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What are Data Extensions in Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Data extensions, are Salesforce Marketing Cloud name for database tables that users of marketing cloud can setup on the platform. SFMC uses under the hood a SQLServer database, whose SQL capabilities correspond to SQLServer 2005 version. Data Extensions are the objects onto which these SQL queries can be run.

What is the maximum precision and scale for Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

The sum of precision and scale must not exceed 38. Here is the current link to Data Types for Marketing Cloud. Thanks for contributing an answer to Salesforce Stack Exchange! Please be sure to answer the question.

What is the length of text calculated fields?

The length of text calculated fields is 3900 characters or less—anything longer is truncated. Calculated fields are called formula fields in the Salesforce user interface. A combobox is a picklist that also allows users to type a value that is not already specified in the list.

What is datacategorygroupreference in Salesforce?

A data category group has categories that classify articles in Salesforce Knowledge and questions in the Answers feature. Every article and question object has two fields of type DataCategoryGroupReference which contain the category group and category unique name.


Why should the length be included for a text field?

Set Appropriate Field Lengths Doing so reduces the amount of work necessary to store and retrieve data from your data extensions.

What is a DE in marketing cloud?

Data extensions can be used in both Contact Builder and in Email Studio, but data extension permissions, sharing, and other functionality live in Email Studio. There are three types of data extensions in Marketing Cloud. Standard data extensions are used for building a custom set of fields.

What is the difference between list and data extension in Sfmc?

A List is recommended if you want a simple list of names and email addresses or want to use welcome messages or double opt-ins. A Data Extension is recommended if you want to store additional information about your subscribers and is required if you want to use Publication Lists to manage unsubscribes.

What are the types of data extension?

There are three types of data extensions we have in Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Standard Data Extension. Filtered Data Extension. Random Data Extension.

What is a DE in Salesforce?

A data extension refers to a table in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud containing information about your subscribers such as name, address, age, gender, email, city. It allows you to track and update your customer’s data via, for instance, a form of data submitted through a home page or through Salesforce object records.

How do I create a de in Marketing Cloud?

Follow these steps to create a data extension in Marketing Cloud Email Studio.Click Subscribers.Click Data Extensions.Click Create and choose an option: … Enter information in the Properties section: … Complete the information in the Type section: … Complete the information in the Fields section for each field. … Click Save.

What is Sfmc list?

Lists are a default method of storing data in Marketing Cloud Email Studio. You can set different attributes to your subscribers using lists, which represent a collection of subscribers and provide a simple method for audience segmentation. These attributes are used to store a subscriber’s status within a given list.

What is a Sendable data extension?

By definition , a sendable data extension is a data extension that has a column mapped to the All Subscriber List. e.g if you have a ContactId that represents that SubscriberKey in that data extension, you would have to map it to SubscriberKey so that system can resolve it at send time.

What is publication list in Sfmc?

The publication list is Marketing Cloud’s feature to help marketers manage the way subscribers receive various categories of emails. It also helps to honor unsubscribe or an opt-out request from the subscriber within the Email Studio.

How do I see data extensions in Marketing Cloud?

View data extension records in Email Studio….View Marketing Cloud Data Extension RecordsClick Subscribers.Click Data Extension.Select the data extension name.Click Records. From here you can review records, export records, import records, and clear data.

How do I combine two data extensions in Marketing Cloud?

3:338:59How to combine data extensions in Salesforce Marketing CloudYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipJoin based on orders data extension. And customers data extension where we select id fields fromMoreJoin based on orders data extension. And customers data extension where we select id fields from customers. And order and customer id from orders data extension.

What is AMPscript Salesforce?

AMPscript is Marketing Cloud’s proprietary scripting language for advanced dynamic content in emails, landing pages, SMS, and push messages. While AMPscript uses basic programming concepts, you don’t have to be a coder to understand AMPscript functions and to use it in your emails.

What is the maximum length of text in SFMC?

Text: is quite a straight forward data type. In SFMC, it has a maximum length of 4k characters. If you are trying to push a record with a text field than the length set in the data extension field, the Marketing Cloud API will reject the record and return the following error message:

What is the minimum date that can be pushed to Salesforce?

One of the consequences of this long list of requirements is that when pushing data using a timezone, the minimum date that can be pushed to a Salesforce Marketing Cloud date field is 1753–01–01 CST. This converts to 1753–01–01T06:00:000Z due to the 6 hours offset between UTC and CST.

What is SFMC syntax?

Syntax: SFMC performs a syntax check on every insert into an email field, it rejects records with non-valid email syntax:

What is MXValidator?

MxValidator: Checks that the domain name used in the email address has a valid domain server status and Mx record. This is a validation that needs to be performed using the SFMC API.

What is email type?

Email: The email type, is a specific field type in marketing cloud that goes through a few steps to ensure that an email is indeed “valid”. It performs three level of validation on emails: A syntax check, a mail server domain check and a blacklist check.

What is the range of acceptable values for a datetime value?

The range of acceptable values for a datetime value is in the following format YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss [.nnn] from 1753–01–01 through 9999–12–31. Although according to Salesforce’s documentation “Valid date values begin after 12/31/1772 and before 01/01/10000 ”

What is filtered data extension?

Filtered Data Extension: is essentially a filtered view on another data extension. The filtered data extensions subset data based on filtering conditions age > 18 for instance. This allows for the creation of targeted segments within the user base for management sends. Filtered data extensions can be refreshed to update their data based on any changes in the original data extension.


Only new accounts can use Field-Level Encryption. Field-Level Encryption requires encryption of any email address fields used for sending.

How It Works

Marketing Cloud encrypts sensitive data using a cryptographic symmetric key generated via Encryption Key Management. Provide both a key value and an initialization vector (IV) when using encryption keys. These values can require from 16 to 36 characters, depending on the chosen type of encryption.


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