Did salesforce buy cornerstone


The other serial acquirer in enterprise software, Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), is probably not a viable buyer for Cornerstone, as Salesforce has indicated little interest in HCM software and prefers to focus on software for sales and customer-facing functions.


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What companies have been acquired by Salesforce?

October 1, 2019: Salesforce completed its acquisition of ClickSoftware, a leader in field service management solutions. See more. August 1, 2019: Salesforce completed its acquisition of Tableau Software, bringing together the world’s #1 CRM with the world’s #1 analytics platform. See more.

When did cornerstone come out?

When Cornerstone was released in 1985, it was widely hailed as a giant leap forward in usability. All commands were menu-driven, an innovative feature at the time.

Is cornerstone a good program to use?

One PC Week columnist wrote, “Cornerstone is the best program I have ever used… the program is so easy to use, explaining its use is almost redundant. If you need a relational database, buy Cornerstone.”

When did Salesforce acquire Krux?

November 1, 2016: Salesforce completed its acquisition of Krux, a CRM traffic and data management platform. In 2017, the company announced that Krux had become Salesforce DMP.


Target Cornerstone for Salesforce customers to accomplish your sales and marketing goals

Customize Cornerstone for Salesforce users by location, employees, revenue, industry, and more.

Cornerstone for Salesforce Market Share and Competitors in Enterprise Learning Management

We use the best indexing techniques combined with advanced data science to monitor the market share of over 15,000 technology products, including Enterprise Learning Management. By scanning billions of public documents, we are able to collect deep insights on every company, with over 100 data fields per company at an average.

What is Cornerstone for Salesforce?

Cornerstone for Salesforce application reinvents the way organizations deliver information and learning management software (LMS) to accelerate productivity. Built natively on the Force.com platform, Cornerstone for Salesforce leverages your Salesforce investment to support more effective learning across your organization.

Top Industries that use Cornerstone for Salesforce

Looking at Cornerstone for Salesforce customers by industry, we find that Computer Software (38%) is the largest segment.

Distribution of companies that use Cornerstone for Salesforce based on company size (Employees)

Of all the customers that are using Cornerstone for Salesforce, 2% are small (<50 employees), 34% are medium-sized and 44% are large (>1000 employees).

Distribution of companies that use Cornerstone for Salesforce based on company size (Revenue)

Of all the customers that are using Cornerstone for Salesforce, 22% are small (<$50M), 14% are medium-sized and 48% are large (>$1000M).

Target Cornerstone for Salesforce customers to accomplish your sales and marketing goals

Customize Cornerstone for Salesforce users by location, employees, revenue, industry, and more.

What is a cornerstone for Salesforce?

Cornerstone for Salesforce puts the power of the number one global LMS into the hands of your Salesforce users so they are exposed to training as they are working to gain the most impact and most importantly, in a format they will engage with.

How to keep salespeople engaged?

Keep your salespeople selling with an integrated learning solution in the tool they work in everyday, Salesforce. Gain increased engagement from your sales learners by reducing the barriers to start learning.

Does managed package count against org?

Contents of managed packages don’t count against your org’s app, tab, and object limits. Contents of unmanaged packages count against these limits, so check your org before installing.

Does Cornerstone have a microlearning program?

Cornerstone has a wealth of Microlearning opportunities in our Content Anytime subscriptions that include tracks like the Sandler for Sales bundle. Also create your own Microlearning courses at a fraction of the cost of traditional SCORM authoring tools.

When was Salesforce founded?

Salesforce has established itself as a powerhouse in the enterprise software world. Since Salesforce was founded in 1999, constant innovation, mixed with predictive powers, has driven dominance in the product categories Salesforce operates within.

What is Salesforce’s mission?

A core part of Salesforce’s mission has been its acquisitions strategy – a major driver of their impressive, world-renowned growth. Integrating these exciting ‘up-and-coming’ technologies into the Salesforce platform for every customer to benefit from, has catapulted the CRM leader’s reputation beyond being purely a CRM provider.

What was Salesforce’s Vlocity acquisition?

Vlocity was an obvious acquisition for Salesforce. Vlocity provided templates that filled in the same major industry gaps that Salesforce couldn’t accommodate. Communications, Media, Utilities, and others were their target.

What is collaboration in Salesforce?

Collaboration is a value Salesforce take seriously (note: #1, the Slack acquisition). These are tactics to increase user adoption, putting users working in an environment they’re familiar with (documents, spreadsheets, etc).

What platform is velocity built on?

One-line Pitch: “Vlocity is built natively on the Salesforce Platform and it is a leading provider of industry-specific solutions”

When was Salesforce chatter first released?

Salesforce imagined “Social Enterprise” becoming the norm in the Salesforce ecosystem since Chatter was first released back in 2009 – the first step to test employees’ appetite for collaboration within the CRM they use day-to-day.

Is Mulesoft a Salesforce partner?

Mulesoft was a long-term partner of Salesforce; the acquisition enabled them to offer this core part of digital transformation to their clients.

What is Salesforce like?

Salesforce is like a bucket of legos. Everyone gets the same bucket, but can build anything you want out of it. I’ve worked on Salesforce instances for: construction, non-profits, job training, music industries, medical insurance, medical billing, paid parking, and international medical diagnostic companies.

Is Salesforce a perfect solution?

While it’s not perfect and can be overly complicated at times, there is not another solution out there that can do what it does. To get the same functionality you would need numerous disparate tools to match the amount of functionality Salesforce has. Having it all aggregated on one platform makes the complicated parts far more bearable

Does Salesforce work with Gmail?

Salesforce is head and shoulders above any other CRM available on the market. It integrates with Gmail and almost any other third-party tool that your company plans to use, making it the most robust and integrated tool available.

What is cornerstone software?

Cornerstone powers the future-ready workforce with adaptive HR software designed to unite people, teams, technology and business to inspire a work environment of growth, agility and success for all. With an AI-powered and skills-forward system designed for the contemporary workforce, we help organizations modernize their learning and development experience, deliver the most relevant content from anywhere, accelerate talent and career mobility and establish skills as the universal language of growth and success across their business. Cornerstone serves over 6,000 customers and 75M users and is available in 180 countries and 50 languages. https://www.cornerstoneondemand.com/

Who are the financial advisors for Clearlake?

Morgan Stanley, Rothschild & Co., J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, BoA Securities, Barclays, Jefferies and William Blair served as financial advisors to Clearlake. Sidley Austin LLP and Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP served as legal counsel to Clearlake in the connection with the acquisition and debt financing.


What it does: FinancialForce sells enterprise resource planning software that can be run directly on the Salesforce platform.

Automation Anywhere

What it does: Automation Anywhere makes robotic process automation software, which companies use to automate repetitive tasks.


What it does: Paycom makes software tools to manage hiring, employee management, payroll, HR, and time tracking.

When was Cornerstone released?

When Cornerstone was released in 1985 , it was widely hailed as a giant leap forward in usability. All commands were menu-driven, an innovative feature at the time. Many powerful features never before seen were available, such as command-completion and context-sensitive help.

What is a cornerstone database?

Type. Relational database. Cornerstone is a relational database for MS-DOS released by a company best known in the 1980s for developing interactive fiction video games. Initially hailed upon release in 1985 for its ease of use, a series of shortcomings and changes in the market kept for Cornerstone from achieving success.

Why did Infocom start Zork?

Before forming the company, several of the founders had created the game Zork on mainframes while attending or working at MIT. When they joined to form Infocom, Zork was a natural choice as a first product because it was practically complete and didn’t require much up-front funding. The enormous success of the game and its “sequels” (which were actually the other portions of the original mainframe game, which had been split into pieces that early personal computers could handle) led to the development of more interactive titles, due in large part to the highly portable technology the company developed for intelligent parsing. Despite the overwhelming success of its numerous game titles, the original founders of Infocom were still intent on developing serious titles. In addition, business software was seen as more lucrative than game titles since business traditionally paid thousands of dollars for each copy of software applications. After some deliberation, Infocom’s board of directors decided to develop a relational database application for business users.

What was the dominant business computer in Cornerstone?

During Cornerstone’s development, the IBM PC and its clones had emerged as the dominant business computer. While portability was still important for games, a business application could be successful running only on the PC.

Who bought Infocom?

In 1986, Infocom was acquired by Activision, a large developer and publisher. Activision paid off Infocom’s outstanding debt as part of the deal. While the acquisition kept Infocom afloat for a few more years, poor management decisions led Activision to close Infocom for good in 1989.

Is Cornerstone a programmable program?

Macros could also be developed which automated many complex or repetitive tasks. Cornerstone, though it had many built-in convenience functions, wasn’t programmable. Some repetitive and complex tasks needed to be carried out by hand.

Did Infocom borrow money for Cornerstone?

While development of Cornerstone was going well, it required an enormous amount of capital. Infocom borrowed heavily and used a sole source of venture capital. Profits from their interactive fiction titles were diverted to help fund Cornerstone, a move that disturbed many employees of the game division and led to an adversarial attitude towards the business division among some.


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