How to cancel salesforce subscription

Follow the steps below: First, open the Google Play Store. If you have multiple Google accounts, be sure you’re signed into the right one. Click on menu, then go to “Subscriptions”. Choose the Salesforce subscription you wish to cancel and tap on the “Cancel Subscription” option. Finish up as directed. Full Answer How do I … Read more

How to build a salesforce report

Creating Salesforce Reports Click on report tab and then click in new report button. You will navigate to below screen Select the report type ( which type of report you are creating ) and click on Create button. You will navigate to below screen. … Click on Save your report once you done with your … Read more

How to become salesforce administrator

How to become a Salesforce Administrator Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Communications, or other related field. Get certified by obtaining the Salesforce certification. Gain two to four years of experience using the Salesforce platform, including implementation, training and documentation. Improve your computer skills. Employers often request advanced skills, so register for training if needed. … Read more

How to become a salesforce partner

How it works Submit an Application Sign up for the Salesforce Partner Community to begin the application process. Prospect Completes DDQ (Due Diligence Questionnaire) Fill out the questionnaire, and the Entity at a Glance packet (if applicable), via the Partner Community. Partnership Activation Once the application has passed legal review, the partnership will be activated. … Read more

How to become a salesforce architect

If you want to know how to become a salesforce architect, our answer is first you must have a solid understanding of the Salesforce platform, ideally combined with 3 to 5 years of working experience as an application architect, system architect, enterprise architect, or solution architect. Full Answer How to build Salesforce diagrams? Who you … Read more

How to bcc salesforce

How To BCC Outgoing Emails to Salesforce: Access the Outreach Platform. Click the user’s initials in the bottom left corner of the navigation sidebar. Click You under the User Admin section in the Settings panel. Click Add Recipient under the Email Sending section. Input the Salesforce BCC link in the Email field as applicable. … … Read more

How to automate salesforce

Five Things You Can Automate With Salesforce Essentials by Next Week Scheduling meetings. Setting up meetings over email gets tricky when your calendar fills up while you’re waiting for… Sharing key information from calendars and emails. Prepping for prospect meetings usually means digging through your… Sending emails to distribution lists. Make sure you’ve… More … … Read more

How to auto populate a field in salesforce

Auto-Populate Salesforce Fields Create Workflow Rule. Navigate to Setup > Workflow Rules > New Rule. You must define to which object the Workflow Rule… Specify Workflow Action. To create a Workflow Action that auto-populates a field, you may want to select New Field… Activate Workflow Rule. After creating the Workflow Rule, you need to click … Read more