Can’t see actions in activity composer salesforce


Click on the gear icon located on the upper right corner. Click on Setup. On the left panel, click on User Interface. Click on Global Actions. Check the record type being used by the action missing by clicking on Edit before the action label.

Resolve the missing Actions
  1. Click your avatar.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Go to Display & Layout.
  4. Look for Record Page Settings.
  5. Check if the setting is set to Activity Timeline.


Is it possible to add custom record types to activity composer?

If you do have custom record types, it needs to be associated with the global action to work in the lightning experience under the Activity composer. Show activity on this post. I have tired it in my org and its working fine.

What are actions in Salesforce?

Actions enable users to do more in Salesforce, such as create or update records and log calls. If you’ve already created and used actions in your organization, you’re familiar with how they work in Salesforce Classic.

Why is my email action not working in Salesforce mobile?

If so, make sure the Deliverability is set to All Email instead of the default System Email only. In addition to this, you also need to add the correct Email action to the Page Layout Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section. There are 3 standard Email actions, the correct one is the one that shows up as just Email.

Where do actions come from in Salesforce lightning experience?

In Lightning Experience, the actions on record pages are derived from the list of actions in the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section of the page layout for that object. The same section on global publisher layouts determines the global actions that appear in the Global Actions menu.


How do I view quick actions in Salesforce?

First let’s create the Quick Action.Click the setup gear. … Enter Global Actions in the Quick Find and select Global Actions.Click New Action.Leave the Action Type as Create a Record. … In the Label field, enter Waypoint . … Click Save.In the next Action Layout screen, leave Waypoint Name as the only field in the layout.

Why is activity history not showing in Salesforce?

Note: Activity History may not show in the “Related Lists” Standard Lightning Page Components if Activity Timeline is enabled but it is possible to include the “Open Activities” and “Activity History” related list by adding a “Related List – Single” component for each and setting either “Open Activities” and “Activity …

Why quick actions are not appearing on case page layout in lightning experience?

You will need to do the following: Check if Feed Tracking is enabled for Case or Work Order. If yes, open any Case or Work Order record. Click the gear icon and then click on Edit Page.

How do I enable global actions in Salesforce?

Global Quick action:Go to: In Salesforce Classic: Go to Setup, enter Global in the ‘Quick Find’ box. … Select Global Actions.Edit the Action.On the Record Type, select the one that is assigned to the User.Click Save.Create a New Action that uses a Record type available to the User.

How do I turn on activity history in Salesforce?

Approach-1. Click on setup and search for Lightning Experience Transition Assistant. Under Configure the activities view on record Pages, You will see two option named as Related List and Activity Timeline. Its time to choose what you want.

How do I query activity history in Salesforce?

Follow these steps to configure a Salesforce Query activity:Step 1: Enter a Name and Select Objects. Provide a name for the activity and select the object(s) to be queried.Step 2: Select Fields and Create Conditions. … Step 3: Review the Data Schemas.

How do I add a quick action to Lightning record page?

Select the page layout that you want to add the action to, and then click Edit. Add quick actions to the case page layout. Click Mobile & Lightning Actions. Drag the action into the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section, and then place the action where you want it to appear.

How do you add an action button to the highlight panel in Salesforce?

Follow below steps to place more action buttons in highlight panel.Step: 1 Click on gear icon at top right. Click on Edit Page.Step: 2 Click on Highlight panel section and in right side we see a number field (highlighted in below image). … Step: 3 Click on Save. … Note:

How do I enable dynamic actions in Salesforce?

To enable dynamic actions for an Account, Case, Contact, Lead, or Opportunity on desktop, add or select the Highlights Panel component on the object’s record page. In the Highlights Panel properties pane, click Upgrade Now and step through the migration assistant to migrate actions or start with new ones.

Where can I see global actions in Salesforce?

Here’s how you can use Global Actions in Salesforce: Click the down arrow in the top right corner of the Salesforce Lightning window. Select the relevant global action you’d like to create – in this case, we’ll select New Task. Different options may be available depending on what your admin has allowed.

How do I give access to actions in Salesforce?

Add Actions to Your User ProfileAccess the Salesforce Setup menu.Go to Object Manager and select Users.Click User Page Layouts.On the Mobile and Lightning Actions tab, choose which buttons to display by dragging them into the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section.Save your layout.

Where are global actions used in Salesforce?

You can add global quick actions to almost any page that supports actions. Use global actions to let users log call details, create or update records, or send email, all without leaving the page they’re on.

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