Can’t view some articles in salesforce knowledge


How do I view Knowledge articles in Salesforce?

To switch to the Knowledge One and the Knowledge tab, have your administrator add the Knowledge One permission to your profile or permission set. If the search bar is in the left-side panel of the page you are using the Articles tab. The Articles tab presents a list of your Salesforce Knowledge published articles.

How do I enable Knowledge articles in Salesforce?

Enable Lightning KnowledgeFrom Setup, enter Knowledge in the Quick Find box and click Knowledge Settings.On the Knowledge Settings page, click Edit.Select Enable Lightning Knowledge. Note To enable Lightning Knowledge, you must have one article type. … Enable any other Knowledge settings that you want.Click Save.

How do I display Knowledge articles on community Salesforce?

To enable the Read permission, either clone the Customer Community User, Customer Community Plus User, or Partner Community User profiles, or use a permission set. Give Read permission for the article types (Salesforce Knowledge in Classic) or record types (Lightning Knowledge) that you want to share with users.

How do I control visibility of Knowledge articles in Salesforce?

For a Knowledge article to be searchable by an end user, the following requirements must be met:User must have access to Knowledge.User must have access to the corresponding article type.User must have visibility into the article’s categories.Article must be published.Article must be visible in the appropriate channels.

How do I enable article type in Salesforce?

Required Editions and User PermissionsFrom Setup, enter Article Types in the Quick Find box, then select Knowledge Article Types.Click New Article Type or edit an existing article type.Enter the information for the following fields: … Click Save.In the Fields section of the Article Type definition, click New.More items…

How is Salesforce knowledge enabled for users that need access to article management?

Enable Salesforce KnowledgeTo enable care coordinators and internal users to edit articles without going to the Article Management tab, select Allow users to create and edit articles from the Articles tab .Select Activate Validation Status field to add a Validation Status field to all articles.More items…

What are two features of Knowledge Salesforce?

One of the critical features of Salesforce Knowledge is Data Categories and Data Category Groups. These are two major functions — article organization and article access. Data Categories allow you to organize your article content in a hierarchical way.

When using Knowledge when can articles be created?

Knowledge can be created directly in the knowledge base or from an incident. There are two points in time when knowledge is created: When a solution to the question or issue a customer is having does not exist in the knowledge base, and you have resolved their issue.

How do I update a Salesforce Knowledge article?

a. Open the Data Loader and click Update. b. Select Show all Salesforce objects and select the appropriate ArticleType__kav object where ArticleType is the article’s article type name for Classic Knowledge or Knowledge__kav for Lightning Knowledge.

What can Maria do if her support specialists can’t see the knowledge component on their case pages?

Maria doesn’t see the Knowledge pane on the case record, so she configures it. and select Edit Page. Drag the Knowledge component from the Standard Components list to the record page. Maria drags it to the right side of her Case Record page.

How do I set visibility in Salesforce?

Required Editions and User PermissionsGo to the data category visibility settings page in Setup. For roles: enter Roles in the Quick Find box, then select Roles. … Open a data category group for edit. … Select a visibility setting. … Click Save.

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