Did not receive forgot password email from salesforce community builder

How to reset password for Salesforce community users?

While this license allows the User to login directly to the Community, they can also use the *same* credentials for “login.salesforce.com”. Only External Users can reset their own passwords from the Community’s “Forgot Password” page. However, a workaround can be that the Company community users use the internal login page to reset there password.

Why am I not getting emails from Salesforce?

There are a couple of things you can do to ensure that you’re getting all of Salesforce’s updates, news, and that handy password reset email. If you’re not getting these automated emails from Salesforce, it could be that Salesforce is sending from a blocked IP address. This is not an unusual occurrence but it is one that can be easily identified.

Why is my Password Reset link not working in Salesforce?

And as the link is invalidated after first click, the link does not work when users click it. Salesforce suggested moving to the “old” security model – whereby a password reset request actually resets the password (meaning that if you later remember your password, you still have to enter a new one), and also that the link sent out never expires.

How do I get email logs from Salesforce test messages?

Salesforce simultaneously sends a test message from all IP addresses to your business email address. Each test message specifies the IP address from which it was sent. Check your email (a heads up: this is going to send you 50+ separate emails). Finally, you can request an email log by clicking Setup -> Email Log Files (usually takes 5 minutes).

Why am I not receiving a password reset email Salesforce?

Check your Spam Folder You may also want to check the Salesforce IP Addresses & Domains to allow for your corporate domain. It’s also recommended to check ‘View Setup Audit Trail’ and request for an ‘Email Log Files’ to verify that a password reset has been triggered.

How do I reset my community user password in Salesforce?

On the ‘Users’ page, select users of your choice, and then click Reset Password. Note: For users to receive only the Portal password reset link, first remove the user’s profile from Workspaces > Administration > Members….Click Setup.Click Manage Users.Click Users.Click the user of your choice.Click Reset Password.

How do I reset my password in Salesforce without old password?

Reset Your Forgotten PasswordOn the login page, click the forgot password link.Enter your username and click Continue. … Within 24 hours, click the link provided in the email, answer your security question, and click Continue. … When prompted, enter a new password.

Why can’t I reset my Salesforce password?

Click Your Name> Settings> Manage Users > Profiles > Select the desired profile > Password Policies > Disable Require a minimum 1 day password lifetime. Once the issue has been resolved, you may opt to re-enable this feature if desired.

How do you unlock a community user in Salesforce?

To set the maximum number of failed login attempts that are allowed for all user accounts in your org in Password Policies, see Set Password Policies.From Setup, enter Users in the Quick Find box, then select Users.Select the locked user. … Click Unlock.

How do you unlock a user in Salesforce?

Unlocking a userNavigate to Setup | Administer | Manage Users | Users.Navigate to the User page. … Click on Unlock to unlock the user as shown in the preceding screenshot.Now reset the password to send a new password to the user and Salesforce will send an e-mail notification to the user’s e-mail address.

Where can I find my Salesforce password?

0:051:19Getting your username and resetting your password launch your trailhead playground by clickingMoreGetting your username and resetting your password launch your trailhead playground by clicking launch from any hands-on challenge welcome to your trailhead playground. Click on your icon and select

How do I contact Salesforce support?

⚠️ Standard Success Plan Customers: If you have not purchased a Salesforce Success Plan, please note that phone support is only available for Severity Level 1- Business Stopping Issues….AMER.Region or CountryToll Free Phone NumberAvailable LanguagesAMER1-800-667-6389EnglishCanada1-877-282-1987French, English

How do I contact a Salesforce administrator?

Note: If unable to log a Case via the Help & Training link above, please contact Support via phone at 1-800-NO-SOFTWARE. After you have successfully logged in, you may set up your security question. Note: If a password reset from an admin is not working, it may be best to have them confirm the User record isn’t frozen.

What happens after you reset a user’s password in Salesforce?

When you reset a user’s password, Salesforce also resets the user’s security token and sends the user an email with the new security token. If you reset an API only user’s password, Salesforce doesn’t automatically reset the user’s security token or send a token reset email.

How often do Salesforce passwords expire?

every 90 daysBy default, Salesforce will expire your password every 90 days. This feature is useful but it will affect the Integration API Users. The integration process will fail every 90 days when the password is expired. It is troublesome to maintain this password policy every 90 days.

How do I reset my password in Salesforce Developer Console?

Steps to Reproduce :Login to your org.Search for Manage Users | Users | “New User”Create the User and uncheck the below checkbox : – Generate new password and notify user immediately.Click Save.Open Developer console.Open the Execute anonymous window > Write : system. … Click Execute.Logout from the org.More items…

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