Could not find com.salesforce.dataloader.process.processrunner

Why is datalaoder not working in Salesforce?

Such issues can arise if a bad key is used during decryption. The issues you are having is due to Datalaoder not being able to login to Salesforce. More specifically, there is an issue with the encrypted password & security token combination.

What is Salesforce data loader?

I had this article in my list for long time and today i got chance to share with you all. Data Loader is great native tool provide by the Salesforce to insert, upsert, update, export and delete data.

Why is my dataloader not working properly?

The issue that you are having is not with Dataloader, it is with your Java environment. Take a look at your system’s envrionment variables and see if there is an environment variable called JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS. If so, I think that is causing the issue. Try getting rid of that environment variable and see if that fixes the issue.

What are the common errors while working with command line dataloader?

While working with command line dataloader, there are chances that you get few error. So i am also inclusing few common error and there solutions: view source print? 1 Occurs, If “sfdc.extractionSOQL” key in beans node does not have valid SOQL.

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