Can the hover feature in salesforce be customized


Hover effect is a change in appearance of an element when a mouse arrow goes over it. This change could be in the color, size, shape, image etc. and is typically done with CSS coding. Salesforce allows the developer to be able to build some interesting custom pages and components.

Editing the hover detail settings to include or remove fields that you would like displayed and can be customized for each page layout.


What are hover details in Salesforce?

When you mouse over some details in your Salesforce platform, you’ll see a callout box with contains vital information about that particular field. This information is called hover details. You need not click on your field links to open the hover details box.

Should you shift to code-based customization in Salesforce?

And as your appetites grow, you can shift to code-based customization. Keep in mind, though, that any change entails consequences. Even a tweak like deleting a value can lead to unexpected problems. Therefore, prior to changing anything, make sure you understand how it works and how it’s linked to other Salesforce components in use.

What determines the fields displayed in the hover details?

The fields displayed in the hover details are determined by the record’s mini page layout. This option is enabled by default. Hit Kudos [Star Aside this Post] if this provides you with useful information and if this is what you where looking for then please mark it as a solution for other benefits. Thank You . Can u explain ?

What are some examples of customizations in Salesforce?

The examples of Salesforce customizations are: 1 Creating Apex classes and triggers 2 Integrating third-party systems 3 Adding new features in JavaScript 4 Changing UI using CSS More …


How do I change the hover in Salesforce?

Click the Mini Page Layout link to load a new page with two columns. The left column denotes the available fields, and the right indicates fields included in the hover detail. Select a field from the left column and add it to the right column to add it to the hover detail and vice versa to remove it. Click save.

How do I use compact layout in Salesforce?

Create Compact LayoutsFrom the management settings for the object that you want to edit, go to Compact Layouts.Create a new compact layout and give it a label.Add up to 10 fields. … Sort the fields by selecting them and clicking Up or Down. … Save the layout.More items…

How do I get the mini page layout in Salesforce?

From the object management settings for the object whose page layout you want to edit, go to Page Layouts. Next to a page layout name, click Edit. In the page layout header, click Mini Page Layout. Select which fields and related lists will be displayed for this type of record in the mini view.

What is mini page layout in Salesforce?

Mini Pagelayout : A mini page layout contains a subset of the items in an existing page layout. Mini page layouts inherit record type and profile associations, related lists, fields, and field access settings from their associated page layout.

What is difference between compact and page layout?

Compact layouts control which fields appear in the header. For each object, you can assign up to 10 fields, including the Name field, to display in that area. Mini Pagelayout : A mini page layout contains a subset of the items in an existing page layout.

How do I edit compact layout?

Assign the Compact Layout to UsersClick Compact Layout Assignment.Click Edit Assignment.In the Primary Compact Layout dropdown list, select Mobile Contact Layout.Click Save . Tip If an object has more than one record type, you’ll see a Record Type Overrides section when you select the primary layout.

How many fields are allowed in compact layout?

ten fieldsUp to ten fields on your compact layout populate the record highlights section at the top of each record view in the Salesforce mobile app.

What is Summarylayout in Salesforce?

Controls the appearance of the highlights panel, which summarizes key fields in a grid at the top of a page layout, when Case Feed is enabled.

What is the difference between record type and page layout in Salesforce?

Page layouts and record types are used in conjunction with one another to customize the views of different types of users. While page layouts control what is shown on the page, record types are used to differentiate between different categories of users and segment user groups for object page customization.

What are the different types of page layout in Salesforce?

There are four different types of page layouts in Salesforce: Page Layout: It monitors the layout of an object. Mini Page Layout: It is the subset of the units which are already present in page layouts. Search Layout: It is used to display the fields of an object in various result lists.More items…

Which part of a record page is customized using a compact layout?

The highlights panelThe highlights panel contains key record fields and is the only part of a record page that you can’t customize using the page layout editor. The fields in the highlights panel are customized using a compact layout.

When you modify page layouts you can?

When you modify page layouts, you can: Change whether a field is required. Change the order of the fields on the page. Assign custom page layouts to different user profiles.

What is hover details?

To sum it all up, hover details are little helpful pieces of information that lead you to fields related to your objects. These details can be viewed simply by pointing your mouse over hover links. They can easily be enabled and disabled through the User Interface settings.

How to see field items in Salesforce?

And one such way to easily see field items in Salesforce is by using Hover Details.

What is Salesforce customization?

Salesforce customization is a popular next step in any Salesforce implementation project. Naturally, in order to align your customized solution with your business goals, you need a strategy. Let’s look at what these strategic stages could be.

How can Salesforce be tailored?

Salesforce can be tailored in two ways, by means of either configuration or customization. The choice will determine how you shape your project team. If you go down the configuration path, you can use point-and-click tools without resorting to programming.

What to do when your configuration options are exhausted?

When your configuration options are exhausted, forward the rest of the planned changes to your developing team or customization partner.

Is Salesforce a customization platform?

There comes a moment in each Salesforce owner’s life when they feel it’s time to customize. Fortunately, Salesforce is the platform designed for customization. Salesforce users are able to fine-tune the platform to their individual needs as well as develop their own apps to perform any task they have in mind.

Can you use Salesforce in place of Excel?

When you start using Salesforce in place of some other platform or Excel spreadsheets, your employees may find it difficult to get used to the new landscape of fields and tabs, particularly when they miss any important objects they used previously.

When you ask your end users for feedback on the features they lack, do they tend to exaggerate their requests

When you ask your end users for feedback on the features they lack, they tend to exaggerate their requests and present them as ultimate needs, without thinking about a bigger picture. However, these needs do not always translate into obvious business opportunities, or their impact is not worth all the system changes and costs entailed in the long run. You need to break your planned custom features into a few groups by their priority.

Can you build an app in Salesforce?

No jokes, you can develop an app in Salesforce in a few hours, with the help of drag-and-drop options. Naturally, you can’t build a sophisticated app in such a way, but if you need to set up a specific action immediately , it’s a great alternative to the typical laborious process of app development. Prebuilt apps.


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