after a certain operation occurs on the table.

Use Case

When a field value is changed to certain value, we use trigger.old and to compare the older and new version values of the field values on a record and perform the required business logic accordingly.


You have a workflow on an object creation – say Account – that updates a field – for example “description” field.


The reason comes down to understanding the values held by these 2 data structures.

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What is a platform event with process builder?

Platform Event with Process Builder to Update Contacts Related to an Account

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