Did salesforce discontinue badges


What happened to Salesforce?

Like many other tech companies, Salesforce endured challenges brought on by the dot-com bubble bursting, and 20% of the company’s workforce was laid off. On February 7, salesforce.com officially launches at an event themed around “The End of Software” at San Francisco’s Regency Theater with 1,500 attendees and a concert with The B-52s.

What are Salesforce superbadges and how do they work?

“Superbadges will help us identify candidates who have put their Salesforce skills to the test in meaningful ways.” Attract top talent by embracing the future of digital credentials. Test cross-functional, real-world skills with hands-on challenges designed by Salesforce experts.

What is Salesforce’s customer base?

Salesforce has 12 offices around the world. In September, Salesforce introduces its AppExchange service, offering third-party developers a place to work on their own applications and open them up to Salesforce customers. By the end of the year, the company’s customer base stands at 20,500 worldwide, with nearly 400,000 unique users.

What’s new at Salesforce?

Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff publishes Behind the Cloud, a memoir of Salesforce’s early days and growth to a company with $1 billion in annual revenues. Salesforce agrees to acquire Heroku, an application platform-as-a-service, to support for the next generation of app developers. Editor’s Note: Read more about Salesforce acquisitions.


How do I get Salesforce badges?

You earn this badge by completing the steps correctly in your Trailhead playground. There are hundreds of badges that you can earn to gain the experience you need to tackle a complex business problem using Salesforce. Use the filters in Trailhead to show badges by type. Click Learn, and then select Projects or Modules.

How do I enable badges in Salesforce?

Access for custom badges is set to all internal users by default….Click the Badges tab. … Click New.Enter a name and description for the badge, add a badge image, and optionally assign badge limits. … Click Save.

How many Salesforce badges are there?

You can get up to 85 trailhead badges now with all of the modules and the projects. There are 67 modules and 17 Projects.

Are Salesforce badges useful?

Yes After completing module you will get Badges ( in tearm of salesforce knowlage) and that will help you to clear your interview.. The badges are useful in holding yourself accountable for gaining Salesforce knowledge.

What are badges in Salesforce?

Badges are little bits of digital flair that you earn for almost every kind of activity on Salesforce Stack Exchange. The number and type of badges you’ve earned are displayed together with your username and reputation score around the site, as part of your usercard.

What is recognition badges in Salesforce?

The Recognition Badges component displays up to three of the most recent badges a user has earned. It also shows the Give Badge button, and a link to view all badges the user has earned. From the User Profile page in Experience Builder, Add the Recognition Badges component to the User Profile page.

How many badges is good Salesforce?

Meet Silverline’s Rangers! Becoming a Salesforce Ranger on Trailhead means that you have completed a total of 100 badges and at least 50,000 points on Trailhead.

How long does it take to become a Salesforce Ranger?

To become a Trailhead Ranger you need to earn 100 badges and 50,000 points. It’s no easy task and not something you should try to do in a day or a week – the point is to learn and embed the knowledge gained, not simply to earn points and badges.

How do you get a trailblazer hoodie?

Achieve Trailhead Ranger Rank between June 1 – 30, 2022 to enter for a chance to win³ a Trailblazer Hoodie (1 of 50). To get started, check our the Road to Ranger trailmixes.

Should I put Superbadges on my resume?

First and foremost, YES it is worth the time! These badges can act as a precursor for hiring managers to understand what your level of understanding and knowledge is, as well as, your skill set.

Should I put Trailhead on my resume?

If you need help getting certified or you’re not sure which ones to get, read my Certifications Guide. P.S. if you have more than 50 Trailhead badges, put that on your resume too. Even though most orgs are still on Salesforce Classic, almost all are planning to migrate to Lightning.

Is Salesforce Trailhead enough?

Asif asked an interesting question, “Is trailhead enough to crack a Salesforce Certification?” To this question, Shrey suggested that Trailhead is a very good platform for learning Salesforce for freshers. But just relying on trailhead is not enough. You can get the ideas of the questions from there.

Apply Your Skills and Level Up

Unlock a superbadge by completing the requisite badges. Then, use the skills you’ve learned to solve real-world, hands-on challenges.

Get Super Set For Certification

Super Sets are collections of superbadges that test your foundational knowledge of a specific role. They’re invaluable practice for certification seekers⁠ or anyone else looking to gain the skills employers look for in qualified candidates.

Admin Super Set

Prove your hands-on skills with real-world business scenarios that test your expertise across reports and dashboards, business administration, and security.

App Builder Super Set

By completing this Super Set, you’ll prove you understand the ins-and-outs of process automation, security, and app customization.

Billing Specialist Super Set

Demonstrate your billing expertise with this Super Set that focuses on skills like order management, invoice generation and adjustment, payment collection, and financial reporting.

When is Salesforce’s 22nd anniversary?

March 2021 marks the 22nd anniversary of Salesforce. The timeline below shows the history of Salesforce over the years. It captures some milestones along the way, illustrating our record of doing well while doing good.

Who is the CEO of Salesforce?

Download. Salesforce Chair & CEO, Marc Benioff, delivers the Dreamforce To You 2020 Keynote from Salesforce Park.

Where is Dreamforce held?

The first Dreamforce event is held at the Westin St. Francis hotel in downtown San Francisco. Just over 1,000 registered attendees take part in the event, which has 52 presentations. sForce 2.0 — the industry’s first on-demand application service — is launched at the event.

What happened

Salesforce.com ( CRM -1.59% ) stock fell 10.8% following a disappointing earnings announcement on Nov. 30. While the company outpaced Wall Street estimates for revenue and earnings, analysts were dissatisfied by its growth outlook.

So what

Salesforce.com reported 27% revenue growth in its most recent quarter, which was more or less in line with analyst expectations. The company produced a small net profit and was free cash flow-positive. There’s typically a tradeoff between profitability and a high growth rate, so investors are generally pleased when a stock can deliver both.


Growth stocks are susceptible to large drops, especially in the current market conditions. Low interest rates and general capital market dynamics over the past two years have sent many software stocks to unsustainably high valuations.

Now what

The recent struggles of Salesforce.com stock is a tough pill to swallow for shareholders. If we zoom out, though, it looks like a short-term correction that brings the stock back to its long-term upward trend. It’s still up around 70% from the COVID-19 market crash low, and now it has a much more rational valuation with a strong fundamental upside.

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You guys need to stop freaking out when David Liu puts something out online

You guys need to stop freaking out when David Liu puts something out online.


Winter 22 is coming and with it a lot exciting FLOW FEATURES are coming. A lot of exciting FLOW Capability additions are there in this release which will be a game changer for Flow development. Check the preview of some of them here. These are based on treasure hunts in preview orgs where Winter 22 release changes are available.

The burnout is real

I’ve been working with Salesforce for about 2 and half years now and I’m feeling the burnout. I left my last job because I had zero work/life balance. But now my work/life balance is way better at the current job but I’m juggling more responsibilities.

Found a nice mentor along my trailhead SF Admin cert journey on LinkedIn!

This is the message he sent me on LinkedIn when I connected and asked for any advice along the way.

Send Emails When Amount Drops A Percentage

Utilizing the formula resources in Flow is a very important subject, and here’s an easy example of how formulas come in handy!


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