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Are Salesforce IDs case-sensitive?

Salesforce IDs are often represented by 15-character, base-62, strings. Each of the 15 characters can be a numeric digit (0-9), a lowercase letter (a-z), or an uppercase letter (A-Z). These 15-character IDs are case-sensitive.

What is Salesforce’s disaster recovery plan?

Salesforce maintains a Disaster Recovery plan that supports a robust business continuity strategy for the production services and platforms. This plan has been developed from industry-accepted methodologies and encompasses principles of high-availability engineering.

What are the different types of fields in Salesforce?

Field Types. 1 AnyType Field Type. The anyType field type is dynamic and returns string, date, number, or boolean data depending on the kind of field involved. For … 2 Calculated Field Type. 3 ComboBox Field Type. 4 Currency Field Type. 5 DataCategoryGroupReference Field Type. More items


How do I resolve attempt to de-reference a null object in Salesforce?

NullPointerException: Attempt to de-reference a null object” normally occurs when you try to reference an object which has not been initialized or has null values. To avoid this you need to make sure that all the sObjects in your class are initialized, preferably in the constructor.

What does it mean to de-reference a null object?

Description. In Salesforce CPQ, the error ‘Attempt to de-reference null object’ is caused by a line of code that is searching for a value that does not exist because a particular field value is null. This error can also occur when a required Look-up field is missing a record value.

What is Nullpointer exception in Salesforce?

The “NullPointerException” is an error in Salesforce which occurs when a line of code is trying to use an object that has not been instantiated or expecting that a field is not empty. In this case, SyncApps was not able to set the field, leaving it empty, so it creates the error.

How do I check if an object is null in Apex?

“How to check a single object is empty or not apex” Code Answer// Existing lengthy code checking for null fields.results = [SELECT Name FROM Account WHERE Id = :accId];if (results. … return null;}return results[0]. … // New crisp code using the safe navigation operator.More items…

What means dereferencing?

dereference ​Definitions and Synonyms ​verb​computing. DEFINITIONS1. 1. to get the value of the memory location pointed to by a pointer. Dereferencing is used to access or manipulate data contained in memory location pointed to by a pointer.

What happens if you dereference a Nullptr?

Dereferencing a null pointer always results in undefined behavior and can cause crashes. If the compiler finds a pointer dereference, it treats that pointer as nonnull. As a result, the optimizer may remove null equality checks for dereferenced pointers.

What is DML exception in Salesforce?

What is mixed DML exception in Salesforce? Whenever you are getting this error it means that two Sobjects(setup & non-setup) that your using in your code can not mix during the same transactions.

What is query exception in Salesforce?

QueryException: QueryException occurs when there is a problem in SOQL queries such as assigning a query that returns no records or more than one record to a single sObject variable. Ex: try { // This statement doesn’t cause an exception, // if we don’t have a problem in SOQL Queries.

How do you cause NullPointerException?

What Causes NullPointerExceptionCalling methods on a null object.Accessing a null object’s properties.Accessing an index element (like in an array) of a null object.Passing null parameters to a method.Incorrect configuration for dependency injection frameworks like Spring.Using synchronized on a null object.More items…•

IS null Boolean false Salesforce?

Instead, null is treated as false . Boolean fields on outer-joined objects are treated as false when no records match the query.

Is null and is blank in Salesforce?

ISBLANK() has the same functionality as ISNULL(), but also supports text fields. Salesforce will continue to support ISNULL, so you do not need to change any existing formulas. ISNULL(): Text fields are never null, so using ISNULL() with a text field always returns false.

Is null in SOQL?

SOQL seems to expect that required fields can never be null. so, it ignores null checks on required lookup fields. When you set the field as not required then the same query returns the records.

What is a reference field?

A reference field contains an Id value that points to a unique record (usually the parent record) on another object. A reference field is analogous to the concept of a foreign key in relational databases. The name of a reference field ends, by convention, with the letters Id (such as CaseId or OpportunityId ). For example, in the OpportunityCompetitor object, the OpportunityId field is a reference field that points to the Opportunity object. It contains an ID value that uniquely identifies an Opportunity record.

What is a picklist field in Salesforce?

Picklist fields contain a list of one or more items from which a user chooses a single item. They display as dropdown lists in the Salesforce user interface. One of the items can be configured as the default item.

Do enumerated fields change with language?

The enumerated field values are fixed and do not change with a user’s language. However, each value may have a specified “label” field that provides the localized label for that value. Always use the value when inserting or updating a field. The query () call always returns the value, not the label.

Request Headers

The following table is a non-exhaustive list of headers that are set on requests.

Example: Retrieving Query String Parameters

The following example shows how to use a PageReference object to retrieve a query string parameter in the current page URL. In this example, the getAccount method references the id query string parameter:

Example: Navigating to a New Page as the Result of an Action Method

Any action method in a custom controller or controller extension can return a PageReference object as the result of the method. If the redirect attribute on the PageReference is set to true, the user navigates to the URL specified by the PageReference.

Example: Redirect Users to a Replacement Experience Cloud Site

The following example shows how to redirect a user attempting to access a retired feedback site to a self-service help site. If the redirect attribute is set to true on the PageReference for the feedback site, the user navigates to the URL specified by the PageReference.

What is reference architecture?

A reference architecture serves as a starting point for online storefront design, and combines best practices in site design and storefront architecture. It gives you a blueprint for building and customizing your ecommerce storefronts.

How often should merchants redesign their storefront?

Merchants typically redesign their storefront every 3 to 5 years, and because a site redesign can be resource intensive, merchants should weigh their timeline against budget, scope, and business implications. To put you on the right path, SFRA comes with annotated wireframes.


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