Can’t select account in process salesforce one-to-one


What is single sales process vs multiple sales process in Salesforce?

Single vs Multiple Sales Processes in Salesforce. “A defined set of repeatable, interrelated activities from market awareness through servicing customers that allows communication of progress to date to others within the company. Each activity has an owner and a standard, measurable outcome that provides inputs to another activity.

What is an accountid in Salesforce person account?

When you create a Person Account record, Salesforce creates two records under the hood – an Account (of record type Person Account) and a Contact. The Contact record will – by default – have an AccountId referencing the Id of its parent Account. This means you don’t have to create a separate Contact record and associate it with its parent Account.

How to match leads to accounts based on domain in Salesforce?

Salesforce Flow and Process builder can be used to automatically match leads to existing accounts based on different criteria. In this post, I’ll show you how to match leads to accounts based on domain a well as company/account name.

What are the flow core actions for Salesforce?

Flow Core Action for Salesforce Anywhere: Create a Salesforce… Flow Core Action for Salesforce Anywhere: Send Salesforce Anywhere… Flow Core Action for Order Management: Create an Invoice from… Flow Core Actions for Slack: Get Information About Slack… Customize a Visualforce Component to Control the Flow’s Finish…


The lead to account matching process

The goal is to populate a related list on the accounts with the matched leads.

Create lead fields

Create a new lookup field on the lead to the account called “Account”.

Create account field

Create a text field on the account called “domain”. This is the field we will use to match the account domain to the lead domain. You will need to populate the account with the domain. This tutorial will not cover how to populate the domain on the account level.

Create the flow

Navigate to Setup > Process Automation > Flows and select new flow. Select AutoLaunched Flow from the wizard.

Add a Get Records element to the flow

Next, add another get records element to the flow to check to see if there is a company/account match.

Add an update records element to the flow

Lastly, add another update records element to the flow to update the account lookup on the lead if there is a company name -> account name match.

Activate the flow

Save and activate the flow. Note: the flow will need to be activated in order to create the process builder.


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